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Best 8 Waist Trainer Brands 2023: Review of the Top Models & Buying Guide

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Beauty needs sacrifice. It can be the manifest of the women in the 16th century but not in the 21st.  If the corsets dating back to the times of Catherine de Medici were uncomfortable for ladies, today’s waist trainers are a real thing for posture improving and body slimming. Minimum discomfort and maximum effect in chase of the beautiful waistline and an hourglass body shape.   

But what are modern waist trainers? Why do doctors still consider them risky for female health? These and other questions will be covered in our review.

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What Are Waist Trainers?

These are corset-like garments women use to make their bodies slimmer, improve their posture, and transform the figure into the hourglass one. Waist trainers are similar to the large bandages around the middle (smaller waist). 

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Some athletes and fitness trainers use them as fat-burning garments during heavy exercise in the gym. Another category of this corset-like accessory fan is women who would like just to accentuate their hips and bust lines. And the third group of best waist trainer lovers is those who are willing to improve their posture and support a back.

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And how to choose the one for your individual needs? Remember, that the best-matching waist trainer should meet the customers’ requirements and be safe for their health. 

Best 8 Waist Trainer Brands: Comparison of 2022 Best-Sellers That Will Rule in 2023 

There are many items to choose from on the present-day market. Mermaid’s Mystery, Hoplynn, Yianna, and other brands offer different waist trainers for women. A range of models got thousands of positive reviews in 2021. 

Comparison Table of Waist Trainer Brands

BrandBest forRating (Based on Amazon Reviews)
Ann CheryHourglass figure87% of positive reviews
SqueemPostpartum healing + posture correction81% of positive reviews
YiannaRecovering abs muscles after pregnancy and baby birth delivering83% of positive reviews
MaidenformAccentuating hips and bust line86% of positive reviews
Mermaid’s MysterySauna effect (boosted sweetening while exercising)83% of positive reviews
VenuzorFat-burning exercising81% of positive reviews
HoplynnFirm tummy control79% of positive reviews
NebilityTransforming waistline76% of positive reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the top brands and compare their products available on today’s market.

1. HOPLYNN Brand: Top Sweat Band Accessories for Body Slimming

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A real sensation on Amazon is the HOPLYNN brand. It offers a limited model range but almost each of the items becomes a best-seller. The HOPLYNN shapewear is about a range of beneficial features for the female figure at once (including posture correction and firm tummy control).

Pros of Hoplynn Shapewear

  • Skin-friendly material – stretchable neoprene;
  • Convenient fastening – a hook & loop closure and a zipper;
  • Firm tummy control – tight attachment according to the body curves;
  • Lightweight and safe;
  • Posture improvement – steel bones for the back support are available.

Cons of Hoplynn Shapewear

  • Poor size guide;
  • Discomfort the first several days while wearing more than 1 hour.

According to the customers’ reviews, some users face problems with the zipper.

Nevertheless, almost 85% of reviews are 5-star ones. People like the sauna effect and the stretchable material of the Hoplynn models.

Best Hoplynn Waist Trainers

Among the most top-rated Hoplynn-branded waist trainers in 2021 are:

Both models are made of the hypoallergic material – neoprene. Besides 1 or 2 belts, there is a zipper for a more comfortable and faster put-on. Additionally, ladies can count on the improved attachment of the model on their waists.

Hoplynn Shapewear


I’ve been using Hoplynn shapewear for a few weeks now and I’m loving the results! The compression is just right, and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. I’ve noticed a difference in my waistline, and it’s even improved my posture. Definitely recommend!


2. Mermaid’s Mystery Brand: Best Shapers for the Hourglass Body Shape

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The brand represents itself as unisex. Both men and women can use the waist shapers by Mermaid’s Mystery. But more often ladies turn to these branded neoprene-made trainers to transform their body curves into hourglass ones. 

Pros of Mermaid’s Mystery Waist Shapers

  • Ergonomic design – body slimmer and posture corrector at once;
  • Skin-friendly material – stretchable neoprene;
  • Strong closure – hook & loop or zipper;
  • Sauna effect – increased sweetening after 10-minute workouts.

Cons of Mermaid’s Mystery Waist Shapers

  • Possible skin allergy reactions.
  • Poor exchanging service.

Customers complain that the best waist trainer stretches too much having used it just several times. 

But most reviews are 5-star. There are thousands of satisfied customers with the Mermaid’s Mystery branded body slimmers.

