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Luxx Curves Waist Trainer Reviews

luxx curves waist trainer review

Luxx curves is a women-owned brand with the aim to create the perfect waist trainers for women of all shapes and sizes. The brand kicked off when a woman named Tatiana realized the benefits waist trainers offered but could not find the perfect one for herself. She decided to launch her own brand to design waist trainers that are effective, durable, and comfortable.

The brand focuses on producing the highest quality waist trainers using the best materials and mechanisms available. They ensure that their waist trainers deliver all the results they promise without compromising on quality. The brand aims to empower women to feel confident in their bodies and love themselves regardless of their shape. While it promotes self-love for other women, the brand also focuses on and acknowledges that women who live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle feel more confident in their skins and deserve to be the best version of themselves.

The brand believes that women should help each other cherish and embrace their bodies and unleash their curves with absolute confidence. Luxx curves waist trainers help women get rid of stubborn belly fat and feel confident in their bodies.

How does the Luxx waist trainer work?

If you have been dreaming of the famous Instagram hourglass figure that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner flaunt in their pictures, waist trainers are the perfect tool for it. A waist trainer will help tone your body, enhance your natural curves, provide lumbar support, strengthen your core and burn excess belly fat.

Using waist trainers in conjunction with regular exercise and eating a healthy diet will give you quick results that will last longer. Waist trainers cause extra thermal activity, increasing your body’s temperature and sweating. This, in turn, helps to burn all the stubborn abdominal fat.

If you are concerned that a waist trainer would pressure your organs, you should be relieved because this is not the case. A waist trainer can be worn for up to 8 to 10 hours every day. The more frequently you wear it, the faster you will burn off all of your excess fat, as long as you follow it up with a nutritious diet and regular workout routines.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best waist trainers from Luxx along with their benefits, pros, and cons. Every item is available on their website, where you can learn more about the brand and its core values. We will also discuss all the factors you need to consider before buying a waist trainer in a small buying guide. Once you go through the products and read the buying guide, you will have a better idea of the perfect waist trainer for yourself in which you should invest your money and time.

The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer

the perfect curves waist trainer

The perfect curves waist trainer by Luxx is available in three different styles: short, medium, and long torso. This most popular waist trainer is meant to be snug to your body for maximum results. It has helped hundreds of customers achieve their ideal body goals. It is available in ten different sizes that cater to women of different body shapes and sizes and seven different colors. The waist trainer’s three-layer structure makes it thicker and a lot more durable than its competitor companies. Another great point about this waist trainer is that it is made of breathable materials which allow you to sweat without excessively heating your core. It consists of three rows of hooks that allow you to adjust your waist trainer according to your comfort level. The short torso Perfect Curves waist trainer is suitable for people with a 7 to 10 inches long torso. At the same time, the medium torso waist trainer is best suited for customers with 11 to 12.5 inches torso. The long torso waist trainer is for women with a 13 to 16 inches long torso.


  • Made from three materials
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • For three different torso types
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Various hook settings
  • 6 flexible steel bones


  • People with sensitive skin may get irritated skin

The Perfect Curves Waist Trainer


I recently purchased The Perfect Curves waist trainer and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! It’s made with high-quality materials and provides excellent compression and support for my midsection. I’ve been wearing it every day and have already noticed a significant improvement in my waistline. Highly recommend!


Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt

waist trimmer fitness belt

This waist trimmer belt by Luxx is the perfect solution for gym rats who can wear it during their workout sessions at the gym. You can wear it during all your gym activities, including lifting, squats, cardio, and more. This waist trimmer belt offers great support for customers and provides compression to give lumbar support. This waist trimmer is not only for those who want to lose their belly fat or achieve the famous Instagram hourglass figure, but it is a must-wear for regular gym goers because it helps them maintain a proper form. Achieving a proper form helps maintain consistent performance and reduces the risk of injury.

