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How to Size Your First Corset?

The corset has always been in usage among the women in order to achieve the perfect form or shape of the feminine body. According to the modern knowledge Ancient Greece (Crete) was the place where corset was originated. The young girls and the women during the ancient times in Greece were always bound in woolen corsets or the leather ones in order to slim down their waist line and body. The Greeks have always been known for the perfect human form and this visual is implemented on the several Greek statues.

Even in the medieval period, women were found to be wearing corsets but this was limited only to the upper or elite class. It was during this time frame when this feminine garment was called stays and the design was more focused more on the flattening on the torso rather than accentuating her curves. It was a religious atmosphere that always spoke against the physical desires. Thus, the corsets acted in a way to make the women’s body less appealing to men.

Several hundreds of years later in the Victorian period, corsets got introduced to the mainstream culture and became the epitome of the women beauty and appeal. Young girls and women started wearing corsets to look their best every day. Infact, there were men too who started wearing corsets in order to have a proper posture. In the present world, different styles and designs of corsets have reappeared once again.

From the above analysis, it is evident from the fact that the corset has a very rich and long history. People all across the globe have used corset to enjoy the feminine beauty and body perfection and it is still used by the women today more as a top and creating style statement.

There are several companies that are selling bustiers and corsets in the internet. People are getting confused in respect to the size that they should order. Often it has been found that women buy corsets online but doesn’t fit perfectly. This is really an unfortunate condition and that is why you should order products from the retail sites that allow returns.

Many a times getting the correct size is not possible for some. I was fortunate to work in a store and helping the people similar to help people finding the right corset fit. You can try out the corsets on a specialty shop but this is not possible every time. I am here to help you out and aid you in making the right decision while buying a corset and that also fits you properly. It has been five years since I am wearing and also making my own corsets. I can seriously help you out.

There are several questions that people ask while buying their first corset. Some of the commonest ones are?

  • How should I measure my size?
  • Will it fit me well? If so, how will I understand?

I am here at your service to answer all your questions. I will point out the simple step by step method so that you know that you have got hold of the right corset with the perfect fit. The very vital aspect is that you need to have the right measurements to have the perfectly fitted corset. All you need to have are:

  • Paper and pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Yarn or string

The steps are as follows:

Step 1

You should lie yourself and make sure that you are considering your correct size. Don’t change your measurements. You must understand that a corset that is too small can hurt you bad and won’t help you in shaping your body perfectly.

Step 2

Make a list of the bra line, waist, lower waist, hips and your bust line. You can even draw a female torso to visualize and make the analysis properly.

Step 3

It is recommended to get hold of a sewer measuring tape and a yarn or string. You need to wrap the string around your waist line and hold it not very tightly between your fingers. Move a bit and then bend side to side till the string settles well at your waist.

Step 4

Often it is easier if there is assistant helping you to measure for you. In order to measure the bust line you have to ensure that you are not sagging down the measuring tape and must begin the measurement from the front.

Step 5

The area just below the breasts is your bra line. Similar to the bust line you have to ensure that you are not sagging down the measuring tape.

Step 6

If you are on the larger side, the measurement for the lower waist is important. The smaller size women can ignore this step. It is always suggested to measure the lower waist line 2 inches below omitting the tummy section.

Step 7

You need to find out your hip bones and measure all around it.

These are some of the steps that you need to follow while measuring for the perfectly fitted corset. After each measurement you need to jot down the figures beside the lists that you have made on a paper. This helps you have the perfect corset.

Majority of the online retail sites measures their corset by the waist size. You have to consider the hip, waist and the bust measurements as well. A site that offers such detailed information on corsets must be considered. When you have found the apt site with the corset of your choice and preference, all you need to do is check the available sizes on the chart given.

Usually the corset size must be at least 2 inches less than your exact waist measurement. In case you are on the larger side like me, 4 inches less than the waist line should make the perfect fit. When you have tied your corset, ideally there should 1 to 4 inches of your back exposed.

Before we part away I have few more suggestions to make. For the shorter women I will recommend avoiding the longer corsets. They will make you look even shorter. Taller women can opt for the longer corsets. A larger woman must consider buying the longer corset in order to cover up the bellies. Do you know using shorter corsets in case you are on the bulkier side can make cellulite bulging out from areas you don’t want to. Henceforth, avoid it completely.

While you are tightening your corset by lacing it, the worst thing to commit is to jerk forcefully. It is not suggested at all and don’t even allow anyone helping you to wear the corset. It can harm you and injure you and also stress the seam portions of the corset. You might have watched in some movies that women are bracing themselves to wear the corset. But this is not the actual or the correct way to wear a corset. If you are willing to last your corset for a longer period of time and also treat your body with some respect, avoid jerking off forcefully. Enjoy wearing your corset on a regular basis and trust me it is worth an investment.

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