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Love Handles And Their Treatment Using Shapewears & Waist Trainers

Love handles are at the top of the problems for both men and women when it comes to areas of midsection. The areas which increase fat accumulation throughout the hips and in the sides of the abdomen are generally known as love handles, which might be more conspicuous when someone is wearing specific types of tight jeans or any other pants. If someone wants to lose weight and to maintain his/her figure properly then love handles are the main point to be targeted. Not only women but also men dislike the side stub of extruding flesh which is known as love handles. 

This love handles seems very bad and it also describes your lifestyle and puts a question mark about your nutrition types. If you want to describe the term simply, then it is the annoying bit of someone’s body that dangles above hips and in the lower portion of the waist. The areas at the backside of the waist which are over the buttocks are also considered as love handles. These areas are the most emblematic area of someone’s body which requires proper diet and regular exercise to remain fit. 

Because of these love handles; it’s become very difficult to remain fit and healthy and it also affects your appearance as well as your dressing styles. Besides this, men are also affected very badly by this as even a tailored suit might appear ugly because of puffed flesh in the inaccurate places. Here, you would find a complete guide on how to use a waist trainer for love handles.

What are love handles? 

The most annoying part of the body which puffed above the hips and in the below parts of the waist is usually known as Love Handles. This is an irritating part of the body that affects our appearance. In some cases, people also struggle with these love handles even with a proper diet and as everyone knows only through regular exercise it’s very difficult to remove these groups of muscles. So you cannot remove these love handles instantly and it will take some time so one has to keep his/her patience. Aside from diet and lack of fitness, a common reason for love handles is the lack of proper sleeping time. So it created excessive fat around the hip area and increases the love handle.

Causes of love handles

As discussed above, love handles are due to the fat which dangles around the heap area. When someone consumes a large number of calories and do not burn these calories as required, it resulted in fat and a group of fleshes assembles around the hip and lower part of the waist area and the reason behind this is hips are the foremost area to be filled by fats whereas belly is the last point of body where fat gets deposited. The survey stated that usually women who face these love handle problems more in comparison to men due to the lack of leptin resistance and consumption of the incorrect type of food. 

Normally, leptin is a type of hormone that makes the brain aware a person when he/she should control his food consumption and when there are enough calories in your body. There are different types of factors due to which love handle shows up. Love handles are usually tenacious and very difficult to eliminate or shrink. The most common reason for these love handles is the lack of a proper diet, quality sleep, and well-organized exercise. Besides this some other reasons are:

  1. Age
  2. Lack of quality sleep
  3. Imbalance in hormones
  4. Lack in medications
  5. Excess calorie and sugar consumption
  6. Slow metabolism due to some medical condition
  7. Less physical exercise

Even the fat can be deposited anywhere in the body, but it mostly appeared in the lower waist area and around the hips causing love handles. Including your appearance, it also causes some additional defects to the body by increasing the risk of diabetes, illness, and heart diseases.

How to reduce love handles? 

To eliminate this love handles, there are two ways available:

  1. Surgical way
  2. Non-surgical way

Surgically, love handles are removed by Liposuction with the body or can also be removed by a system called Vaser liposuction systems. And in a non-surgical way, the love handles are being removed by injections that are made to dissolve fats named Kybella and Cryolipolysis.

Besides this, there is also another way available which is less painful and traumatic and it is not complicated compared to the above two mentioned methods. It is capable of instantly reducing love handles and it is named the shapewear path. Usually, shapewear is known as a type of underwear which someone can wear beneath his/her clothes to alternate the direction of the fats which is causing love handles and by this slowly it makes you look slim. Most of the time people use sharp ears with waist trainers for a better result. Aside from these reasons shapewear has also the added benefit of reducing excessive fats in your body along with correcting your love handles.

Shapewear rules for instantly get rid of love handles

Normally, love handles are a thick layer of flesh and fat over the waist area. If you want to hide them there is only one way, that is by using shapewear immediately. By using this love handles are compressed because shapewear wrapped them tightly. To make these transformations long-termed and permanent make sure to burn your calories on daily basis more than you consume throughout the day. According to reports of a particular survey on abdominal and flak fat, shows that exercises for only the abdomen might not be enough to get the perfect result on love handles. So along with the abdominal exercises, you will also have to do full-body stretch exercises and focus on building muscles in the core area as well as strengthing exercises on daily basis. You will also have to avoid the inactive lifestyle to see the perfect outcome of your hard work. These exercises must be combined with both ab exercises and other exercises which include toning the back, leg, and hip. With the help of this the weight loss around the abdomen and love handles is maximized and you can see the results within a few days. 

