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Are Waist Trainers Safe?

July 15, 2017

The simple straightforward answer to that question is: yes, they are safe, as long as you use them safely. The numerous misconceptions that abound about waist trainers color them more black than white, but waist trainers are not dangerous: it’s how you use them that makes them dangerous.

Waist trainers have been used in various forms for many years now, and people still use them for several purposes, such as recovering your figure after childbirth, getting postural support, getting a slimmer midsection, and for building self-confidence when stepping out in style.

What Happens When You Use A Waist Trainer?

Waist training is the use of a constrictive garment around your midsection to give you a smaller waist, or an hourglass figure.

Basically, a waist trainer reduces your waist size. When put on it can instantly take off inches from your waist size, and continuous use can keep those inches off.

How Does A Waist Trainer Do That?

  • Waist trainers on your midsection work like braces on your teeth: when worn for long periods of time, they pull in and reshape, giving you the results that you want to achieve.
  • You should note that the results of waist training are more semi-permanent than that of using teeth braces.
  • A waist trainer makes your abdomen to reduce its space occupying capacity, by constantly constricting it.
  • This is not harmful in anyway because, if there was no space to shift, nothing inside your midsection would or could be rearranged.

If Waist Trainers are Safe, Why Are There So Many Concerns About It?

The concerns about waist trainers arise when people decide to use them in extreme and dangerous ways. Being unrealistic about the results you can achieve with waist trainers can make you use them in unsafe and insane ways, causing damage to your body.

  • Waist trainers do NOT produce permanent results – continuous use of waist trainers can slim your waistline, but once you stop, your waistline will go back to normal. Aggressive use to get a permanently tiny waist will hurt you.
  • Waist trainers do NOT change the shape of the functionality of your internal organs – this has not been proven in any way, but people would like to think that waist training can do this. It can shift the position of these organs, but it cannot and does not affect their shape or how they work in anyway.
  • Waist trainers do NOT erode core strength – the only way this happens is if you depend entirely on your waist trainer, wearing it all the time and every time without constant exercise in and out of the garment.
  • Waist trainers do NOT affect your breathing – wearing a waist trainer should feel like you are getting a tight hug: it should not feel like someone has you in a chokehold.

Your waist trainer should fit you perfectly and be the right size: it shouldn’t be too small or too tight. A too tight waist trainer will cause shallow breathing, but that is hardly the waist trainer’s fault, is it?

So, if you were worried before, I hope this has allayed your fears. Waist trainers are completely safe, as long as you use them safely.

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