This waist trimmer fitness belt is made from natural latex and neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that maintains its flexibility over a range of temperatures. It increases the temperature of the user’s core and causes them to sweat excessively. The mesh backing used in the trimmer belt makes it extremely breathable and comfortable for the user to wear for long hours. It also consists of a double Velcro adjustment system for readjustment purposes.


  • Reduces risk of injury
  • It helps maintain proper form
  • Breathable
  • Excessive sweating for fat burn
  • Double Velcro for adjustment
  • Great lumbar support


  • People with sensitive skin may get irritated skin

Waist Trimmer Fitness Belt


I’ve been using this waist trimmer fitness belt during my workouts and it’s amazing! It helps me sweat and burn more calories, and provides great support for my midsection. The design is sleek and comfortable to wear during exercise. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality waist trimmer.


25 Steel Bones Torso

25 steel bones torso

This 25 Steel Bones Torso is available in two different torso types: medium and short. It is great for those who are used to wearing a waist trainer and want to take their body goals up a notch. Even though these torso trainers are harder to put on, they provide amazing results and get your body in the perfect hourglass figure. However, this waist trainer is recommended for users who have lost most of their abdominal fat and want to enhance the hourglass shape further.

The torso is not as flexible as the other waist trainers by Luxx, which is why users are recommended only to wear them for about four to six hours every day and avoid sitting for too long. This waist torso consists of a hook and eye setting so that users can have a snug fit when they put it on. The core of the torso is made from 100% natural latex.


  • Made from natural latex
  • Enhances hourglass figure
  • Hook and eye setting
  • 96% cotton lining
  • Available in 6 colors


  • Difficult to put on
  • Not as flexible as other waist trainers

25 Steel Bones Torso Waist Trainer


This 25 steel bones torso waist trainer is a game changer! It provides excellent compression and support for my midsection and the 25 steel bones add extra support. The design is sleek and discreet under clothing. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours each day and have already seen results. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality waist trainer.


Frequently asked questions

Are Luxx curves waist trainers good?

Because of its effectiveness, Luxx Curves Waist Trainer has fans from all over the world. Many Hollywood celebs consider them to be the best. Furthermore, numerous reviewers concur and applaud the use of breathable fabrics.

Waist trainers can help users achieve their dream body goals if worn regularly. Waist trainers should be worn in conjunction with regular workouts and the consumption of a healthy diet. They also help strengthen the user’s core muscles and provide them with lumbar support. However, users need to wear their waist trainers regularly if they want to see everlasting results.

The time it takes to observe beneficial results varies from person to person. While some people notice their belly-flattening and posture improving in a matter of days, others may take weeks. The waist-cinching effect, on the other hand, is immediate.

Corsets are designed to be worn under your clothes to contour your body and reduce your waist by using tight laces. A waist trainer employs compression materials to squeeze your abdomen and belly area, causing you to sweat profusely. Your body generates more heat, causing you to sweat and burn tummy fat.

If you think of going to bed with your waist trainer, you should absolutely reconsider. Going to bed with your waist trainer on might be highly uncomfortable and impact the quality of your sleep.


The Luxx curves waist trainers are among the most popular waist trainers on the market. Luxx curves waist trainers are created in the shape of the waist curve, providing users with the desired hourglass figure. Unlike many other waist trainers on the market, Luxx has designed breathable waist trainers for ladies who struggle to bear the excessive heat produced by their bodies. The waist trainer’s core layer comprises natural cotton and spandex material, making it comfortable to use for long periods. Another fantastic feature of Luxx is that it empowers ladies of all shapes and sizes. The brand goes out of its way to promote self-love for all ladies. There is a wide range of types and sizes available for different body shapes. With short torso, medium torso, large torso, and extra small to extra-large sizes, there is a waist trainer available for every girl out there.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review on Luxx curves waist trainers and found it helpful in picking out the best option for yourself. Happy shopping!

Last updated: 6/04/2023

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