One should need some additional strength shapewear to get an immediate result. If you want to have something which you want to hide your lower hips as well as the bottom hips and that then you should go for Full Body Shapewear. If someone is wearing Knicker Leg Shapewear then his/her VPL (Visible Pant Line) will be completely visible regardless of how well cut the shapewear is or how nicely they have been made. If you do not want the full-body type shapewear then you must go for the High Waisted Shapewear. This type of shapewear is made to the firm and deduce your love handles. Let us talk honest, the fat and flesh have somewhere to go, so if it slides to the upper part, you will get flesh over the top of low waist shapewear.

What to look for in shapewear that can control love handles? 

Control waist trainers

Control clinchers or trainers are one of the most effective methods to reduce love handles and fat in the belly. They are designed in such a way that it should tighten your waist, gives you more support and comfort, and smooth out your figure equitably. These are made in a way to balance out the distribution to make it less judged and noticeable and also prevent extra flesh and fat from being pushed up. Ideal shapewear is made in such a special way to make you feel very comfortable, which can you use properly throughout the day while working in the office, college, etc.

Control camis or pants

Control camis are one type of knickers, and one of the most popular shapewear available in the market which helps you out to handle your love handles easily. These are made up off in a specific way to comfort your hips, bum, and stomach, etc without changing the appearance of your upper waist and legs. Control pants are also used to help in deducing tummy fat as well as very efficient at smoothing your body and hip areas where fleshes are bangled. They are designed especially for the purpose to make you look slimmer and narrower along with giving comfort to your waist. Camis are very popular among women because it’s very comfortable for them to wear rather than the other shapewear available in the market. Camis usually reduces the fat and flesh around your hip and stomach areas because it covers the upper areas of the waist.

Body shapers or Bodysuits

These are almost the same as the control camis but its extra advantage is that it targeted all areas of your upper torso, including hip areas, tummy fat, and both side of the waist along with breasts. These are more effective for back fat and abdominal fat. Body shapewear abet in manipulating excess fat in the lower back areas by distributing it on both sides as well as in sideways. This shapewear helps you to stretch your fat around hip areas and due to these your love handles remain unnoticeable.

Shapewear can also be worn with several outfits, along with formals and casuals and even in gowns that’s why it is very popular among customers. It is available on market in a variety of styles which can be lighter in control. Experts said that if you are going out in a fancy outfit, then you should wear a firmer body shaper because it helps to distribute flesh and fat better than other shapewear and it applies opposite for casual dressing style.

How to select the best shapewear for love handles?

(a) Size

By choosing the correct type of shapewear, you can improve the appearance of your full figure, especially in tight-fitting clothes. Normally, these shapewear products give their size chart on their official website or by the supplier or manufacturer or else by writing over the packaging. You can select your perfect size of shapewear according to your waist size, length, and shape of the body. You have to also make sure that you are picking the correct size for your shapewear according to your country’s sizing metrics otherwise you will get the incorrect size of shapewear because some of international shapewear products have different types of variations and different types of numerals.

(b) Comfort

If you wanted to wear shapewear daily, then it is most important to select comfortable shapewear for yourself. Shapewear which is made up of flexible materials will help you feel comfortable and does not irritate the whole day, specifically on hot weather days. Some shapewear is even capable of absorbing moisture if you sweat a lot in the summer seasons. According to maximum users iff your upper part of the body is more comprehensive, you should buy an open bust design shapewear, which gives more comfort and flexibility throughout the day.

(c) Material type

Which type of material you will select, depends upon your previous experience of clothing style. Most of the women love shapewear of firmer fabric material where some others prefer softer fabric shapewear for more comfort. In this case, if you want to deduce the appearance of your excessive body flesh and fat in your waist areas, then elastance and spandex material type shapewear are at the top of the list. These materials ensure that the shapewear hugs your body properly without stretching over time and it also gives better control over the body without taking away the comfort

(d) Amount of Constriction

Usually, the amount of constriction more often depends on the size of the body. Although, there are some other qualities to which you must pay attention to receive the best outcome while trying to reduce the visibility of your love handles and fat. If you are wearing control pants or tight shapewear, ensure that you wear it above your waist area and your belly button should be covered by it completely. By this it allows excess flesh and fat to be distributed properly all over through the area instead of pushing it into one direction. Slowly, you can notice that it improves your appearance by narrowing and slimming while preventing through roll down. Although, if you are comfortable with a cami or a bodysuit it is the best for your appearance as these cover your entire upper torso and make you look better.

