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The Devotion System Review

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Relationships are like kryptonite, and many people keep repeating the same cycle of failed relationships because they don’t understand the opposite sex. To alter this negative chain of events, many have turned to self-help books, many of which equip them to do better moving forward. One of such books is The Devotion System by Amy North.

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We prepared for you The Devotion System review, pointing out what makes it a very good book to buy, the key concept, and important information you can learn from it to better the course of your life.

Who Is The Author?

The author of The Devotion System is Amy North, and she is a Canadian citizen. She is a relationship professional with a career geared towards helping women get the man of their dreams and achieve all the benefits that a successful relationship offers.

Amy North has a successful YouTube channel with more than 600,000 subscribers, and her videos have garnered more than 10 million views to date. She is regarded as one of the most successful mainstream relationship expert and relationship coach is an established writer in her field. One of her successful works is “The Text Chemistry,” which has become a bestseller.

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What Is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is a book by Amy North that is targeted at women who desire a healthy long-term relationship with a man. The author addresses the key concepts that make for a healthy relationship and what men look for in women. Essentially, it points out the things that will make a man fall in love with a dream woman and become obsessed with her.

Furthermore, the author claims that the knowledge in the book will help women get the man of their dreams without having to sacrifice their pride and self-respect as women.

Core Principles Of The Devotion System program

The core principle of this book revolves around the idea that men are hunters and that they will grow tired of a woman and move on unless they are obsessed with her. The obsession is what will get him to commit long-term and remain in her arms forever.

This book is a complete guide for women that shows the steps they must take when they begin to notice the romantic fire of their relationship is getting cold. This period of often a delicate period, and how she handles it will determine if the relationship does not break down. Make the right moves, and the fire of passion will be rekindled. Make the wrong one, and more chaos will be the outcome which will lead to the fast breakdown of the relationship.

Another claim in the book that will get your attention is that everybody desires a stable and committed relationship because of the benefits such unions bring, but they are afraid of getting hurt simultaneously. According to Amy North, many people in relationships make mistakes that ruin what they have.

The Devotion System teaches women how to handle volatile situations because if they are not handled carefully, it will lead to a complete collapse which has a negative emotional and mental effect on the person. This book is a guide to help women manage their relationships effectively.

A Guide & A Set Of Advice

This book can best be described as a guide and also a set of expert advice for every situation in a relationship. And there is a reason we’ve come to this conclusion.

No matter how intelligent you may be as a woman, there are certain situations you can never be prepared for. When those situations occur, we tend to react to them, which is often a negative one, or we turn to outsiders for help. Many women believe they can trust their family or network of friends to give them the right advice, but this is not always the case.

First of all, these people don’t know your partner. Secondly, they are likely going to give you relationship advice based on their own experiences, but your experience and situation are different. Thirdly, you run the risk of exposing yourself, and especially your partner, to public scrutiny and ridicule for doing so.

Don’t get us wrong; sometimes, seeking outside help is the best course of action when communication breaks down but doing so comes with its own risks. However, The Devotion System interactive ebook comes in handy in such situations.

It guides you on the steps to take to:

  • Initiate a new relationship
  • Strengthen an existing one
  • Address growing signs of conflict
  • Prevent a difficult situation from snowballing into a much bigger one

Learn How to Get A Man’s Number

Women are not supposed to chase men but have men do the chasing. But what if the man you want is not taking notice of you but has refused to come for you? That can be a tricky situation, but you shouldn’t let a good man go.

But imagine meeting a man for the first time, and you want to ask him for his number without looking desperate. The Devotion System will teach you how to do so without losing your self-respect. Beyond that, you will learn what to send him in the first text message to get him to think about you.

Mastering the lessons in this book will give you a deep sense of what works and what doesn’t, from the flirting stage to when the relationship is already a full-blown union.

Become The Best Version Of Your Self

This book is highly recommended for women who want to be the best version of themselves. The lessons you will learn from this eBook will change your thinking about men and how you approach flirting and relationships.

