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List of Waist Trainer Manufacturers and Wholesale Vendors in the USA

Getting that perfectly balanced and well-toned body has been in trend for quite some time now. And that trend is increasing every day. People look at celebrities and personalities and stare in awe. “How can someone be so perfect?” they question themselves.

And when we speak of body consciousness, we immediately think about women. But hold your horses! It is not just women who are concerned about their image. Even men have fallen victim to this and are now in the same league as everyone.

And working out and training one’s body has become more prominent in the current day and age. Just type “Fitness” on Instagram, and you will see what we mean,

But what do you do when you want quick solutions? Resorting to a carb-free diet is one solution. But that takes time. So, people turn to fitness accessories like waist trainers to improve their symmetry.

And if you are living in the USA, you are in luck. Today, we are going to look at a list of manufacturers and vendors who sell waist trainers in the US. So, let’s dive into it.

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Waist Trainer Manufacturers and Vendors in the USA

If you are looking for waist trainer manufacturers and vendors, we have got you covered. Many of them will even offer them at wholesale prices. So, let us take a look at the list of top waist trainer vendors in the States.


ShapewearUSA is an online shapewear vendor. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, with multiple offices and partners scattered around the United States. If you’re looking to shop online for fitness wear, ShapewearUSA is a good choice.

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Here, you will find everything from bodysuits to butt lifters. Plus, they have not forgotten to add waist trainers as well. ShapewearUSA sells waist trainers from many reputable brands like Body Hush, Rago, Annette Co’Coon, etc. And along with these big names comes the best trends and well-fitting garments you will find out there. These garments are well-designed to improve your physique and give you confidence every day. Plus, if you sign up to their site, ShapewearUSA will ship you measuring tape. Now, you can buy the right size on your first order.


Walkingon is another reputable supplier that deals in fitness garments for your everyday needs. The company set up its factory in 2010 and has been providing quality products since. They manufacture different kinds of shapewear, including waist trainers.

And whether you are an individual seller or a wholesale distributor, Walkingon is at your service. They offer in-demand and quality products at reasonable prices.

So, if you are looking to buy a quality waist trainer for yourself or order in bulk, give Walkingon a try. They provide free shipping with amazing discounts as well. So hurry and order now.


Are you looking for a manufacturer whose primary goal is waist training? Your search ends here. Atbury is a US fitness brand whose waist training accessories and garments will surely grab your attention.

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Since 2017, Atbury has been manufacturing high-quality fitness undergarments for customers worldwide. Atbury’sstylish garment designs come from the minds of their 10+ professional designers. They work together to bring you the latest creations made from top-notch fabrics and equipment.

And these services and products have enlightened customers all over Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. Their catalog includes waist trainers, Yoga sets, and body shapers of various sizes.

What’s more, Atbury also offers wholesale. So if you are looking for bulk orders, do not hesitate.


YIANNA is another renowned lifestyle brand based in New York City, New York. They have a wide selection of products you can choose from. Combining style with fit and comfort, YIANNA promises to meet your fitness needs.

From Sauna vests to waist trainers, you will find the best products at affordable prices. And whether you are regular or plus size, sizing won’t be an issue.

And those looking for wholesale options, the path is wide open. Order as much as you want with YIANNA’S “Nominimum order” policy. Plus, they offer dropshipping as well on all the latest products in their store.

Waist Gang

Do you want to go boutique? Check out Waist Gang for the best hand-crafted waist trainers and fitness products. Waist Gang rose from humble beginnings and inspiring dreams. They are based in Miami and offer high-quality and fully functional fitness garments. Plus, they have sizes for everyone ranging from XS to 6X. Please go check out their catalog. You won’t be disappointed.

Hourglass Angel

Just by reading the name, you already know what they are about. Hourglass Angel is one of America’s top waist trainers and corset companies. The company started in 2010 in Illinois, becoming one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide in 2016.