(e) Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are one of the most significant features which can be used as a full-body shapewear garment or underwear, as like a control cami or bodysuit. By its most amazing feature these an helps you in redesign fit, as a result, it looks better on you. By using adjustable straps your appearance is improved as it improves your look by keeping your upper back portion from being overall squeezed and bangled along with the perfect amount of support and the exact amount of control over the tummy. Even some of the best-shaped men and women have fats and flesh bangled around their midsection area so it is not a big issue. If you want to reduce it by using shapewear, then you have to keep patience as it takes some time, dedication, and hard work for a better result but surely it works perfectly for both men and women.

When it comes to reducing love handles another effective way is by using waist trainers, So, let’s discuss how does waist training gets rid of love handles.

How waist training works? 

Waist training is usually known as wearing a high compressive waist slimming underwear or shapewear on regular basis to solve love handle problems. Its main aim is to reduce your waist size properly when you are wearing it and gives a better result when you apply it in your daily life routine by making you alim and good looking. 

There are some longer styles of waist trainers available which are made to reduce love handles by compressing the lower midsection and hip areas of the body. By using waist trainers, you can expect immediate results. Generally, people used waist trainers which are 1 to 3 inches off their waist measurements. That’s why it’s a type of undergarment which can be very comfortable to wear under clothes. 

Some people also use workout waist trainers to boost up their workout. While doing it, the high compression in it produces heat and transpiration in the core, as a result, one can feel it working. Waist trainers are very efficient at reducing love handles as they choose the complete midsection instead of the only front section. By using waist trainers one can experience instant slimming along with some amount of heat and transpiration in the particular areas where the waist trainer is targeted. For instant results professionals recommended wearing a high compressive garment 8 to 12 hours per day regularly.

How to get started? 

If you are thinking will waist training help with love handles, then the answer is definitely yes. By applying waist training one can feel like changing his/her lifestyle and it also takes some amount of time to get used to it. If you are wearing a waist trainer for the first time it might be very uncomfortable but slowly it becomes relaxing and help in reducing love handles. 

Some experts recommend the size Me Down Adjustable Waist Trainer by Hourglass Angel HA113 for beginners. After wearing it for a short period you get used to it so you can adjust it later easily. For getting a better outcome you should make sure that the waist trainer fits properly. In the beginning, you should start with wearing the waist trainer only for one or two hours a day on daily basis. After some days, you should try to add on some extra hours on each consecutive day to get better results. As discussed earlier it must take some time to feel comfortable, but slowly you start feeling it as it decreases and compresses your love handles and the over the areas you are wearing it. 

One can also wear the waist trainer in a day by dividing it into smaller sessions, in the beginning, to get adjusted with it. After some days of consecutively wearing it, you started to feel comfortable and able to wear it around 10 to 12 hours per day. Some professionals recommended exercising properly with the help of a workout band, which you can exchange with the waist trainer which we wearing under your clothes.

A three-step plan to get rid of love handles immediately by using waist training

Start slowly

The most essential key to waist training is not to go very hard and fast. It is meant to be effective and consistent. So first choose a perfect waist trainer for yourself of the right size and length and started wearing it for around two hours per day. At first, it will feel uncomfortable, but gradually you get used to it. After a week you will be able to wear it for a longer period.

Remain persistent

Once you get comfortable with the waist trainer, increase the period of wearing it. Keep increasing the duration of wearing constantly. Around, this time you should maintain a proper diet to deduce the amount of fat present in your body.

Avoid anything that results in stubborn fat

Once you are getting used to waist training properly, then you should have to maintain your nutrition and avoid the main causes of stubborn fat which are bad diet and excess stress. Because stress is directly connected to the hormones, which instructs your mind to hold on to the fat of your body. Whereas a bad diet increases the sugar level and might slow down the metabolism of the body.

How long to wear a waist trainer? 

When someone has a very determined target in his/her mind, like reducing love handles faster, he/she might be very anxious to see the outcome. But, one should have to keep his patience while using waist trainers as it takes some time to give the results you wanted. When the result comes, and the effectiveness of the result depends upon the variety of causes, such as how dedicated you are to your all-inclusive health including your regular exercise and the amount of time you are wearing it. If someone changes his/her lifestyle by following these waist trainers’ proper routine he/she should get instant and satisfying results. Sometimes, you may notice no changes or slight changes. You have made some mistakes and adjusted very less like wearing waist trainers for only a very short period. 