The Devotion System exposed male psychology like never before and provided you with insights and tips to best understand how a man’s mind works when he is in a relationship. If you use the techniques provided in this book, your man will become more attracted to you than ever before.

The Ideal Book for Long-Term Dating

Are you tired of going on random dates with men that don’t end up in anything serious? Are you tired of short relationships that end before they even get started? The Devotion System is a guide that can help you transform your fortunes if you want something more sustainable and long-term.

This eBook is available online and contains tips you can imbibe in your daily life. It will make you a confident person but inside and outside

Key Points of The Devotion System

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Why Men Pull Away

Amy North exposes the main reasons why men pull away from women even though it initially seemed like they were interested in something long-term. This is a mystery many women have had a hard time unraveling, but the author sure did a good job exposing them.

It shows the mistakes that ladies make that make men lose interest and how to avoid them.

Obsession Tactic

Another key point in this eBook is what Any North calls the Obsession Tactic or Formula. It is basically what she calls a “Devotion Sequence” that causes a man to lust uncontrollably for a woman even if he wasn’t initially interested in her. Use these words and watch your outcomes change for the better.

Little Texting Secret

The book contains sassy texting secrets you can use to improve your romance. One of them is the “Phone Phrenzy” technique designed to make the man a lot more intrigued to make him text and call you more often.

Soulmate Connection

She reveals the 3 psychological loopholes that will make your partner fantasize about you and wish to spend the rest of his life with you. Many women are unaware of this, so when their man begins to lose interest in them, they don’t know what to do about it.

The Devotion System will expose these loopholes and show you how to cover them up or manage them, so they don’t become a problem.

Sections In The Devotion System For Women

This book is not just a book but a complete package with practical examples and videos to help you. The book contains the following sections.

Main Manual

Under the first section is the main manual which is devoted to the importance of self-love and letting go of your painful pasts, so you don’t carry that into your new relationship. The need to let go of harmful behaviors that ruin your life is important; otherwise, you will carry those behaviors into your new relationship and get the same negative outcomes m

The key to enjoying a long-lasting love life is to have a healthy mindset. The author goes into detail about how relationship hangovers from your past can endanger your current and long-term happiness. If you are in a current loving relationship or with a view to having one in the future, harmful habits brought from your past can ruin what you are looking to build.

She gives counsel in this section and advises women who are passionate about their future and would like to spend it with a man they love and who will love them in return.

Understanding Men

The second section of The Devotion System is about understanding men and their behavior. She believes that the key to understanding male nature is to understand how they think; how their mind works.

Male psychology has long been a topic of debate in relationship forums, with so many women failing to understand why men act the way they do. However, after reading The Devotion System, you will realize that men are simple beings.

They are not so complicated; in actual fact, it is the women who are complicated. Once you understand how your man’s mind works, you will find it easy to:

  • Predict his next move
  • Know why he acts the way he does
  • Know what to do to elicit the reaction you want from him
  • Keel him loyal and in your arms

How To Be Happy In A Relationship

The third and final section will teach you how to get the love of your life and keep him forever. Unless you don’t want long-lasting love, this section is the cherry on top. You will learn how to be happy in your relationship and the steps to make it a successful one.

Although it takes two to tangle, The Devotion System will show you how to play your own part as a woman. The final chapter in this section teaches the reader how to create a healthy, long-term love life.

Live Video Series

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Also included are love video series that teach different techniques. They are:

  • Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
  • PASS System
  • Texting Devotion Sequence
  • What Makes A Man To Stop Chasing You
  • Celebrity SPARKS
  • Avoid negative communication
  • What Kind of Woman Are You
  • 15 Types Of Men
  • How To Make A Man Addicted To You
  • Chemistry Of Commitment
  • How To Make A Relationship Cheat Proof
  • The Perfect First Date

Adaptive Quiz

There is a 3 part adaptive quiz to better help you understand yourself and what you want for your love life. The quizzes are fun and thought-provoking.

