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Should I Wear Shapewear?

Should I wear Shapewear

Over the years, different body enhancement accessories have been introduced to the market, but only a few of them have stood the test of time of shapewear. With a vast majority of the human population, particularly in the West, facing a weight problem, the desire to maintain a perfect shape has never been greater than it is today. Everywhere you look, there are women who seem like they have the perfect shape, all thanks to shapewear. Celebs wear them; the internet is awash with images of shapewear, with advertisers claiming that it will help them get the perfect shape. If you have noticed these trends, you might be asking yourself, “should I wear shapewear”?

In this post, we will answer this question and educate you on the side effects to look out for.

Is it safe to wear shapewear?

The first thing to note is that shapewear is safe. Though they have side effects to be mindful of, however, the modern versions are not as damaging as old-school corsets. The modern-day shapewear is made of flexible, stretchy fabric with breathable holes that let in airflow. When you wear it, your midsection is compressed to make you fitter and slimmer, but once you take it off, your body returns to its previous state.

So, overall, shapewear is safe, but it is the wrongful use that exposes users to risks. Wearing shapewear that is too tight or daily use may cause physical problems. Wearing shapewear should be a thing of choice, but if you must, here are some health risks you should be mindful of.

Is it safe to wear shapewear?

Skin irritation

One of the major issues with wearing tight shapewear is skin irritation. The skin is a sensitive organ with tiny holes that secrete sweat. If the fabric hugs the skin tightly, you will likely sweat, and this will cause you irritation. Furthermore, tight fabrics trap moisture and may even lead to skin infections. So if you notice that your shapewear causes skin irritation, it may be that it is too tight,  your skin is reacting to the fabric, or your body is not cut out for shapewear.

Genital issues

Shapewear cover all part of the midsection, including the genitalia. When in place, the fabric traps moisture in the vulva area, which may trigger a yeast infection. The longer this continues, the more the infections will spread to other parts of the skin. UTIs are another common genital issue associated with shapewear. To avoid infection outbreaks, we advise you to buy shapewear with cotton-laced crotch panels. Cotton pads will allow airflow.

Digestion difficulties

Many people who wear shapewear report digestion issues and frequent stomach upsets. This is because of how fabric compresses the internal organs and may affect the performance of the digestive tract. A slow down of digestion may lead to digestion accumulation, and bloating may be a direct consequence. Another common digestion issue is acid reflux. This condition is caused by the inability or difficulty of the body to empty itself, so acids at forced into the esophagus.

This may cause heartburn and episodes of indigestion. If this is a condition you experience, we recommend avoiding shapewear until at least an hour or two after eating. Wearing a belly shaper can also aid gas release.

Blood circulation problems

For your system to function perfectly, blood has to circulate effectively through the blood vessels. Poorly designed or tight-fitting shapewear that is too tight will prevent blood from circulating properly. Blood circulation difficulties can lead to blood circulation and other serious complications like heart disease and diabetes. But how do you know that your blood is not circulating as well as it should? You will notice the following;

  • Changes in your complexion
  • Tingling and numbness in your feet and hands
  • Leg pains
  • Mental fog
  • Dizziness

If you notice any of these symptoms, take off the shapewear immediately.

Why you should wear shapewear?

Why you should wear shapewear?

Despite the side effects of shapewear that can be avoided, here are some of the reasons why you should use shapewear.

Curve smoother

Shapewear can smoothen your curves and make your clothes fit you properly. The accessory will compress the lumps and bumps and will make you super sexy.

Cover your panty line

Do you find it hard to hide your panty line under your tight skirts and trousers? Knowing that everyone around you can see the shape of your pants under your attire can be very embarrassing. If you have tried different tricks that don’t work, shapewear will do the magic.

Expand your fashion options

Shapewear expands your fashion options which is great! Clothes you could not wear previously because your frame was too bulky for them will fit you well now because of shapewear. From wedding dresses to evening gowns, shapewear allows you to stock your wardrobe with different clothes and designs. Even if you are shopping at a clothing store, trying out clothes on shapewear will give you a clear idea of whether it fits you or not.

Great for all shapes and sizes

Your body shape doesn’t matter because it is flexible. Do you have an apple or rectangle-shaped body? Are you fat or slim, tall or short? It doesn’t matter because shapewear is flexible. This accessory is designed to conform to your body shape and not the other way round. Your clothes will hang on your body well enough and will not sag.

Great for pregnant women

This undergarment is also great for pregnant women. That you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should not look your best when you attend public events. There is specialized shapewear for pregnant women that will fit perfectly without putting mother and child at risk.

Boost confidence

Last but not least, wearing shapewear will boost your confidence since most, if not all, the clothes you wear will fit you well. Your posture will improve, and you will feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. This psychological boost is one of the major benefits of wearing shapewear.

What Shapewear cannot do for you

What Shapewear cannot do for you

To conclude this post, let us identify some of the things shapewear cannot do for you.

It will not help you lose weight

Contrary to public opinion and the sentiment shared by marketers, shapers will not help you lose weight. Rather it will give you the appearance of weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you will have to engage in healthy dieting and fitness programs.

Enhance your natural foods figure

Shapewear will only project what you have, not what you think you have. The celebs you see on social media and red carpet events who look inch perfect did not get those figures by chance. Many of them do intense workouts and have gone under the knife to look the way they look. Wearing shapewear under their clothes further improves their physical features. If you want to look as dazzling as the women you see on TV, you will have to put on the work for permanent results. Wearing shapewear will only give you temporary solutions.

The decision to wear shapewear is up to you but make sure you are wearing it for the right reasons. Shapewear will make your clothes fit better, and your posture will improve. Your confidence levels will also improve as you switch from one style to another without any inhibitions. However, wearing shapewear in moderation is key if you want to protect yourself from harmful side effects.

Should I wear shapewear FAQ

Is it safe to wear shapewear?

Yes, it is. Wearing shapewear is safe. It is a useful accessory to improve posture; however, do not wear it for so long.

How long should I wear shapewear?

Experts advise against wearing shapewear for more than 8 hours.

Should I wear shapewear every day?

Wearing shapewear every day is not advisable. Consider wearing it for only special occasions. If you must wear it daily, only do so for a few hours.

What will happen if my shapewear is too tight?

If it is too tight, you may experience some side effects like skin irritation like rashes and itching, breathing difficulty, digestion issues, and the risks of infections like UTIs and yeast.

Can I wear underwear under shapewear?

No, you should not. An underwear will prevent airflow, and that will lead to excess heat in your genital area, which may trigger infections and irritations. Consider buying shapewear with extra internal cotton layers.

Last updated: 13/03/2022

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