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How Can a Waist Trainer Kill You?

A waist trainer can help you achieve the hourglass body you strive for. But have you thought about the health adversaries attached to it? You’d see celebrities endorsing waist trainers, and we fell for it. However, before you opt for the product, it will be good to know some of the aspects of these products.

What is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is nothing but a modern replica of the corset that people used to wear some centuries ago. Women wore corsets beneath their dress, giving their waistlines a slimmer look. 

Today, top waist trainers have become a popular product to achieve an instant hourglass body. The product is made of thick and strong fabric, and it’s worn around your stomach fastened by a sticky fastener or a hook and eye closure. The whole notion of wearing a waist trainer is to gradually mold your waist and hip in due course of time. 

Waist trainer makers have claimed that it helps to slim your waist and also helps to reduce weight. Today, you will see ample waist trainers available in the market, from low prices to expensive ones. However, you should note that it gives the same result. More details with an answer to what is a waist trainer fully covered in another blog post.

What are the ill-effects of a waist trainer?

Waist trainers have become massively popular among women over the years. One of the reasons that contribute to the popularity of this product is the influence of celebrities. They’re actively promoting the product, and many people undeniably get influenced by them.

However, you should note that a waist trainer isn’t a long-term solution to make your waist smaller, and it’s temporary and can bear health issues if you aren’t careful about it. In addition, the medical community also doesn’t approve of the usage of waist trainers.

Here are some of the health risks that can cause by a waist trainer:

  • Damage to vital organs

Waist trainers are wrapped around your waist, more like squeezed into it if you don’t know. And you should know that a torso shelters your lungs, liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. 

So, when wearing a waist trainer, all these organs have to switch to a new position unnaturally. It might get crowded, and the organs will not perform well. If you’re looking at the short-term, it will make you uncomfortable. But looking at the long-term prospect, it can affect your body shape, damage the organs, and more.

  • Effect your digestive system

Waist trainers also hinder the proper function of the digestive system. The digestive system in our body has a complex network. Tight compression from a waist trainer can affect the digestion process and give acid reflux and other harmful effects.

  • Difficult breathing

Waist trainers can also cause discomfort in breathing. Putting a corset in your torso puts pressure on your stomach and stirs problems in the internal network. In addition, this disrupts the oxygen level in your body. Also, if you wear it during a workout, it can be dangerous.

  • Irritation in your skin

Waist trainers also cause skin irritations, and it’s one of the most common ill-effects of this product. When a corset is tightly wrapped around your skin for a long time, it can irritate the skin leading to discomfort. Additionally, if it’s not taken care of properly, it might also cause infection.


Waist trainers are suitable for temporary use. There are multiple health risks attached if you aren’t careful. We always look for an instant result, but it’s essential to have patience, especially when it comes to health. You can have a balanced diet and proper exercise to have a toned body. Additionally, it has better health prospects in the long run. 

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