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Best Waist Trainer for FUPA 2023: Get Rid of Upper Pubic Fat with Waist Training

Best Waist Trainer for FUPA 2022

The hourglass figure is a dream of most women in the world. Each girl would like to see a perfect reflection in the mirror. But sometimes it is too hard to become extremely fit and slim. Fat deposits appear on different body parts and bring stress to females.

FUPA/fupa (or fatty upper pubic area) is among the sharpest challenges for modern women. All the present-day beauties are looking forward to getting rid of this monster as soon as possible. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to try waist training.

Different cinchers, shapewear, and other garments can speed up all the metabolic and fat-burning processes in the organism. Find your best waist trainer for FUPA 2023 with the following recommendations and a review of the bestsellers in the present-day market of shapewear.

Your Best Waist Trainer: Top 5 Models for FUPA in 2023

Women like to feel comfortable even when it comes to compression-friendly underwear and waist trainers. That is why the best choice in the top list of garments for waist training and FUPA fighting is not a cincher with steel bones and a sauna effect. This is the model Maidenform Women’s Open Bust Body Shaper FL1856 for nonstop use and an excellent alternative to traditional bras and panties.

It is worth noting that this shapewear also has the recognition of Amazon experts (Amazon’s choice in the category of waist trainers and compression items for women). Besides the bestseller by Maidenform, there are other body-sculpting garments to take into account. Among them are both fitness cinchers (with limited time frames for their wearing) and ones for nonstop use (alternatives to underwear).

maidenform open bust waist shaper

Maidenform Women's Open Bust Body Shaper FL1856

  • Nonstop use
  • Skin-friendly compression material
  • Full FUPA coverage
  • Straps for better fixation
  • Bodysuit design
  • Two classic colors (beige and black)

feelingirl plus size waist corset

FeelinGirl Waist Trainer for Women Plus Size Corset Waist Trainer for Lower Belly Fat Workout Waist Trimmer for Long Torso

  • Improved compression
  • Sauna effect
  • Almost unlimited size chart
  • Skin-friendly inner fabric (cotton)
  • Spiral steel bones & back support

ann chery columbian waist cincher

ANN CHERY Corset Waist Trainer for Women’s Weight Loss - Colombian Waist Cincher with Straps - 2 Hook Vest Body Shaper

  • 100% latex
  • Stylish design to wear over outfits
  • Vest-like fixation
  • Back support
  • For the long torso

hotapei waist trimmer belt 2022

HOTAPEI Women’s 2022 Fashion Workout Waist Trainer Corset Trimmer Belt Waist Cincher Body Shaper

  • 100% polyester
  • Doubled firmer closure
  • 3 compression levels
  • For the long torso
  • For everyday use (limited time)

Spanx Higher Power Panties: Best High-Waisted Shapewear

Spanx Higher Power Panties

  • High-waisted panties with compression properties
  • No muffin top and FUPA seen
  • Nonstop use
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Invisible under clothes

It is worth noting that FUPA is extremely difficult-to-burn fat deposits. The lower belly fat or upper pubic fat can be reduced with waist training efficiently in 1-2 months of standing practice. Additionally, your waistline will become slimmer. One more pleasant bonus is about an hourglass figure every lady dreams of.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the bestsellers in the context of compression and shape-sculpting garments for women with FUPA. This way, each lady can pick sides with the best-matching model for her purposes and according to her lifestyle.

1 – Maidenform Open-Bust Waist Shaper: Best Choice

This is the best waist shaper that fights FUPA at once according to Amazon experts. The comfortable bodysuit made of compression material is invisible under almost any female outfit. It is possible to order this shapewear both in beige and black colors. The fabric is 100% skin-friendly, so it is possible to wear the top Maidenform model nonstop.

Two stretchy straps fix the body-sculpting garment on the woman’s body perfectly. No discomfort while moving is guaranteed. Additionally, female users can count on the push-up effect. The under-bust design allows women to wear any bra with this bodysuit.


