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Why are Corset Outfits Used by Today’s Modern Women?

Wearing corset outfits was a practice that originated back in the Middle Ages. These days, it has become common to see lingerie models wearing a corset as a part of a three-piece lingerie set, which is made up of panties, bra and corset. It is easy to think that a corset is worn just to make an ensemble look sexier, but corsets actually are worn for other reasons than this. For one, this undergarment will help enhance an hourglass shape by making the midsection of the corset body cinch in the waist. The corset’s shape and tight middle area construction makes this possible.

There are so many reasons as to why women wear corsets. It can be because of what a certain occasion calls for, such as treatment for a medical condition, or merely as a fashion statement. There are generally three reasons why women wear them, although these reasons can blend into each other.


These are the women who wear corsets as a means of re-enactment or live history, acting historical parts in films and on-stage, and so on. The standards of historical accuracy can be so high that a woman will struggle to move in the more original corset styles. For this purpose, the corset is more than just a functional piece of underwear. Corsets used for this purpose have no standard style, and so each has to be measured to within the centimeter of its wearer.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find skilled custom corset builders today, and if you do find one, it can be quite expensive, although you should be assured of excellent quality and fit. This is perhaps the greatest of reason as to why women wear corsets today. Lingerie enthusiasts might love their frilly panties and bras, but every woman treats their corset with absolute reverence. This item is considered to be something very special and only used for those extra-special occasions.

An example of this is bridal corsets, which are worn under wedding gowns, and serve a dual purpose of giving them that hourglass shape. It is easy to convey everything from virginity and sweetness with lace and pastel all the way to tough as nails with spandex and leather. Every corset comes with its own personality and facilitates various parts of a woman’s personality shining through.


Fashion corsets are worn by women who do not necessarily know a lot about the corset culture and yet they like that the way that they look all the same. Therefore, they wear them with their party outfits and formal gowns. Sometimes, corset outfits can be worn with skinny jeans and even miniskirts. Usually, people might not even be aware that they were looking at a corset with the ways they are worn. This is because they are not made with the standards of the old fashion styles. They are, in the main, just very lightly boned which makes them much more flexible. Still, the hourglass shape that they can provide for any body type makes this great under gowns, and exactly why they are so popular with wedding gowns.

Styles and Designs of Corsets

The ever-changing fashion trends have also affected this apparel. What was once only used as an undergarment can now be worn as outer clothing so that they are clearly visible to everyone. Because of this, designers are rolling out new styles and designs that will not only enhance its wearer’s body and appeal to her; but also to appeal to other people.

Cute Corsets

These corsets are not only called “cute” because of their small size; they also come with adornments and detailing that gives them a charming and adorable appearance. These corsets can come in bright and fun colors, and can be embellished with lace, ribbons, and bows and all sorts of other decorative creations. They can even feature pictures and characters such as flower prints, polka dots, swirls, lines, dolls and even ponies! These styles are however mainly used for fashion, as you would imagine

Couture Corsets

Just as the name implies, a couture corset is something that a person gets made specifically in accordance with her measurements and requirements. With this kind of corset style, any woman can go crazy with her design and go to the most extreme looks that the corset creator can handle. Some couture designs come with beading works, lavish embroidery and can be made from any material imaginable.

Corset Baratos

Otherwise known as “cheap corsets”, these are the budget range but can still provide the desired effect of enhancing the figure of a woman. Just because they come with a low price tag does not mean that they are of low quality and will not last for more than a couple of times when wearing them. If you just know where and how to find them, you can have in your hands a high quality and long lasting corset that you can wear many times over a long period of time.

Here are just some of the reasons why the women of today are wearing this sexy style of lingerie, but if you want to find out the true history of corsets take a look at this.

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