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How to Wear Shapewear? Complete Guide

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If you know how to wear shapewear, then this post is not for you, but if you do not know how to, you want to make sure you read it till the very end. As popular as best shapewear has become, there is still a lot of confusion regarding how it should be worn. If you are not getting the physical value from your body shaper, it may be that you are not wearing it correctly. No matter how good the shaper may be, if you don’t wear it’s right, you don’t get the desired results you want.

Ideally, shapewear is meant to improve your natural shape, not transform it permanently. A good body shaper should create a perfect balance between your curves and hips. It should also create a smooth foundation for your clothes to rest on. And more importantly, your natural body shape should influence how you wear shapewear dress. If you have too many curves, the last thing you want is to add more curves with a shaper, as this may give you a distorted look. If you have a fewer curves, you want it to add more to give you a definer look. So shapewear slip should either be used to minimize, enhance or control your body.

how to wear shapewear

How to wear shapewear?

There is no general rule for how to wear shapewear because we have different body shapes and different brands design their body shapers differently. Also, preference will influence your mode of use. So the answer to the question should depend on comfort and goals. Wear shapewear as intended by the manufacturer. Also, whether you wear it daily, weekly, or for special occasions is up to you. The most important thing is to wear it without making your life a living hell.

Types of shapewear and mode of use

Shapewear is of different types, and they are not worn the same way. To be fair, they are all undergarments worn under clothes, but the mode of application is different.

  • Workbands: This type of shapewear is not a full body shaper, but it trims down belly size. If you must wear this one, make sure it is worn under a dark colored outfit; otherwise, it will be visible on the outside.
  • Belly trainers: These ones are meant solely for your midsection, and they are similar to work bands. They prop up the breast and flatten the belly.
  • Full body shapers: A full body shaper is meant for the entire body. It shapes the thighs, hips, and midsection. These types are more expensive and are ideal for special occasions.
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Daily use

If you want to know waist trainer for daily use, look at its level of tightness. If it is too tight, then it is not for daily use. Daily right shapewear offers smoothing value, not size control. It is meant to smoothen out lumps and bumps and nothing more. You can wear it daily without breathing difficulties because it is not very tight.

Weekly use

Shapewear for weekly use should be worn daily or weekly. This type offers medium control and is slightly tighter than the ones for daily use. Medium control shapewear adds curves or improves your natural curves.

Special occasion

Shapewear for special occasions should not be worn daily but only once in a while. This version is the tightest of them all and offers more control. It completely alters the body shape, so it is not as comfortable as the other ones, so we don’t recommend it for daily use.

How to know my size

Unlike normal clothing, knowing your shapewear size can be a little tricky. To know your shapewear size, you can simply use a measuring tape to measure your body size. But that is not all; after you get your body size, you have to compare it to the manufacturer’s size guidelines because one manufacturer’s size 12 may be different from another’s size 12. 

After you are sure of your sizes, you want to make sure you only go for shapewear bodysuit of the right size or one that is an inch above the size that is ideal for you. This is because it is best to buy slightly larger shapewear than a smaller one.

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Shapewear color

Not many people are aware of this, but shapewear color matters and different styles. If you wear the right color, your appearance will be better for it. So consider the predominant colors of most of your clothes before you shop for shapewear. If you have more lighter colored clothes, you shouldn’t be going for a dark colored shapewear because it will be visible. Another thing about colors that most people don’t know is that dark colors attract heat. Of course, if you are buying the shapewear for special occasions, colors shouldn’t be a major factor but for normal everyday use, consider color when making your choice.

Wearing underwear under shapewear

We can’t talk about wearing shapewear properly without addressing the use of underwear. Many women tend to wear underwear under shapewear, but this can be counter productive. Firstly, the smooth contour you want under your clothes will not be achieved since it will ruin smoothness. Secondly, adding another layer of fabric under the shape wear will cause heat buildup. If you like wearing bras and pants at all times, you can buy seamless shapewear that has bras and pants inserts.


In a nutshell, here are key points to bear in mind when wearing shapewear.

  • Step into it: always step into your shapewear rather than attempt to wear it from the top down. Wearing it over your head may cause you to discomfort as it may get stuck.
  • Don’t rush it: Don’t try to rush the process when wearing it. Take your time and leave no hook or straps unhooked.
  • Wet skin: Avoid wearing your shapewear over wet skin. If you just stepped out of the shower, give your body time to dry up before you put it on.
  • Don’t wear pants: Avoid wearing pants under your shapewear as this may cause lines to form under your clothes. If you can’t do without pants, buy one that has a pant insert.

In this post, we have shown you how to wear shapewear. This undergarment is unlikely conventional clothing, so do take your time when wearing one. Also, consider your comfort above anything else. If you feel comfortable in it, then the undergarment is right for you.

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How to wear shapewear FAQ

What is the most important thing to consider when wearing shapewear?

The most important thing to consider when wearing shapewear is your comfort. If it is too tight, it may cause you physical limitations like shortness of breath, among other issues.

The one you buy should be based on your preference. Hooks are tighter but can be difficult to remove. Just consider how easy it will be for you to take it off before you decide which one to buy.

Wearing underwear under your shapewear is not a good idea for two reasons. Lines may form under your clothes. Secondly, extra underwear may block air entry which may lead to excessive sweating and bacteria buildup.

Last updated: 6/04/2023

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