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The Downside of Waist Training

Waist training, also referred to as Corset training or Tight lacing, refers to the method of narrowing the waist over a period of time by using a corset. The best way to train your corset is to seek the assistance of a professional and find anything which can fit your shape well enough. The corset should fit you tightly, but needs to be quite comfortable to allow you to breathe in. You need to wear this type of outfit only for 3-4 hours every time. However, if you find that you need to take it off prior to this time, you should do it immediately. This type of training is not for all women and you should not take it lightly. As with any other type of body training methods, some downsides are associated with this technique.

Risk of various disorders

Close fitting corsets can narrow down the waist and make the hips and the bust more prominent. This can make your body curvier. However, improper use or over use of the outfits can result in dehydration. There can also be risks of Glenard‘s disease, which is actually a deformation of lower ribs. In worst cases, the disorder can also result in organ failure. There can also be other serious problems like deformation of the liver or the stomach. These outfits help you get a voluptuous figure but should be used with a lot of care as they can lead to acute health problems.

Muscular atrophy

Wearing a corset for long periods of time, as in case of tight lacing or waist training, demands your core and back muscles to start depending on these outfits for physical support. This can lead to a weakening of your muscles if you keep on wearing corsets for the most part of each and every day. Occasionally wearing corsets or wearing them for just a few hours each and every day is less likely to cause physical problems for you. It is advised that you take off your corset and wear more comfortable types of clothing when you exercise, especially at time of core building exercises.

Stomach discomfort

It is best that you avoid eating to heavy meals before you lace into a corset. This is due to the fact that it can result in some amount of stomach discomfort. It is also a bad idea to overeat while you are wearing a corset that is tightly laced. This is because the compression around your waist can reduce the amount of expansion of the stomach as you eat. You do not need to change your eating habits or diet while you are not sporting a corset. The extent of change actually depends on the how tight the lacing has been done. When you are corseted, you will like to eat at a slightly slower pace.

If you intend to use a corset as a part of any waist training program or a weight loss regime, it is best for you to consult a physician and get proper dietary modification recommendations according to your particular fitness objectives and health level.

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