In some cases, maximum women might be getting some results with the help of waist training only within a few weeks, if only they have persistent with the regular practice and dedication to a better healthy lifestyle habit. If you want to see your results properly you should have to constantly keep tracking the results on regular basis. The best way to keep tracking is to take photos and measurements weekly and compare them later with your previous records. 

The internet is full of the people who posted their reviews on love handles before and after the waist training, you can see it and get motivated to work out regularly.

Fitness tips to complement waist training

Usually, by wearing a waist trainer you can see the results instantly, as it will reduce your waistline within some days. So if you are waist training properly while doing exercises regularly and maintaining your diet and nutrition which burns excessive fat you will get better results and it helps you to build muscles also. You should follow a proper fitness schedule which contains a variety of training, flexibility exercises and proper diet with eminent nutrition. Flexible exercises and different types of training will help you to burn your fat and to build muscle along with preventing you from getting injured and creating a perfect balance in your body. Nutrition also performs a vital role in the outcome of waist training. 

While wearing your waist trainer the compression will force you to take smaller meals like taking 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day in place of taking 3 or 4 large meals which might be beneficial for your digestive system and also prevent you from overeating. Besides this, it helps in consuming less amounts of calories than your body needed because of your better control over your diet and nutrition with keeping your appetite satisfied. 

One should try to eat whole foods while avoiding the foods excessively full with sugar with drinks included. You should also have to interact with a nutritionist to get a better benefit from a particular type of diet. Generally, maximum people do not need any particular nutrition and get benefited from a balanced of lean proteins and carbohydrates and the most important thing is to stay hydrated. You might be sweating more than usual because of wearing the best waist trainer, so you will have to refill the lost fluids of your body. Because hydration has a lot of benefits like healthier skin, perfect hair, boosting your strength, keeping up your energy and minimizing your appetite, etc. If you exercise a lot throughout the day then you should have to consume at least half an ounce of water per pound of your body weight.

Exercises to get rid of love handles

Do you truly desire to reduce your love handles completely?  Then you have to eradicate the excess fat of your body have to build up muscle in the core area. You might not every time pick out where you burn fat, so if you have on a proper diet and nutrition plan, you will be able to deduce your love handles including your other pick out areas throughout your body. Then, by doing some particular exercises you can build up your muscles in the core areas. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and some strength exercises are a great combination, which you should apply to deduce your love handles completely. HIIT exercises consist of small sessions of explosive exercises like jumping rope, sprinting, etc. Let us take an example you can be sprinting for two seconds and then resting for seconds and again repeat it for, times for a 3-minute set. After that, you can do strength training like crunches between the above-discussed sets for better results. By doing this one can burn a lot of calories of his/her body and notice some effective progress on building muscle around the core just in a few days. There are a lot of HIIT exercises to burn fat, some of those are,

  • Sprinting
  • Climbing the mountain
  • Jumping squats
  • Burpees
  • Box jumps
  • Push-ups

You can choose any exercise according to your will but make sure that you will do it fastly ass you need to breathe as fast as you can to burn your calories.

Let us also take a look at some of the best strength training exercises which you can do between sets,

  • Forward planks
  • Side planks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Russian twists
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Hip lifts
  • Bridges
  • Deadlifts

Do any of these exercises which is suitable for you but do not use a dumbbell while doing this. Only use dumbbells according to your trainer depending on your experience and strength.

Best waist Trainers For Eliminating Love Handles

If you are completely ready for the best waist training and a perfectly healthy lifestyle plan, some advanced garments/underwears are discussed below to get started.

Hourglass Angel HA108 (By zipped-up and snatched workout waist trainer)

 You have to slip on this workout waist trainer in some seconds and can get the amount of compression you want. You will immediately shrink your waistline up to 3 to 4 inches, along with an increase in thermal activity in core areas, and can also optimize your workout.

By Hourglass Angel HA103 (Latex waist trainer vest)

This high compressive latex waist trainer vest is designed in a way where thin shoulder straps are added for extra support and coverage. It provides immediate slimming of the full midsection and helps you to stand taller and straighter.

By Hourglass Angel HA202 (Underbust cotton corset)

This underbust cotton corset is made up of cotton, that’s why it feels soft and remains very comfortable, and you should wear it as long as you want. This undergarment uses very flexible steel boning for effective compression and it slims your waistline along with creating muscles in core areas and also helps in making an hourglass shape from under the bust down to the hip.

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