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How to Whittle Your Waist – 3 Win-Win Steps You Need to Take for Your Ideal Waistline

The real nightmare for every woman is the muffin tops and fat accumulated on the hips, belly, and thighs. Every lady would like to see the ideal reflection in the mirror with the hourglass figure and extremely slim waistline. 

Moreover, the question of abdominal fat that spoils women’s life is not just a question of beauty and attractive looks. This is about increased risks for human health. Dr. Kroll in the Forbes article states that people with tummy fat depositions are risky to face heart diseases, blood clot formation, and diabetes. So, the beer belly is not only non-esthetical for most people but dangerous for your health. 

And how to whittle your waist fast and with no risk of backfired centimeters and fat depositions? 

Multifaceted Approach Is a Thing

Stop thinking that there is a magic pill with no effort required! No, even the liposuction done in the best clinics can bring only temporary results if you are not willing to change your lifestyle and habits. The best way to whittle your waist is to practice the multifaceted approach with healthy food, workouts, and good habits at once.

Tip 1: Revise Your Day

Your metabolism levels depend on your hormones. To improve your endocrine profile and boost natural fat-burning processes you need to fix your rest time (at least 8-9 hours of sleep at night), add more physical activities (the gym, morning exercises, yoga, pilates, etc.), and keep a healthy diet.

Add to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner more fiber and vitamin-rich products and exclude simple carbohydrates from your menu. Keep the balance between your sedentary work and physical loads. Do not forget about sufficient hydration. User reminders to drink water regularly.

Tip 2: Workouts Are a Must

The most working exercises you can do at home are:

  • Twisting Rollbacks;
  • Twisting Knee Lifts;
  • Side Crunches.

Complement all the exercises with the waist trainer that provides a sauna effect and fat-burning properties through increased sweating levels. The high-level compression will help you to burn fat deposits on the waistline and tummy faster.

The most well-known brands of different fitness bands, best cinchers, and corsets for workouts are Yianna, Neoprene, TrainingGirl, and Shaperx. Together with the best-matching waist trainer, you can buy other gear like:

  • Hoola hoop;
  • Training mat;
  • Fitball (fitness ball).

This is must-have equipment set for your home-based training and the gym or yoga class visiting.

Tip 3: Buy High-Grade Shapewear 

One more good idea is to wrap your waist and torso around with a good corset or other shapewear. The body-shaping garment will compress your waistline, make your figure slimmer, and heat the belly, hips, and thighs while boosting the skin blood flow and burning fat nonstop.

Note that the best shapewear models are made of natural and hypo allergic materials. This way you can replace your underwear with the corset and struggle against your muffin tops and abdominal fat the whole day.

And one more thing, toss in the garbage all the pants and jeans that set you up to tight and cause muffin tops. It’s high time to invest some money into your ideal outfit perfectly fitted.

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