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Waist Training Vest Before and After

Losing weight is never easy for anyone. It requires months of effort, consistency, including constant exercising, and diet plans to be followed religiously. Therefore, many people prefer using waist trainers, which seems like an easy way out to get the look you want to achieve and with minimal effort and time. 

Despite the increasing popularity, there are some dangers of waist trainers that you should keep in mind before you start using them:

Waist trainers can harm internal organs

Waist trainers are uncomfortably tighter than your body can bear. Wearing waist trainers for longer periods can cause the organs to move from their actual position permanently thus, causing permanent damage to your organs. This will also result in your organs not functioning properly resultantly, damaging your body in the long run.

Before if your organs might be functioning properly but after using waist trainers, you might see some differences. This is because the waist trainer wrapped around your torso puts additional pressure on your midsection thus, restricting blood flow. The upper internal organs move towards your diaphragm thus pressing against it and below organs downwards which is dangerous and very painful for you to bear. 

Waist trainers can result in irritation of the skin

Wearing the best waist trainers for long periods, especially during workouts, causes excessive sweating. The moisture in that area serves as a breeding ground for microbes. This results in your skin being irritated. The chafing results in irritation, which can result in rashes that lead to skin infections if not treated.

Before using waist trainers, your skin might not have any bumps or redness, but after using waist trainers, you might notice a lot of bumps and redness on the area covered by your waist trainer. 

Waist trainers can result in bruising

Since waist trainers are unusually tight, these garments might bruise your bones during the compression process. This is dangerous for your body and can be extremely painful as well. 

Many young girls have started wearing waist trainers long before their bones have matured completely. This has adverse effects on the growth and formation of their bones. 

Therefore, before using waist trainers, your bones might not feel weak, but your bones might feel weak after using waist trainers, which can negatively affect your body’s regular functioning. 

Waist trainers can have a psychological toll on the users

If you have been wearing waist trainers for a few years only and not for a longer period of time, your body will likely return to its original shape after you stop wearing the waist trainer. The hourglass look is temporary and lasts only while wearing the waist trainer and not after that. This can result in your brain creating an illusion of your body, but when you take off the waist trainer, you will feel disappointed as all that was just short-term. 

The disappointment might make you believe that you can never achieve the hourglass figure you have always wanted and will create a negative body image in your mind. It can cause a lot of distress thus, resulting in a lot of psychological issues and disorders such as body dysmorphia. 

Apart from the dangers listed above, some benefits can also be achieved by using waist trainers:

Waist trainers can help you fit into your favorite pair of jeans

Waist trainers clench your abdomen and due to this, you appear thinner. A waist trainers’ purpose is not to restrict your breathing but to give you the hourglass figure you have been looking for by pulling in your stomach to give you a flatter appearance. 

Before wearing a waist trainer, you might not be able to fit into the pair of jeans that you want to wear at that moment so. A waist trainer vest can be a quick fix for it. You can achieve the hourglass look and appear thinner to fit into that pair of jeans and enjoy your outing without worrying about anything else. 

Waist trainers improve the effects of scoliosis

The sideways curvature of the spine is known as scoliosis, it is a birth defect that is painful and disrupts your daily routine. Waist trainers are known to improve this condition by providing support to your spine. 

Before wearing a waist trainer, you might have that curvature that is not a good posture to walk with and might be painful as well. After using a waist trainer, you can get physical and psychological relief as wearing waist trainers for longer periods can improve your condition. 

Waist trainers can be used for compression therapy

Compression therapy is a method used for treating certain anxiety disorders. Waist trainers not only provide physical comfort but have therapeutic benefits as well. This form of therapy can also treat people with autism, especially in cases where they do not like to be touched by other people. Waist trainer vests can provide that comfort without disturbing the person emotionally. 

Before using a waist trainer, a person might have anxiety or autism and does not like to be touched physically, but after using a waist trainer, the compression provided by waist trainer can provide the necessary comfort that is required, also known as compression therapy, to treat these problems.

Athletes can use waist trainers:

Many celebrities wear waist trainer vests for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, many athletes are also required to wear waist trainer vests for the same purpose. Many swimmers are required to wear waist trainer vests as it helps them achieve a competitive figure which they might not be able to achieve before wearing a waist trainer. 

Runners and bodybuilders also believe that before wearing a waist trainer, they were not as active as after wearing a waist trainer. They believe they have noticed a significant change before and after wearing waist trainer vests.

Bottom Line

Waist trainers come with their share of advantages and disadvantages. One would have to do extensive research before buying one. Even though the articles provide detailed information on the good and bad that comes with wearing a waist trainer, one should always consult with a medical professional before starting the regime.

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