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About Us

For those who don’t know, “waist training” is the practice of wearing corset-like garments to train the waist/abdomen into a smaller shape. There are, as you know, many types of shapewear and corsets that serve this purpose. A few years ago this practice was all but unheard of, but thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj who have used waist training as part of their overall fitness routines (as well as those who’ve simply “noticed” they look great in such clothing), demand has increased.

The reason it works is simple: tightlacing reduces the size of your midsection by reducing your waist measurement—and thus changing how your abdominal muscles.

We observed that, while there are many internet articles about the health risks of wearing corsets (and corset-like garments), few people understand what to anticipate when they really waist train. WaistTrainerAZ contains actual information about this method, as well as why it works and how to begin if you’re interested!

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