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Fajas Vs. Waist Trainers

If you’ve been searching for a product to help you achieve an hourglass figure, then you’ve probably definitely heard of fajas and waist trainers. They’re both designed to accentuate the body’s feminine curves while pinching the waist and making your bottom flare.

What exactly is a Faja (Waist Trainer)?

The FAJA, which is Spanish for “girdle,” developed in Colombia, one of the world’s cosmetic surgery hotspots. Doctors prescribe it after surgery to minimize edema and ensure that afflicted skin contracts properly on their patients. However, the medicinal usage of the faja spread to the broader female population when Colombian women learned that the faja could also be used to enhance their womanly curves.

The Faja is used to assist in achieving the “coke bottle” form. Employing a Colombian Faja progressively lowers the parts of the body while simultaneously drawing the bottom or “hanging” ribs in and tighter around each other, resulting in a smaller waist. Furthermore, the faja enhances your posture and lower back muscles, aids in the reduction of hunger, and when worn while working out, can aid in the burning of fat through a thermogenic impact on the belly.

What exactly is a waist trainer?

A waistline trainer is a type of underwear comprised of thick fabric and firm metal boning. It’s secured around the midriff with a lacing Velcro, hooks and lacing system. It’s usually worn far more snugly than a harness or shaper underpants so that you can get a smaller and sleeker waist. While the benefits are visible right away, “training” necessitates wearing the garment often over a period of months.

Trainers have been worn for at minimum 500 years. Traditionally, they concealed the majority of a woman’s figure between the breasts and the hips. Corsets emerged somewhere in the 1800s to highlight the feminine body to achieve the desired curvy body, which consists of a tiny waist and voluptuous hips. Corsets went out of favor owing to discomfort and health concerns as the idealized tiny waist size became progressively thinner.


Both of these outfits will have you Instagram-ready in no time, and you can then take the photos in a variety of settings.

Waist trainers function well when combined with a healthy lifestyle, which is why so many gym-goers use them. They stand out because of their intricate belts.

Fajas, on the other hand, will get you just as selfie-ready, but they will operate as a pinched waist bodysuit. They are easily disguised with clothing on top and are designed to be less noticeable and closer to lingerie.


  • Fajas Stage 1: Used for post-surgery maintenance and shapewear. It’s an article of secure clothing designed for mending and contouring after plastic surgery.
  • Tummy Trainers: These garments can be used while exercising or resting. Such solutions do not remove body fat but shape a user’s physique for a smaller waist. They are designed to encourage people to perspire more and maintain appropriate posture.
  • Fajas Stage 2: These compression garments cover your shoulders to the thigh as well as your waistline. However, while stage 2 fajas are essential for post-op scenarios, they are also widely utilized for resistance training.
  • Waist Trainers Combined With Garments: Because the thick material of waist trainers does not look well beneath clothing, it is really fashionable to see these items put on over gym gear… even T-shirts!


Are you all reading lately? Yes, it will help you shape your waist, but it will not help you burn fat. It all relies upon how much work you throw in, girl.

Fajas are suggested by physicians following cosmetic procedures, so we realize they will be more than required. Fajas for waist training is not only essential as post-op recovery gear, but they also work rather effectively.

Stage 2 fajas are widely utilized for waist training due to the compression caused by the fibers of a Snatched Body faja. Their flexible hooks allow you to travel through several dimensions and gradually get thinner. And, as everyone knows, we’re all about being skinny and thick!

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