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30-day waist trainer challenge

In today’s times, people have prioritized their wellbeing over everything else, and a huge part of that wellbeing is in how a person looks. This is primarily why keeping in shape and making sure to stay trim and chiseled is the top concern of people worldwide. This fitness and trimness can only be achieved when you’re ready to put in the hard work and dedication.

To simplify put things further for you, we have prepared a 30-day waist-trimming challenge, making sure to deliver excellent results through the incorporation of core-strengthening exercises.

This challenge is divided into 4 weeks, with each week being as important as the other. This challenge is also extremely crucial and well-proportioned. Thus each week is also further divided into waist-training and fitness categories separately. Here is a glance at how the weeks are divided to get a better perspective and encourage you to start the waist-training challenge right away.

Week 1

Within the first week, you will be very new to the idea of a waist trainer. Thus it may not come to you easily on how you should even wear it. However, you need to use it with consistency and wear your trainer. Since you will be new to the idea of a waist trainer, you will only be wearing it for approximately five days for a couple of hours, which could range between four to six.

Once the weekend arrives, you should have no difficulty wearing the waist trainer for up to 4 to 6 hours, which is also the waist training goal of this week. Moving on to the fitness part, in the initial week, you will need to start your core exercises slowly and gradually and later make sure to increase the intensity of these exercises. For example, you can start with 15 crunches, six-leg raises, and holding a 10-second plank on the first day. Since this is entirely for your convenience and improvement, you can also add a few additional cardio and strength training to this routine.

Slowly and gradually, as the week progresses, keep adding five crunches per day to the past number. Do two more leg raises, and increase your plank by 5 seconds. By the end of this week, you will have easily reached the target of 45 crunches, 18 leg raises, and a 40-second plank. This might seem not easy but remember to keep going. Also, if you choose to wear a waist trainer for the workout duration, make sure to remove it while doing crunches.

Week 2

Since you made your body accustomed to wearing the waist trainer for 4 to 6 hours in the first week, make sure you increase the waist trainer duration by a couple of hours. Ideally, by this week, you should be wearing the waist trainer for a period of 6 to 8 hours a day.

However, since it is not very easy to wear the waist trainer for longer hours for everybody, you can break up the time into smaller chunks to maximize comfort and fitness. Also, it is essential to remember that in week two, you will only be wearing the waist trainer for five days a week.

For the fitness in week 2, you will continue with the same number of exercises as before. The previous exercises include plank, crunches, and leg raises. In week two, you will add up to 5 crunches, two leg raises, and 5 seconds to your plank. This will increase your total exercise and thus lead to better fitness. By the end of this week, you will have reached 80 crunches, 32 leg raises, and made the total plank time 1 minute and 15 seconds, which is quite a big deal. Slowly and gradually, you will get the hang of it, making your exercises even more enjoyable.

Week 3

Week 3 is a sign of strength and persistence since it signifies two weeks of hardship that you have passed. The next step in the waist training journey to achieve excellence is simply shifting from five days a week to seven days a week while wearing the waist trainer for up to 8 hours.

This may seem not easy, but once you get the hang of it, your body will be more in shape. Earlier, in week two, you could break your session of 6 to 8 hours into chunks. However, in week 3, it is recommended to start wearing the waist trainer without any gap, meaning you need to wear the waist trainer for 10 hours uninterrupted.

In the third week, you will now be pushing beyond your limits for the fitness level. This is the only way to get the best results. So keep at it. Like earlier, keep adding five crunches, two leg raises, and 5 extra seconds to your fitness schedule each day. By the end of the 21st day, you will be doing 115 crunches, 46 leg raises, and a plank that lasts one minute and fifty seconds. This might seem tiring, but the results will be quite evident by the end of week 3, hence probing you to work even more efficiently.

Week 4

Finally, after three weeks of hard work, you will enter the 4th week with new aspirations. This week for your waist training, you need to be able to wear your waist trainer all seven days of the week, and that too for ten hours. This is going to be difficult, but the belly fat loss will all be worth the effort in the long run.  

You already know the drill for the fitness part in the last week. Add five crunches, two leg raises, and increase the plank time by 5 seconds. By the end of the fourth week, you will be doing 160 crunches, 64 leg raises, and a plank that lasts 2 minutes 35 seconds. This fitness regime, especially one for the last week, is enough to set your abs on fire and make you want to give up, but the result is worth all the sweat. So keep going!

Once you have finished week four, you will notice a considerable and noticeable change in your body and its shape. Once you see the results, these four weeks will seem nothing compared to the ideal results that you achieve for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Final Verdict

With this easy and scheduled breakdown on how to spend each day in the 30-day challenge of the waist trainer challenge, there is absolutely no doubt that waist training is surely the finest way to lose all that extra fat. However, some people think that waist trainers are unlikely to make a significant or long-term difference on your body. They can potentially cause health risks if abused or tightened too tightly. A moderate healthy diet and exercise are the best and most efficient ways to shed pounds.

Nonetheless, we still believe in the advantages of a waist trainer, which cannot be denied. Everything used moderately causes no significant harm. Thus, it would help if you got started immediately on getting a new waist trainer and starting your life-changing journey in no time, with the best weekly breakdown already provided at your fingertips. 

Last updated: 27/01/2022

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