Best Mermaid’s Mystery Waist Trainers

The model range of the Mermaid’s Mystery brand consists of two best-selling items:

  1. Waist Trimmer Trainer Belt for Men and Women (Workout Body Shaper);
  2. Sauna Waist Shaper / Slim Corset (with a zipper and straps).

Both models are made of stretchable neoprene. The first item has a hook & loop, no-zipper closure. The second waist trainer obtains a zipper and adjustable suspenders. Mermaid’s Mystery offers body shapers that should be worn up to 3-4 hours nonstop.

Mermaid’s Mystery Waist Shapers


I’ve tried several waist shapers before, but the Mermaid’s Mystery waist shapers are by far my favorite. They provide great support and compression, and they’re also comfortable to wear. I love how they help to create a smooth silhouette under my clothes. Highly recommend!


3. Maidenform Brand: Body Slimmers to Wear Up to 8 Hours Nonstop

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This brand is notable for its nylon-made models. Consumers can wear these body shapers for up to 8 hours nonstop. These skin-friendly corsets (including the top Flexees Women’s Shapewear Easy Up Waist Nipper item)  fit perfectly as underwear with the waist correction effect.

Pros of Maidenform Shapewear

  • Easy to close up and take out.
  • Very comfortable and flexible, allowing you great freedom while still being tight.
  • Doesn’t need constant adjusting, and it doesn’t roll up.
  • You can wear it as often as you like, no matter the occasion.

Cons of Maidenform Shapewear

  • PossiMay not be as discreet as needed.
  • It may also roll up, on very few occasions.

According to over 79% of five-star reviews on Amazon, the Maidenform brand satisfies consumers with slimming results.

Maidenform Shapewear


Maidenform shapewear is amazing! It’s so comfortable that I forget I’m even wearing it, and it provides great support without feeling too constricting. It’s also very durable and holds up well after many washes. I would definitely buy this again!


4. Yianna Brand: Extremely Adjustable Body Shapers for Everyday Use

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The Yianna brand offers latex and cotton corset-like models with adjustable hook & eye fasteners. This shapewear can become a perfect alternative to the traditional underwear. It will slim the woman’s body and recover her muscles after delivering a baby.

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Pros of Yianna Shapewear

  • It can be used for any number of activities, including postpartum recovery, yoga, etc.
  • It is very flexible and long-lasting, with its 3-column hook and eye closure ensuring long use.
  • It is made of three layers of fabric, including latex, cotton, and spandex.

Cons of Yianna Shapewear

  • This shapewear comes in different sizes which are mostly in the small category (S, M).
  • Yianna corset sizes can be inaccurate.
  • Might be too long for you if you have a short torso.

The best-seller of the Yianna brand has more than 85% of 5-star ratings on Amazon. Many women use the shapewear after pregnancy to recover abs muscles and slim their bodies.

Best Yianna Waist Trainers

One of the top models is Women’s Latex Sports Girdle Waist Training Corset Waist Body Shaper.

It is great for going to the gym, wearing the slimmer and the office outfit or a party dress. With its 3-step hook and eye closure, the Yianna waist trainer is very adjustable, enabling it to be used for a long time.

Yianna Shapewear


I’ve been using Yianna shapewear for a few weeks now and I’m already seeing results. It’s comfortable to wear and provides the right amount of compression to create a smooth silhouette under my clothes. The quality is great and it’s held up well after several washes. Would definitely recommend!


5. VENUZOR Brand: Shapewear for Weight Loss and Back Support

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The brand of the top fitness accessory to burn belly fat offers hoop & loop best-selling models like the top Venuzor Waist Cincher Training Belt does. All the VENUZOR models are made of polyester and neoprene. There are more than 92% of thankful customer reviews with before/after photos.

Pros of VENUZOR Waist Trainers

  • Weight loss hook & loop fitness belt.
  • High-quality stretchable materials.
  • Solid back support.
  • Hides muffing topping, abs fat curves.

Cons of VENUZOR Waist Trainers

  • Rolls up sometimes.
  • Stretches out after some time of use.

Many consumers alert other shoppers about hand washing only. The waist trainer can be spoilt right after one contact with the washing machine.

VENUZOR Waist Trainers


I was skeptical about using a waist trainer, but the VENUZOR waist trainer exceeded my expectations. It provides great support and compression, and it’s also comfortable to wear. I’ve noticed a difference in my waistline, and it’s even helped me to improve my posture. Highly recommend!