  • Comfortable fit due to high-leg design
  • Helps flatten the tummy
  • Soft fabric
  • Undetectable under clothes


  • Can not be washed in a washing machine


The Maidenform bestseller is worth women’s attention because it helps to fight FUPA and make a body curvier. The bodysuit design allows ladies to fight with extra inches on the belly, waistline, hips, and under-bust area. But do not expect extremely fast results.

The level of compression is medium, so the squeezing effect is far from quick. Combine your waist training with a healthy diet, physical loads, and active lifestyle to reduce upper pubic fat deposits faster.

2 – FeelinGirl Plus-Size Waist Corset: Best for Workouts

feelingirl plus size waist corset

This is the top-ranking fitness garment for women who would like to burn more fat including on their belly and thighs. FUPA is reduced slowly if you do not exercise much. That is why your curvy waist and a flat tummy will become closer with regular physical loads. Just wear a bestseller by FeelinGirl brand during your home or gym-based workouts.

This is a model made of 100% natural latex. A cotton lining makes this cincher skin-friendly. But the time of the FeelinGirl compression garment is limited. That is why use this bestseller only whilde doing sports. 


  • Latex shapewear with cotton lining
  • High-level compression
  • Exceptional tummy control
  • Suitable for the long torso and anti-FUPA training
  • Sauna effect
  • Back support & posture improvements
  • Available plus-size models (up to 6XL)


  • Limited waist training terms (up to 2-4 hours nonstop)
  • Poor size guide for customers


The FeelinGirl waist shaper is a top model in the shapewear market. 7 spiral steel bones improve the posture, support women’s back, and squeeze the midsection firmly. Instead of adjustable hook lines, users can count on another way to regulate the compression level – two sticky belts (tapes). With this high-quality cincher, you will sweat more during workouts and lose more tummy fat.

3 – Ann Chery Columbian Waist Cincher: Best for Everyday Use

ann chery columbian waist cincher

Ann Chery is a famous brand of high-level premium shapewear in the world. Speaking about the best model for FUPA, the Columbian latex waist cincher with straps will be the perfect variant. It compresses well a fatty upper pubic area and flattens a female stomach. This shapewear is suitable for users with a long torso and tummy fat deposits.


  • Latex shapewear with cotton lining
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • High-level compression
  • U-shape push-up
  • Suitable for the long torso and anti-FUPA training
  • Can be worn over the clothes
  • Back support & better posture
  • Adjustable hook lines & straps


  • Limited waist training terms (up to 2-4 hours nonstop)
  • Inner layer of cotton with spandex can cause skin allergies
  • Possible rolling-ups


The stylish design of the Ann Chery bestselling corset allows women around the world to wear it in a different way: under the clothes together with underwear or as a top tank to slim the figure visually. Nevertheless, this body shape squeezes the midsection perfectly.

Additionally, regular use of the Ann Chery cincher reduces FUPA and cuts down other tummy fat deposits. Note that the waist trainer can roll up and down. Additionally, it is not recommended to wear the body-sculpting garment for more than 6 hours nonstop (the latex outer layer prevents your skin from breathing).

4 – HOTAPEI Waist Trimmer Belt 2023: Best for Hourglass Figure

hotapei waist trimmer belt 2022

The HOTAPEI brand is a rather new one in today’s market. But the range of available models impresses even the most exacting customers. Women with long torsos and FUPA can count on the waist trimmer of the fitness design. This is a model made of 100% polyester and suitable for constant waist training. You can count on the hourglass figure and reduced abdomen fat in 1-2 months of its regular use.

More info in the post: best waist trainer for women’s weight loss.


  • 100% polyester shapewear
  • Suitable for postpartum recovery
  • Doubled firm compression
  • Push-up effect
  • Tripled waist trainer hourglass compression waist belt
  • Suitable for anti-FUPA training
  • Back support & improved posture
  • Adjustable hook lines & straps


  • Limited waist training terms (up to 2-4 hours nonstop)
  • Poor size chart
  • Possible skin allergies


This tripled waist trainer belt is an awesome add-on to your diet and workouts against FUPA. Do sports and eat healthy food to stay pleased with your body in 4-8 weeks. But note that polyester (like neoprene and latex) is not a 100% skin-friendly material. Use this shapewear not longer than 4 hours nonstop to avoid any allergic reactions. Regulate compression with convenient hook & loop rows and belts.

