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Rectangle Body Shape: What to Wear, and What Not to Wear?

Rectangle body shape:  What to wear, and what not to wear

The kind of clothes you wear should depend on your body shape. Wearing clothes that suit your body shape will project the perfect image that will command the attention and admiration of others. If you know your rectangular body shape, you will find it easier to identify clothes that fit you and the ones that do not. And a rectangle body shape is one of the few body shapes many women have. So what should you wear if you have a rectangle body shape, and what should you avoid wearing? If you can identify the right clothes and the wrong ones, looking your best will come naturally to you.

In this post, we review the rectangle body shape and provide you with fashion ideas to give you the best outcomes.

What is classified as a rectangle body shape?

There are different types of body shapes: apple body shape, apple body shape, hourglass shaped body, inverted triangle body shape, and one of them is a rectangle body shape. This shape is common among people with a slim frame. But how do you know if this is the body shape you have? Well, women with this body shape have a straight waist instead of a curvy one. Secondly, your hip, bust, and shoulder measurements have the same symmetry; that is why when you stand, you look straight.

What is classified as a rectangle body shape?

You can also identify if this shape is yours by doing a simple measurement using a tape rule. With a tape, you should be able to identify beyond doubt if yours is a rectangle body shape or not.

Characteristics of the Rectangle Body

Here are some characteristics of the rectangle body shape:

  • Straight up and down silhouette with little to no curves.
  • Hips and bust are usually similar in size.
  • Waistline is not well-defined, and the midsection is usually straight.
  • Shoulders and hips are usually in line with each other.
  • The rib cage may be more prominent, and the bust may be small to average in size.
  • Arms and legs tend to be slender.
  • Weight gain is usually evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • Clothing can tend to hang straight down from the torso with little shaping.
  • Often described as having a “boyish” or athletic figure.
  • Has a balanced overall appearance but lacks curves.

How to dress your rectangle body?

If you have a rectangle body, how you dress should matter. Throwing on just about any item just because it fits someone else will not cut it. Rather you should be strategic in your approach. Firstly, avoid wearing clothes that give you a curvy lower body. Rather, you should wear skirts and trousers that accentuate your long legs. Long tops will also fit you more. Secondly, if you want cures, you should create the curves by wearing waist or belly belts. This approach will give you an hourglass figure.

Rectangle body shape: What to wear

If you have a rectangle body shape, what do you wear? How do you dress to project the right image? Let’s take a look at outfits that will fit your shaped body.

What to wear


For your tops, you want to go for the ones that have very bold colors and project a very strong upper body. Just make sure you were a very good bra to push your bust up more because many women with this body shape have small breasts. You also want your tops to accentuate your waistline. That is not to say that your tops should be too short or you should leave your waist exposed. Rather, your tops should show a strong upper body and a tender waist.

If you are comfortable with shoulder pads, then go ahead but do not use the ones that are too high. For blouses, consider tucking them in and holding them in place with the aid of a belt. This will give you a sexy look.


Cardigans and sweaters fit people with rectangular shape, especially if they aren’t bulky. The good thing about this shape is that you can pick from a long list of color patterns or tight or loose-fitted sweaters. Remember that you need a sweater that will fit your frame.


Although jackets may not be your everyday wear but if you must wear a jacket, make sure you do it right. Jackets that go with belts will suit you because they define your slim waist and flat belly. Suffice to say that any jacket that is tailored to suit your upper region without overshadowing your lower body is fine. For official events, you can go for coats but be mindful of the shoulders and upper arm region. The coat should suit your slender arm, but you need not wear a belt or button the coat or jacket if you don’t want to.


The pants or jeans you wear should better highlight your legs more than anything else. How you do this should be up to you. If you have little curves, you can decide to go for fitter jeans or alternatively, you can go for something looser. Fortunately, rectangle body type is nonselective when it comes to pants and jeans for the lower body.

