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Order of Dressing When Using Corsets

The corset is undeniably one of the most interesting clothing accessories which have been designed. It is attractive as well as practical and crosses the line between fashion and necessity. These days, maintaining and altering body shape primarily depends on proper diet, good genes, and workouts. However, the corset continues to be in use despite the change in times. Corsets make sexy and creative style statements and these are used as lingerie as well as fashionable outfits for wearing to evening parties. These can help enhance your natural curves and assets and can be designed in many varied fabrics, colors, and styles with different ornamentations. While using corsets, it is recommended that you stick to the following order of dressing.

Prepare your body

Firstly, you should prepare your body. Go and finish all your tasks in the bathroom before being corseted. While wearing a corset, it can be difficult to defecate. Moisturize yourself well and wash well, wiping your body completely to ensure proper comfort.

Prepare the corset

Unfasten your corset busk and make the laces lose enough to put easily around your body. Most women report that they find it tricky to do the busk up. The best tip in this regard is to begin from the 2nd or the 3rd prong and move downwards and come back then to do the top. This will keep the top from serving as a hinge and swinging its remaining part wide open and out of the reach. If you do it in this way, it can also come unwrapped after some time.

Dress Up

Although there is no general consensus on how to get dressed when using corsets, you can try the following order in order to get dressed in a proper manner:

Begin with your undergarments first. Put on your “frillies” and it is also recommended that you use a liner while wearing corsets. Then move to the tending of your tend nails. Make use of nail polish or slip-on attachable nail tips well ahead as you will find yourself unable to do this when tightly laced.

Concentrate on the hosiery next. You should be highly flexible while trying to put on your socks, stockings, and stay-ups. If you would like to wear anklets, this is the perfect time to do so. Next, wear your jeans/pants/skirt. You can easily pull these up when not yet corseted. You can leave the dresses until the time that you lace up as you can generally pull these on over your head.

It is also recommended that you wear your shoes at this time, as bending of the waist can be too tough once you cinch your corset. But if you would be wearing very high heels, you can leave it until the end of being dressed. Buy a long-handled shoehorn, preferably 12 – 18 inches, to help yourself wear your shoes comfortably while sitting and being fully corseted.

Move on to enhancers/forms and bra next. If you would want to leave it to a later time or after you have put on your corset, make sure that you have these available readily at a convenient height so that you will not have to bend over.

You should virtually think of any pre-corseting requirements and satisfy them before putting your corset on. Try to think of anything that needs you to bend over. Doing this will help you to be prepared and not leave anything until later, such as applying a bronzer or a fake tan to your legs, moisturizing your legs or shaving your legs.

Some women like to do the makeup prior to lacing up while some like to do this afterward. It is better to do the makeup beforehand so that you do not experience any discomfort in sitting and touching yourself up. However, if you have sufficiently broken in your corset and have it changed to a soft, pliable shape accommodative to your body, you can sit comfortably while corseted and apply the makeup. If doing the makeup corseted, take a lot of care to avoid spillage and ensure that your corset does not get soiled – especially if it is in a fabric of a lighter color. You can simply drape a towel or a makeup cape over your front to allow yourself to make yourself up while also safeguarding the appearance of your corset.

It is best to wear your jewelry after getting corseted. This is because many jewelry pieces consist of sharp edges – particularly rhinestones and crystals. While lacing your corset up, these can easily mark or scratch the external panels.

Wearing wigs or touching up your hair should also be reserved for the last parts of dressing up. When applying makeup, you would want your hair to be out of the way. Your hairpiece can also retain the heat and result in sweating unless you take enough measures to stay cool.

Lace yourself up

It is extremely essential for you to go slow with lacing up. If you feel the corset has become tighter, you need to stop even in case you feel that you can go for a smaller size. This is usually necessary to do in order to break the corset in. If this is the first time you are using a corset, you will also require training your body and making it adjust to the outfit. You are doing it wrong if it hurts. For the first time, it is not unnatural to feel uncomfortable after the first half an hour of putting the corset on. You have to let your body get adjusted to it. Remove it and take a break before putting it on once more.

Wear the corset and find out how it fits you. Slide the outfit over the upper part of your body and have your spouse or someone else lace it up. This can be the best way for you to fit it most securely. While you are corseted, you should have it fit you snugly – giving you enough comfort.

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