5 – Spanx Higher Power Panties: Best High-Waisted Shapewear

Spanx Higher Power Panties: Best High-Waisted Shapewear

The high-waisted panties are not about waist shapers with improved squeezing properties. But this model is loved by thousands of women. The Spanx high waist skinny shapewear hides all the extra centimeters not only on the waistline but on the belly and thighs too.


  • 100% cotton
  • Immediate visual slimming effect
  • Invisible under the clothes
  • Squeezes midsection
  • Suitable for anti-FUPA training
  • Hides muffin tops


  • Middle-level compression
  • Limited size chart
  • Poor stretching properties


Most ladies are satisfied with the visual slimming effect. The figure becomes free from muffin tops and FUPA turns out to become invisible. These high-waisted panties are a great alternative to traditional underwear that cannot hide any imperfections of the female figure. Although the level of compression is not high (medium or even low), some women state that their postpartum recovery and the training against upper pubic fat deposits are completed faster with the Spanx panties.

Check your size before ordering the required model. Additionally, do not wait for breathtaking results if you are not going to exercise, and keep a diet. Any fat loss starts with exceptional discipline and a healthy lifestyle. The Spanx size chart is limited to 3XL models. It is necessary to undertake not only waist measurements but hips too.

A Buyer’s Guide: A Waist Trainer for FUPA in 2023

First, you should pick sides with the most suitable design for your training against FUPA. The waist belt with the midsection coverage only does not fit your goals. The shapewear that reduces upper pubic fat deposits should cover the thighs and belly absolutely. This way, the buyer’s task is to pay attention to models for the long torso.

More info in the post: best waist trainers for weight loss plus size.

There are many designs to take into consideration. For example, women can feel comfortable in compression-friendly bodysuits. Another category of female users would like to wear fitness garments only for workouts. Plus, there is compression underwear like high-waisted panties to hide FUPA and slim the figure.

The most important feature of a FUPA waist trainer is that it fits well and is comfortable to wear. It is also important that the waist trainer is effective in helping to reduce the size of the FUPA.

Explore the best waist trainer 2023 in our comparison review.

Among the most helpful tips for buyers in the context of waist trainers for FUPA 2023, there is a range of following recommendations:

  1. Do not measure your waistline only. Many sellers offer a detailed size chart where your thigh measurements are required as well. Some brands even ask ladies about their bust depth and under-bust parameters as well.
  2. Take a closer look at the material of the shapewear. Pay attention to the inner and outer layers. For example, all the models suitable for nonstop use are made of spandex, cotton, and neoprene. Latex and polyester body shapers have a limited term of wearing not to cause skin reactions.
  3. Even the most skin-friendly waist cinchers and corsets should not be used for more than 6-8 hours nonstop. It is better to arrange training regularly but never to overtrain. Additionally, select models of fitness design for workouts and ones for everyday use made of cotton and spandex.
  4. Complement your waist training with a healthy diet, sufficient liquid intake, and an active lifestyle. Visit a gym twice or three times a week. You can do sports more often and exercise at home to burn more fat.
  5. The most efficient exercises for FUPA are a plank, leg raises, burpees, rollups, etc. You can try any training plan with an affordable number of reps for you. Do not forget to drink enough water and use a waist cincher for workouts.

To sum up, the core thing is to purchase the shapewear of the best-matching size. Then, use the compression-friendly garment according to the seller’s recommendations. For example, follow the time limits of waist training and do hand-washing if it is required.