Their products have received rave reviews from celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian. And that’s because Hourglass Angel offers top-notch waist trainers. They might be a bit higher in price point, but you cannot compromise on your body’s needs, can you?

Hella Snatched

Get ready to “snatch” your waist withHella Snatched. Based in California, HellaSnatched offers some of the best waist training belts out there. They are here to you help you trim that belly fat that has been annoying you.

Assisted by a great team of experts, HellaSnatched offers waist trainers at an irresistible deal. And along with that, they have other products like shirts, workout essentials, ebooks, and more. So, start “snatching” your waist today with Hella Snatched.

What Waist

What Waist is another lifestyle company that manufactures and sells top-quality fitness products. They have been providing athletic goods for women since 2014. And their waist trainers are a great bang for your buck.

What Waist employs the help of science and technology to bring you unique fitness gear. They use targeted compression and heat-trapping methods to craft their high-quality products. So get ready to burn those fats and level up on your body curves.

The Waist Experts

The Waist Experts is another boutique company that offers high-quality waist trainers. They have a wide range of products, including latex vests, waist clinchers, etc. But perhaps their best-selling product is the Double Sweatband Belt Vest.

This vest is a dream for those who want to curl their back fat and smoothen their stomach. Yes, we are looking at all the post-pregnant women out there.

All their products are suitable for workout sessions, abdominal exercises, etc. Several customers have nothing but positive reviews of their products. And these include a host of well-known personalities as well.

She’s Waisted

The name speaks for itself. She’s Waisted is another top brand that deals in waist training tools for women. Their products are sure to attract women who are shopping for clothing to improve their body symmetry.

You will find some of the best waist trainers in the She’s Waisted store. Compressing shorts, shaper leggings, latex vests, etc., are just a few of the top products they offer. Plus, they offer worldwide shipping as well.


What is a waist trainer?

It is an undergarment made up of hard metal boning and thick fabric. People wear waist trainers around the midsection and tie them with hooks, a lacing system, or Velcro. People tighten it more than girdle or shaping underwear to have a smaller waist and look slimmer.

Things to consider when buying a waist trainer in the USA?

While you can find a wide array of waist trainers, not all suit your needs. When shopping for one in the USA, make sure you get the following benefits:

It offers additional support

Due to the firm frame, waist trainers maintain spinal health and improve your natural body posture. The additional support reduces the risk of backache issues and slouching. Moreover, it also strengthens the overstretched abdominal muscles due to weight gain and pregnancy.

It improves body posture

Waist trainers help in improving body posture. Furthermore, wearing a waist trainer activates the core muscles and reduces back pain. However, experts are still debating whether trainers play a significant role in activating core muscles.

It reduces tummy pouch

One of the main benefits of wearing waist trainers is that it is the easiest and quickest way of getting an hourglass figure. Wearing waist trainers may not drastically change the shape of your body. However, the results would reveal with time. Therefore, women trying to lose weight must wear these magical trainers to lose belly fat.

What should you consider when buying a waist trainer?

Waist trainers can slim down your waist area effectively, but they pose certain health risks. You can avoid most of these adverse effects by shopping diligently, for example:

  • Look for a breathable and hypoallergenic material to prevent rashes and skin infections
  • Get the right size to avoid squishing your body too tight as it may lead to gastrointestinal symptoms and cause difficulty in breathing
  • Check the instruction manual or the product label for correct use. Wearing it for more than eight hours may damage organs, weaken core muscles and the pelvic area

Closing Thoughts

How do you like our wholesale waist trainer vendors list?

There’s nothing wrong with exercise and maintaining your body. All men and women aim to stay fit and stay healthy. But it takes time, even years, to achieve the structure that you want. And this is primarily a problem for women who are, by nature, “extremely” self-conscious.

But accessories like waist trainers and corsets provide the lifeline that every woman needs. They accentuate your waist and improve your overall structure in a flash. Now, you can put less stress on your gym routine.

Waist trainers will provide you with instant results, something that exercise and diets take years to bear fruit. We hope this list helps you find the product of your choice.

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