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How small is a 22 inch waist and what does it look like on a person?

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A 22 inch waist is considered very small, and it’s almost 20% smaller than the average waist size for women. But how exactly does having a 22 inch waist affect a person’s appearance and health? In this post, we’ll explore what a 22 inch waist looks like and what it means for a person’s wellbeing.

What Does a 22 Inch Waist Look Like?

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When it comes to waist size, one measurement doesn’t fit all. Depending on a person’s height, body shape, and overall build, a 22 inch waist can look very different from person to person. However, there are some general characteristics that tend to be associated with a 22 inch waist. For instance, someone with a 22 inch waist may have a very narrow, hourglass-shaped figure, with a relatively small ribcage and hip measurement.

How Small Is a 22 Inch Waist?

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As mentioned earlier, a 22 inch waist is considered very small. In fact, it’s well below the average waist size for both men and women. Here’s a table that shows how a 22 inch waist compares to the average waist size for women in different countries:

Waist Size Comparison

CountryAverage Women’s Waist Size
United States38 inches
United Kingdom33 inches
Australia31 inches
Japan29 inches
Korea28 inches
China26 inches
Vietnam24 inches
India23 inches

As you can see, a 22 inch waist is much smaller than the average waist size for women in all of these countries.

Is Having a 22 Inch Waist Unhealthy?

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While a 22 inch waist may be considered very small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is unhealthy. A person’s waist size alone isn’t always a reliable indicator of overall health or fitness. Other factors such as body composition, exercise habits, and diet also play important roles.

How to Get a 22 Inch Waist Naturally

If you’re interested in achieving a 22 inch waist, there are some steps you can take to work towards that goal in a healthy way. Here are some natural ways to reduce waist size:

  • Increase physical activity: Regular exercise can help you burn calories and reduce body fat, including around the waistline.
  • Follow a healthy diet: Eating a balanced diet that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce belly fat.
  • Practice good posture: Standing up straight can help you appear taller and slimmer, which can make your waistline look smaller.
  • Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated can help you feel full and reduce your appetite, which may help you eat less overall.


In conclusion, a 22 inch waist is very small and well below the average waist size for women. However, having a small waist size alone isn’t always an indicator of good health. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a balanced diet, you can work towards a healthy waist size and overall wellbeing.

Last updated: 8/05/2023

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