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Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Cincher Shapewear Review

The Squeem Perfect Waist cincher is the perfect for women everywhere who want to train their waist and look thinner in a matter of minutes. This waist cincher offers an amazing waist control allowing you to feel comfortable and confident all day long.

There are cinchers that will roll up on your hips and tummy but the Squeem offers perfect support that lets your skin breathe. Because of this amazing support no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a cincher under your clothes. Your figure will be transformed in a few minutes and you will look a few inches thinner from the moment you put it on.

It’s extremely comfortable to wear all day long because of the inner layer which is made out of pure cotton. With the Squeem Perfect Waist you will feel the true meaning of comfort as it also offers back support alleviating any back pains.

What is waist training?

Waist cinchers are used for training your waist to get smaller and look more curved even when you’re not wearing the cincher. This happens after you wear it constantly for a period of time you will start to feel the difference. You have to realize the waist training is a long process and that it requires patience and a little bit of effort from your side too.

Advantages of using the Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Cincher Shapewear

  • Great curves – the Squeem waist cincher transforms your figure in a matter of minutes. You will lose (optically) a few dress sizes from the moment you put it on. If you let it do its job and wear it all the time you will see that your waist is getting smaller until you reach the desired size.
  • You will have the hourglass figure so many women want – the hourglass figure is a fashion goal that comes from old times. Women in old Egypt knew how important it is to have curves and they transmitted this fashion goal through time, in our days. With the Squeem waist cincher this goal is not that hard to reach.
  • Alleviates back pains – besides making your figure amazing, the Squeem Perfect Waist also offers back support. Women with back problems will be able to feel an improvement as soon as they put the cincher on.
  • Improves your posture – you will stand and walk taller because the waist cincher is educating your entire body, not just your waist. While you wear the cincher your back will be straight and your body posture will be in the correct and natural position. This will elongate your stature making you look taller which it will make you look thinner too.
  • Accelerates weight loss – the Squeem cincher is also working your abdominal muscles when you put it on through micromassage, perspiration and high compression. The triple filtered cotton layer offers superior absorption so you don’t feel sweaty and start itching all over under the garment.


There are two main types of waist cinchers and each of these has many sub-types of their own.

  • The latex waist cincher that offers less support because it doesn’t have an internal boning structure. This type of cincher comes in many different forms and can it is recommended to be used by beginners and during workout.

The latex cincher is not so great to wear under your clothes because it forms wrinkles and it can be easily observed.

  • The corset cincher that has an internal boning structure and offers more support for the back and front side of the mid-core of our body. It is called a corset cincher because it resembles in structure with a corset but it doesn’t have all the decorative parts a corset has. A waist cincher must be simple so it can be worn under the clothes.

The Squeem Perfect Waist is a corset cincher which means it has a boning structure. This structure helps it mould your waist and train it to get smaller and curvier.

The Squeem also has an external layer made of natural rubber which helps with the compression power. A good cincher needs to be strong and compress your waist without letting you out of breathe. The Squeem cincher is top of the line and allows you to be flexible when wearing it.

How to use the waist cincher?

The first rule in using a waist cincher is to take it for your actual body, not for the body you want to have. You must take a measuring tape and measure your waist and then compare the results with the size charts you find on the online stores you want to buy the cincher from. Never buy a cincher after your clothes size, they don’t match.

Also, never buy a cincher that is smaller than your actual waist size. It won’t fit you and you will feel frustrated because of that. You must have patience with cinchers if you want to see results. A cincher that fits your body correctly will do its job if you wear it daily for a longer period of time. No one can actually tell how long it is going to take to lose those inches around your waist because every woman’s body is unique and reacts different to outside stimuli like waist cinchers. Only you will be able to tell when it’s working and how fast it’s working.

After you found out which size you are looking for, you have to think about what type of cincher you want? Do you want one that is more flexible and easy to wear? If this is the case then you should buy a latex cincher that has little support and no internal boning.

Pros and cons of the Squeem Perfect Waist Cincher

This model of waist cincher is used by many women out there and they told us why they love it so much and what to expect from this garment. We gathered all their impressions and made a list of pros and cons for you.


  • it reduces your waist with a few sizes as you put it on
  • it helps you reduce real inches on your waist
  • you can wear it under your clothes and no one will know
  • offers amazing back support
  • improves your posture


  • you have to wear it constantly (this is a condition for all waist cinchers)
  • it is not extremely flexible but will allow you to move
  • it can be hard to choose the correct size

What customer is the Squeem Perfect Waist cincher for?

The Squeem waist cincher is for every woman who wants to reach the hourglass figure with comfort. If you want to feel comfortable and flexible while wearing a waist cincher then this is the perfect product for you.

Also the Squeem waist cincher offers back support for women that have back injuries or pains allowing you to really feel good when you wear it. Another amazing feature of this cincher is that it helps you lose weight just by wearing it.


In our opinion, the Squeem Perfect Waist cincher is for all the women out there who need to shed a few inches of their waist and feel good while they do this.

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