6. Squeem Brand: Waist Cinchers for Postpartum Healing

waz post 7 1

The brand ranks high for its high-quality shapewear and reasonable prices. It is worth noting that all the Squeem-branded body slimmers cost affordably. All the models are strapless and have no issues with closure. The well-stretched rubber material prevents discomfort that might be caused in the case of nonstop wearing. Some customers complain that the shapewear is too long on the ladies with the middle or small height.

Pros of Squeem Shapewear

  • Can be used for postpartum healing, posture correction, etc.
  • Hardly rolls up.
  • Very comfortable and invisible under your clothes.
  • Boosts metabolism processes.
  • Improves abdominal muscles.

Cons of Squeem Shapewear

  • Most sizes are for women on the tall side.
  • Sometimes comes with a foul smell.
  • It can roll up when you are sitting.

Best Squeem Waist Trainers

A Squeem’s most recognizable  product is Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Cincher. Made of a rubber exterior and Squeem’s Intelligent Fabric technology, this trainer is perfect for women on the tall side.

Additionally, the brand offers an exclusive Firm Control Long Leg Waist Cincher that has the form of the bodysuit and corrects a waist together with hips and thighs at once.

Squeem Shapewear


Squeem shapewear is amazing! It’s comfortable to wear and provides great support and compression. It’s also very durable and holds up well after many washes. I love how it helps to create a smooth silhouette under my clothes. Would definitely buy again!


7. Ann Chery Brand: Increased Level of Compression for the Hourglass Figure

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Ann Chery is a top brand of high-quality shapewear made of different materials. There are latex, cotton, boning, and unboned ones. The brand offers a range of models for men. Some waist cinchers are suitable only for workouts with a limited time for strength training. Another category of body-slimming corsets can be used as underwear (read “nonstop”). 

Pros of Ann Chery Shapewear

  • Made with high-resistance latex (outside) and 100% cotton (inside). 
  • Adjusted level of waist and tummy compression.
  • Comfortable for exercising.

Cons of Ann Chery Shapewear

  • Designed for long torsos.
  • Only S size is available.
  • The sizes tend to be small.
  • Hand wash only.

Many customers state that they use this Ann Chery waist trainer as underwear and feel comfortable. 

Ann Chery Best Waist Trainers

The brand offers a single waist trainer for body slimming and back support. Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher is specially designed for women with large torsos, has a 2-column hook and eye closure, and its boning is covered on both sides to give you support and protect your skin from abrasions while wearing it.

Ann Chery Shapewear


I’ve been using Ann Chery shapewear for a few months now and I’m loving the results. It’s comfortable to wear and provides great support and compression. It’s also very durable and holds up well after many washes. I love how it helps to create a smooth silhouette under my clothes. Would definitely recommend!


8. Nebility Brand: Zippered Body Shaping Corsets with Adjustable Straps

waz post 9 1

This brand has an expressive model line with different waist cinchers, thigh slimmers, and sauna suits. 

Pros of Nebility Body Shapers

  • Premium material for nonstop use and 0% risks of skin allergy reactions.
  • Adjustable straps and U-shape push-up breast design.
  • Brings hourglass figure and back support.

Cons of Nebility Body Shapers

  • Poor size chart
  • A zipper wears off fast.

The above-mentioned disadvantages of the top Nebility waist trainer are the only complaints from Amazon customers. Most women rank these corset-like garments high. 

Best Nebility Waist Trainers

The most in-demand item is still Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper with Adjustable Straps.  This model transforms the waistline and makes the body curves more attractive. The U-shape push-up breast effect together with improved compression accentuates the hips and bust line well.

Nebility Body Shapers


I’ve been using Nebility body shapers for a few weeks now and I’m already seeing results. It’s comfortable to wear and provides great support and compression. It’s also very durable and holds up well after many washes. I love how it helps to create a smooth silhouette under my clothes. Highly recommend!


How to Choose a Waist Trainer Suitable for You?

Before you choose a model from any of these brands, you need to be armed with some personal information first. Having a clue of the following characteristics will guide your decision in buying a waist trainer that will give you the results you desire:

  • You have to know your waist size. This way you will avoid any discomfort while wearing this accessory. Too tight waist trainers cause problems with breathing and excess pressure through the internal body parts.
  • Know why you want to get a waist cincher because using one take a lot of commitment. Although there are models that bring several effects at once, it is better to focus on the most desired result for you.
  • Visit your doctor to consult about the opportunity to use a waist trainer. In case of any contradictions, you should avoid using some models not to harm your health.

