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What Does Shapewear Do?

what does shapewear do

If you have never used shapewear before, “what does shapewear do” is a question you may want to ask, and that is exactly what this post aims to answer. With so many reviews addressing the use of shapewear online, you may become confused about what all the fuss is about and what this undergarment can do for you. We hope that after reading this post, you will be better informed and probably make the decision to add shapewear to your wardrobe.

Shapewear/Body shapers

Shapewear is also called body shaper, and they are essentially undergarments designed to project a curvy waist and a flat stomach. At this point, it is imperative to point out that this fashion accessory will not change your body shape but only modify it so your clothes fit you better, and it also gives you an hourglass shape. What this means is that once you remove the shapewear, your body will return to its normal form.

Shapewear has undergone significant transformation over the last fifty years, starting with corsets to modern-day shapewear like waist trainers, belly belts, and many more. They come in different sizes and fabrics and help improve the physical characteristics of the wearer. There are shapers for men, but this accessory is mostly worn by women who want an hourglass figure.

For women who don’t want to go for surgery, shapewear is a temporary method of altering the body shape instantly. That is why it is not surprising to find so many women turning to its use to hide the flabby and bulgy areas of their undergarments.

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How does shapewear work?

Shapewear works by compression; by that, we mean the compressing of excess tissue into the body, so they don’t remain hanging externally. When you wear shapewear, it compresses your body inwards and also spreads body fat across every area for a smooth appearance. This undergarment covers the hip, thighs, and belly area in what is called the body’s midsection. Wearing shapewear will give you an attractive and fit look akin to models and celebrities at red carpet events.

Why add shapewear to your wardrobe?

If you have not been using this fashion accessory for a long time, you are missing a lot. Here are some of the benefits of using shapewear.

Achieve a slimmer figure

A slim frame is the most sought-after body shape, particularly among womenfolk, but unfortunately, not all women have skinny frames. As most women age, especially when they start bearing children, they add more weight to their thighs, stomach, and hips. Their waistline also expands, and this makes it difficult for clothes to fit them like before. However, waist trainer can help them reduce their overall size for a young and trendy look.

Wear different clothes

A bulgy stomach and saggy waistline make it difficult to wear some dresses, especially figure-hugging clothes. Body shapers can increase your dress options since your newly acquired trendy features will fit many clothes. With this accessory, you can expand your clothing line and no longer be ashamed to try out new outfits.

Cost-effective option

Rather than go for surgery to achieve an hourglass figure and deal with all the risks and complications that come with that, why not go for a cost-effective option that carries little or no risks? Shapewear is inexpensive and gives you the attractive physique you have always wanted, even though it will be temporary. A single investment in one shape can serve you for a very long time before the need arises to buy a new one.

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Invisible features

Unlike other underwear-like pants that may be visible underneath your clothes, shapewear remains hidden from plain view. In fact, if you wear the right clothes, it will be hard for onlookers to even know whether you have one on. You are the only or who needs to know that you have it on.

Compliment your fitness program

Fitness programs take a much longer time to take effect, and if you lack patience and zeal, you may not continue the program for much longer. But shapewear can motivate you to push on since it gives you an illusion of a trim figure. This positive may give you a psychological boost and encourage you to keep training harder to achieve your fitness goals.

Better posture

Another benefit of wearing shapewear is improved posture. Shapewear-like waist trainers will help you maintain a straight posture by providing extra support for your back, hips, and thighs. If you spend a long time at work sitting at your desk, this undergarment can protect your back from strains that cause backaches.

Things to be mindful of

When wearing shapewear, make sure you don’t wear them too tight and that you wear them correctly. If it is too tight, you will not feel comfortable in the undergarment, and this may lead to other complications you would rather avoid.

Shapewear can cause

  • Increase the risks of urinary tract infections
  • Short breath
  • Skin irritation
  • Bloating
  • Digestion problem
  • Blood circulatory limitations
  • An increase in bacteria growth

Among other things. This is why wearers are advised to only wear the right size and not wear it too tight, so they don’t put their bodies at risk. Bit overall, shapewear is medically safe and helps women recover quickly from C-section pregnancy.

What does best shapewear do? Shapewear temporarily alters the body structure to give it a perfect and hourglass figure. If you wear yours correctly, you stand you benefit from all the advantages that this iconic fashion accessory has to offer.

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What does shapewear do FAQ

Can I lose weight by wearing shapewear every day?

No, you will not weight loss by wearing shapewear. This undergarment only makes you look slimmer than you really are, but it will not burn body fat.

Anyone who is of adult age can wear shapewear. There is shapewear for men and women, but most brands cater to women only.

Yes, she can. There is even specialized shapewear for pregnancy.

Last updated: 7/04/2023

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