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Waist Trainer Plus Size Before and After

Waist trainers are not new in the market. They have been surfacing for many years, but previously they were known as corsetry. The main purpose of corsets, known as waist trainers today, is for plus size woman to make their waistlines smaller waist than they are.

Women wrap these waist trainers around their torso and then fasten them using laces, hook and eye clasps, or sticky fasteners. There is also a stiff boning that runs vertically in the plus size waist trainer, so the fabric does not bunch up from where your natural waist is smaller.

The idea behind using a waistline trainer is to mold your waist compression and hips so that you can have that hourglass figure. Waist cinchers are now made so that they can be worn for longer periods so that they can work more effectively. 

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Short-term Results

If you want to go to that party and cannot fit into the dress you want to wear or look fat in a dress, a waist trainer comes to the rescue. You can wear a waist trainer at a single event as it will make you look slim and achieve that hourglass figure in that dress but for a short time. You do not have to commit to wearing it for longer hours.

Before sporting the best waist trainer, you might not be able to fit into your choice of dress, but after modeling a waist trainer, it is assured that you will be not only able to fit into your dress but also be able to achieve the body shape you were looking for by just wearing waist trainers for once. 

For models, it is important to look at a certain shape and waist size while walking in front of a huge audience. Waist cinchers play a huge role in their lives as it helps them achieve the look they are going for the night. 


Before sporting a waist trainer, you might be eating too much junk and have little to no control over your diet. You might also be someone who would not sit in an upright position and slouch very often. 

After sporting a waist trainer, you will feel motivated to work on your diet as a waist trainer by clenching your stomach reduces your appetite. It also serves as a constant reminder for you to fix your posture and always sit upright. It keeps you motivated and on track, for any new diet you are looking forward to starting or an exercise routine you are willing to start. 

Use of Waist trainers in pregnancy

After delivering a child, many women have saggy stomach skin and are not in shape due to pregnancy. Women are always looking for one way to lose that body fat they gained throughout their pregnancy. Therefore, many women go for waist trainers as they cannot start working out after birth. When fastened around their torso, waist trainers then help in losing their compression body fat. 

When women wear waist trainers after their delivery, it motivates them to start working out. Working out along with a waist trainer helps women shred the gained weight sooner than just using either of the two. 

Furthermore, sporting a waist trainer helps maintain the diet of such women. They stay wary of what they eat and take care of the proportions they should eat instead of unnecessarily eating all the time. 

Body Weight

Body Weight

If you are someone whose body weight is higher than what it should be, then a waist trainer can be very useful for you. Before using a waist trainer, a person with a higher body weight might not have much core support. After using a waist trainer, a person has core support that helps their mobility and flexibility.

Risks of Using a Waist trainer

  • Breathing Problems: Using waist shapers while working out can cause breathing problems. This is because wearing a waist trainer reduces lung capacity by 30-60%, resulting in shortness of whiff, sweating, and advanced discomfort when the waist trainer is used while working out. 
  • Digestive issues: It might seem unreal that digestive issues might occur by wearing a waist trainer, but it is true. Waist trainer causes constant pressure on your stomach, which might cause the stomach acid to go back into the oesophagus thus, resulting in heartburn and other digestive problems.
  • Internal Damage: Waist trainer usually squeezes the midsection of your body with a constant force which can cause organs like the liver and kidney to shift to strange positions. This can cause a lot of problems for you as it affects blood flow. Not only that, but it might also affect the way your organs function. Permanent Damage can also occur.
  • Core strength: Even though waist trainers provide core support, they can also reduce your core strength after a certain period has elapsed. This can also be why you might feel discomfort after wearing a waist trainer for a longer time. 

Final Verdict

You must listen to your body, especially while you are wearing a waist trainer. You must get a size that fits you so you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The idea behind using a waistline trainer is to mould your waist and hips to have that hourglass figure.

But it is also important that you not wear a waist trainer for longer periods. The moment you feel as if it is causing challenges in your daily tasks, you should take it out and give your body a break from wearing it.

Since corset training is a temporary way of reducing weight so; you can look at other alternatives. These alternatives include eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains; avoiding trans fats, salts, saturated fats, and added sugars; eating more proteins such as eggs, fish, beans; and dwelling within the advised calorie total for the week. 

Furthermore, apart from wearing waist trainers, a person can also reduce weight by exercising. If a person finds it difficult to do so, they should take it slow and take one step at a time. 


Can plus-size women wear waist trainers?

Yes, plus-size women can wear waist trainers. However, it is important to choose a waist trainer that is designed specifically for plus-size women to ensure a comfortable and effective fit.

Waist trainers can provide temporary slimming and shaping effects, but they are not a weight loss solution. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the most effective ways to lose weight and improve overall health.

Waist training can be safe for plus-size women if done properly. However, it is important to choose a corset that fits well and does not cause discomfort or restrict breathing. It is also important to gradually increase the amount of time you wear the waist trainer to allow your body to adjust.

Results can vary depending on the individual and the amount of time the waist trainer is worn. Some women may see results immediately, while others may take longer. It is important to wear the waist trainer consistently and combine it with a healthy diet and exercise for best results.

Yes, several plus-size celebrities have endorsed waist trainers, including Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian. However, it is important to remember that endorsements do not necessarily mean that waist trainers are effective or safe for everyone.

Last updated: 7/04/2023

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