While any trousers shape will fit you well, we recommend a slightly flared one because it will make you slightly bigger than you really are. As for jeans, in particular, you want to make sure that the ones you wear complement the tops you wear. Blouse looks great on jeans, but T-shirts are better. If you decide to wear a baggy top, consider skinny jeans that fit your legs.

What not to wear on rectangle body shape

In the paragraph above, we have chronicled different dress styles that will fit you, but in this one, we want to point out styles to avoid. Remember that at the start of the post, we pointed out that not all clothes will fit you? That attire fits someone else is not an indication that it will look great on you. So let’s look at styles to avoid.

What not to wear on rectangle body shape

Avoid straight clothes

If you want your upper body shape to come out, avoid straight clothes that hang off your shoulders and are free on both sides of your waist. Tops like this will make your waist appear too thin. The key is to avoid shapeless clothes completely.

Be mindful of your ankles

For jeans and pants, you want to make sure that you avoid trousers with loose ankle fittings. Leave that for people with bigger frames and shorter legs. What you should be looking for are pants and jeans that accentuate the length of your legs more than anything else. If you must make your curves more visible, consider pants and jeans with a fitter width around the pocket and buttocks area.

Feeding habits

If you have a rectangle shape, you are one of the small percentages of women with healthy straight body sizes, and you want to keep it that way. So watch what you eat and do all your can to preserve your frame. Consuming less fatty goods and more fiber is the way to go. Fleshy foods should include lean beef, peanut butter, mutton. High fiber is great, and so are black beans, butternut squash, couscous, and other forms of complex carbohydrates. We prefer complex carbohydrates because they are less starchy.

Furthermore, consuming a lot of fruits will boost your metabolism. Bananas, mushrooms, spinach, and kale should form a part of your regular diet.

Exercises for rectangle body shape

Exercise is great for all body shapes but for a rectangle body shape, in particular, you want to be mindful of the stored fat in your system. The first thing you need to do is change your sentiment about exercising. If you have this body shape, you more than likely do not have a weight problem, so losing weight should not be a priority. Rather, you should be looking to keep fit more than anything else.

Your exercising should impact all your body parts, from your upper body down to your lower body. Work in your arm muscles to make them stronger. Strength work should form an important part of your fitness training. With a larger muscle mass, your clothes will fit you much better, and you will have better body balance.

You will also likely gain weight in your torso, so focus on abdominal training too. Sit-ups and plank exercises are great for your belly, so practice them as often as you can. If you are able to incorporate abdominal exercises into your daily routine, your body shape will be maintained.

Exercises for rectangle body shape

A rectangle shaped body is one of the fittest and straightest body shapes ever. If you have this shape, you want to be mindful of what you wear and how you wear it. Eating right will help you stay healthy and regular exercises will help you keep fit.

Rectangle Body Shape FAQ

Can I wear a very loose blouse without a belt?

They will depend on the size. If it is too big, your upper body frame will be lost inside it. Avoid clothes that will make you smaller.

Your preference should matter more, but a bold color will fit you much better than lighter colors

While some other shapes accumulate fat in their thighs and arms more than any other part, people with rectangle shapes tend to accumulate fat in their abdominal region. This is why it is advisable to focus on body core training. Abdominal training will burn belly fat and strengthen abdominal muscles. The effect will be better body balance.


In conclusion, the rectangle body shape can be balanced out by creating the illusion of curves and adding visual interest to the silhouette. When dressing for this body type, it’s best to opt for garments that define the waistline and create the illusion of curves. This can be achieved through the use of belts, wrap dresses, or tops with detailing at the waist. Additionally, adding volume to the upper or lower body can help create a more balanced silhouette. It’s also important to consider the proportions of the outfit and aim to create balance and harmony.

Avoiding boxy or shapeless garments and opting for pieces with some structure can help create a more flattering look. Overall, the key is to accentuate the waistline and create a more defined silhouette to flatter the rectangle body shape.

Last updated: 10/04/2023

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