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How To Select The Best Shapewear For FUPA?

waz tmb 1080 × 500 px 2

FUPA, or the “Fat Upper Pubic Area,” is a common concern for many people. Shapewear can be an effective way to smooth and shape this area, but it’s important to choose the right kind of shapewear for your needs. Here are some tips on how to select the best shapewear for FUPA:

  • Consider the level of compression: Shapewear comes in different levels of compression, from light to extra firm. For FUPA, you’ll likely want to choose something with medium to firm compression to provide the necessary support and shaping.
  • Look for high-waisted styles: High-waisted shapewear can help to smooth and shape the entire midsection, including the FUPA area. Look for styles that sit at or above the natural waistline for the best results.
  • Choose breathable materials: Shapewear can be uncomfortable if it doesn’t breathe well, so look for materials like cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics to help keep you cool and dry.
  • Consider the length: Depending on your body type and the type of clothing you’ll be wearing, you may want to choose shapewear that extends down to the mid-thigh or knee. This can help to smooth and shape the thighs and buttocks as well as the FUPA area.
  • Try different styles: Shapewear comes in a variety of styles, including briefs, shorts, and full-body suits. Try different styles to see which one works best for your needs and provides the most comfortable fit.


What is FUPA?

This is a fatty upper pubic area. Some fat deposits are presented on the low tummy and spoil the female figure. FUPA often appears in the postpartum recovery period, after the woman gave a birth to child.

It is necessary to keep a healthy diet and exercise a lot. Additionally, you can try waist training to speed up your fat-burning processes. The use of shapewear improves metabolism in the female organism and boosts her fat loss.

It depends on the constituency of your training. If you wear a cincher or corset every day, the first visible results will take place in several weeks. Awesome progress is expected if you keep a healthy diet and work out 2-3 times a week.

Every woman has her own perfect design. For nonstop use, cotton bodysuits are recommended. For gym-goers, it is better to purchase a neoprene or polyester fitness compression-friendly garment. For everyday use and fashionable looks, latex and cotton corsets of stylish design will come in handy.

Surgery is the best way to get rid of FUPA, but there are many other ways. The best way would undoubtedly be wearing a waist trainer. With the points and tips mentioned above, the waist trainer can help eliminate all fat on your upper pubic and give your body the desired hourglass shape.

Besides this, there are ways such as Coolsculpting to get rid of the fat on your upper pubic area, but they aren’t as reliable and effective as a waist trainer. A bonus is that the waist trainer helps to shape your waist, as the name suggests, along with your FUPA.

It doesn’t rid the body of fat in the upper pubic area. Instead, it sculpts and pushes it down in a way that looks like it is gone.

Besides this, the waist trainer’s presence does help control your diet, which affects your fat upper pubic area. While eating, wearing your waist trainer has a large number of benefits.

After having the meal you require, the waist trainer will suddenly feel more present around your waist measurement, causing you to refuse second helpings or dessert. This presence doesn’t hurt, but it feels more noticeable as your stomach becomes bloated after eating.

Final Word

A waist belt is not only about an hourglass figure and squeezed midsection. You can do away with FUPA and other fat deposits that annoy you as well. The more constituent your training is; the slimmer you will become soon. Note that the best-matching shapewear is required for good progress. Your body transformations start with your self-discipline (healthy eating, workouts, etc.) and your perfect compression garment.


Maidenform Open-Bust Waist Shaper


The Maidenform Open-Bust Waist Shaper is a fantastic product for anyone looking to get rid of their FUPA. The waist shaper is made of high-quality materials and fits perfectly around my waistline. I love that it has an open-bust design that allows me to wear my own bra. It helps me sweat out the excess fat around my midsection, and I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my FUPA since I started using it. The waist shaper is also very comfortable to wear, and I can wear it all day without any discomfort. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend the Maidenform Open-Bust Waist Shaper to anyone looking for an effective waist trainer for FUPA.


FeelinGirl Plus-Size Waist Corset


The FeelinGirl Plus-Size Waist Corset is an excellent product for anyone looking to get rid of their FUPA. The corset is made of high-quality materials and fits my waistline perfectly. I love that it has adjustable straps that allow me to adjust the tightness to my liking. It helps me sweat out the excess fat around my midsection, and I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my FUPA since I started using it. The waist corset is also very comfortable to wear, and I can wear it all day without any discomfort. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend the FeelinGirl Plus-Size Waist Corset to anyone looking for an effective waist trainer for FUPA.


Ann Chery Columbian Waist Cincher


The Ann Chery Columbian Waist Cincher is an excellent product for anyone looking to get rid of their FUPA.


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