Free Bonus Books

There are three bonus book as extras which are:

  • Finding Love Online
  • Textual Chemistry
  • Cheat Proofing Your Relationship

All these are more are the gold nuggets you will find in The Devotion System. The eBook is accessible on any device like a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile version.

What To Expect From The Devotion System eBook

It is normal to have doubts about a self-help relationship book, especially with the number of books promising readers all the answers, and so many fail to live up to their promises.

So what can you expect to learn from this one?

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Learn What Your Man Wants Even If He Doesn’t Say It

You will learn what he wants from you without having to say it in words. Like women, men speak with their body language. You will have to learn to decode his body language quickly before he loses interest and walks away.

The book will help you unravel what he wants and the things you should do to win mans heart. Doing what he wants before he says it will prove to him that you really care about him and that you are a naturally thoughtful person. Doing these things will win his heart.

Make Home Feel Like a Hero

You will learn how to massage his ego at the right time to make him feel like a hero. If you do it with words, he will appreciate it but doing it without words is a lot more powerful. The secret to this is that once he thinks that you see him as a hero, he will transform into a rescuer in your life and do everything you safe. Every man ga a hero instinct.

He will always feel proud around you, and the essential goal of The Devotion System will be actualized: to make him DEVOTED TO YOU!!!

Learn From Real-Life Examples

The author provides real-life examples as well as the Dos and Don’ts if you want a successful relationship. Navigating the pitfalls will make you a better wife or girlfriend, depending on what you are looking for.

Make Him Yours

This book by Amy North will teach you how to make him feel not only attracted but obsessed with you. As long as the fire of obsession burns brightly, he will never leave you for any other woman.

If you initially thought that this was impossible or difficult, think again. The Devotion System brings all the knowledge to your fingertips.

Pros Of The Devotion System

  • Instants access once you sign up
  • No extra delivery charges since it is an ebook
  • Full privacy policy
  • Detailed guide with practical examples
  • Learn about the bad and good sides of men
  • Help you grow in confidence as a woman

Cons Of The Devotion System

  • It is only available in eBook format, which can be a problem for you if you prefer to read hard copies
  • Some chapters clash
  • Only available online
  • Every chapter requires maximum concentration; otherwise, you will miss the knowledge

The Devotion System Price

This ebook is sold for $48.25 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee refund if it does not meet your expectations. For this price, you get the main eBook and 3 free bonus eBooks, 3 adaptive quizzes, and 13 video series. The price may seem quite steep, but the knowledge is worth the price.


What is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System is a comprehensive dating coach and relationship program designed to help women find and keep the man of their dreams. The program includes a comprehensive guidebook, video tutorials, and practical exercises to help women build their confidence, understand men, and deepen their connections with their partners.

The Devotion System is designed for women who are looking to improve their dating life and find true love. The program is suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their current relationship status or experience with dating.

The program includes a comprehensive guidebook, video tutorials, and practical exercises to help women build their confidence, understand men, and deepen their connections with their partners. The program covers topics such as understanding male psychology, building attraction, and creating a strong emotional connection with your partner.

Final Thoughts

The Devotion System is a rewarding guide for women who want to enjoy long-lasting relationships. The chapters are loaded, and you learn a lot from them. Adopting the lessons will transform your relationship fortunes for the better. This book is a great read and a good buy we highly recommend. Thanks for reading The Devotion System review.

Testimonials from our customers

The Devotion System is a must-read


The Devotion System eBook is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their relationships and build stronger connections with their partner. The book is filled with practical tips and techniques that are easy to implement and have a real impact on the quality of your relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to deepen their connection with their partner and improve their relationship.


The Devotion System is a game-changer for anyone


The Devotion System is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their dating life and find true love. The book provides practical advice on everything from understanding men to building confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs. I have already seen significant improvements in my dating life since reading this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to find their soulmate.


The book is filled with practical tips and exercises


The Devotion System is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their relationship and deepen their connection with their partner. The book is filled with practical tips and exercises that are easy to follow and have a real impact on the quality of your relationships. I have already seen significant improvements in my relationship since reading this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their relationship.


Last updated: 23/03/2023

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