Once you have those down, you can choose the best brand for you by:

  1. Check their sizes. They should have something in your size, or one size smaller.
  2. Check the materials they use in making their corsets. A good waist cincher should consist of at least two materials.
  3. Make sure you look at user reviews to see what other women have to say about the waist trainers
  4. Look at brands that contain boning, or strong, high-resistant latex, as these will prevent the trainers from rolling up too much.

Ask around your friends if they own one or two of these brands for their reviews and if possible, request to try them on.

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Qualities of a high-performance waist training

Waist trainers have the following benefits:

  • Shapes your waist
  • Improves posture
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Reduces back pain
  • Reduces weight by controlling your portion size
  • Reduces your waist size
  • Help in postpartum recovery
  • Stimulates perspiration

What to look for when choosing a particular brand?

  • Collection range
  • Warranty
  • Shipment and return policy
  • Online reviews
  • Customer complaints
  • Materials used

Our Pick of the Best Waist Trainers: Comparison Table

Hoplynn ShapewearNylon, SpandexHighVery comfortableGood
Mermaid’s MysteryPolyester, SpandexMedium-HighComfortableGood
Waist Shapers
Maidenform ShapewearNylon, SpandexMediumVery comfortableVery good
Yianna ShapewearSpandex, NylonHighComfortableGood
VENUZOR Waist TrainersSpandex, CottonHighComfortableGood
Squeem ShapewearNatural rubberHighUncomfortableVery good
Ann Chery ShapewearCotton, LatexHighComfortableVery good
Nebility Body ShapersNylon, SpandexMediumComfortableGood


Do waist trainers slim the body?

Yes, the main purpose of most of today’s corset-like garments is to burn the abdominal fat and slim the body type. The skin sweats profusely while providing a fat-burning effect. Additionally, the waist trainer causes a redistribution of fats and transforms the waistline. This way the lady can count on the hourglass figure with more attractive (read sexy) body curves.

You must take care of your diet when using a waist trainer. Munching on junk and consuming unhealthy food will affect the performance of waist trainers. It is best to opt for nutritious meals that contain the following edibles to get the best results.

  • Vegetables And Fruits.
  • Drink Plenty of Water.
  • Lean Proteins.
  • Seafood.
  • Fibre.

If you want impressive results, wear waist trainers for eight to ten hours a day for weeks to months. Furthermore, people must consume a good diet and exercise regularly to achieve the desired result. 

Staying hydrated is essential while waist training. Therefore, you must increase water consumption when you begin waist training and go over the standard 8 liters a day mark. Moreover, drinking water improves blood circulation, improves digestion, helps in absorbing nutrients, melts unhealthy fats, reduces hunger, and regenerates skin cells.

It is a common question. People often complain about waist trainers rolling up. The reason behind it is poor sizing. The waist trainer does not properly fit when you choose the wrong size. If you wear a bigger size, waist trainers will shift. However, wearing a smaller size can cause discomfort and even roll-up. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the correct size of waist trainers to fit correctly.

Besides the slimming body effect, waist trainers can improve the posture, support the back, and recover abs muscles (for example, after delivery of the child). Some special models for former pregnant women bring the effect of proper organ alignment. It means that the garment worn regularly on the lady’s torso provides pelvic recovery corrections after natural baby birth.

It depends on the model’s type and applications. Waist trainers for athletes are used only during workouts (up to 1-2 hours in the gym). Corrective items that improve the posture, transform the waistline, or recover the pelvic bottom muscles should be worn 8-10 hours every day. 

It is not recommended to sleep in the waist trainer. Some uncomfortable sleeping positions can cause extreme pressure on the stomach and other organs. It is dangerous for your health. Wear the waist trainer when you stay awake.

It is recommended to put the waist trainer off while eating to avoid the risk of acid reflux. The extra pressure on the abs muscles and your stomach can negatively affect your digestion performance.

Yes, you do. This way you will be sure that you don’t have any contradictions and risks for your health. For example, waist trainers are not recommended if you have issues with your digestive system. Additionally, only some models can be used by people with asthma. Be responsible for your health!

Yes, such celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba wear waist trainers regularly. Madonna prefers different forms of bandages and corset-like garments as well. Among other celebrities who are fond of waist trainers are Ciara, Amber Rose, and Kylie Jenner.

Last updated: 27/03/2023

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