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How to whittle your waist?

Ugh! The dreaded muffin top! It leaves several of us wearing sack-like clothing, tugging down our shirts, and covering up at the beach. Women particularly vulnerable to the frustrating bulge are usually in their late 30s, but it can strike at any age. However, for a wonderfully whittled waist, the good news is that the muffin top can be made over!

As recently demonstrated by all the Kardashians, the waist training trend seems to be all that’s everyone’s talking about in Hollywood. So, what’s waist training? Waist training is the act of wearing a corset-like material around your middle to shrink it.

“My waist used to be 28 inches.” We often hear women over their 30’s complain about this, and we can sympathize. Targeting the obliques is the fastest way to get the upper hand on your waist. The oblique is the ab muscles that appear larger and wrap around your torso while pulling the waistline, exactly how a corset does. In about 6 weeks, your middle can look slimmer by doing 3 sets of each move on 3 nonconsecutive days in a week.

Courtesy of our workout specialists, try out these moves, and you’ll be feeling toned and trim in no time. Your ribs might even thank you later!

Exercises to whittle your waist

Raise your metabolism by burning up more calories than tissues that are fatty. This will help you build core muscles and help you get rid of that muffin top. You’ll burn more fat by toning your muscles in the abdomen, chest, and back. Here are the exercises you need to whittle down the middle.

Jumping rope:

Never underestimate the power of jumping rope because this exercise is so much more than just child play. Apart from raising your metabolic rate considerably, a jumping role also forces your core to tighten up simultaneously. Basically, your waist is going to be hit with the double whammy!


When it comes to trimming the waist, burpees are super effective no matter how much people hate on them. When you’re doing burpees, do them so in a standing position. Then, drop into a squat position and kick your feet back with your hands on the ground. Keep your arms extended all the while. Jump up into a standing position after returning your feet to the squat position.

Bicycle crunches

While targeting your abs, bicycle crunchies provide you with cardio benefits. You can focus on diminishing your entire abdominal wall with the upper body and lower body action. You can even try alternating with a torso twist and a knee raise.

Side planks

Engage your lateral muscles of the core and gain an hourglass shape. The lateral muscles of the core include the external and internal obliques. You can streamline and strengthen your obliques through side planks, but they won’t create a heavy muscle look.

Hip thrust

The hip thrust is more or less included in all waist shaping routines targeted towards women. The hip thrust targets the muscles and glutes of your lower back through the glute bridge movements. To make your waist appear smaller and improve your curves, start doing it regularly.

Vertical hip lifting

You can activate your transverse abdominal muscles through these moves. By lying flat on your back, create an L shape. You can do so by leg elevation till your feet are directly above the hip. Lift your hip off the floor from this position by pushing them outwards in the direction of the ceiling. Remember that this exercise calls for your legs to remain straight.

Swiss ball rollout

It would help if you had a swiss ball because this move is basically a reworking of the plank. It would be best if you placed your hands on the ball as you hold the position of the plank and lightly roll the ball around and forward. Roll back to your starting position after you hold the position for 3 seconds. The back-and-forth see-saw works out your lower back muscles, obliques, and abs.

Side passe dip

Support your body with your left arm and position yourself in a side plank. Hold your left foot to your right knee, bend your left leg and anchor your right foot on the floor (in passe!). While you maintain that position, try dipping your left hip and tapping the floor. Once done, raise back up again.

Twisting sit up

Extend your arms straight ahead of you while you lay on your back. Lift your right knee as you come completely up to sit on your body. Next, you should lift your right knee towards your chest as you twist yourself toward the left. Bring your body into a seated position. Repeat on the left as you lower back down.

Double-tap outs

Start on your floor in a plank position. Tap your left toe towards the side and make a 45 degree angle. Make sure you keep your left hip parallel towards the floor. Tap your left toe and bend your knee as close as possible to your left shoulder. Repeat on the right after you return to plank.

Jackknife but with a twist

With your shin placed on the swiss ball, start with a plank position being stabilized. As you lift your hip towards the direction of the ceiling, use your shins to press the ball down and bend your knee towards the chest. As you finish bringing your knees towards you, aim your knee towards your right shoulder. Remember that you should feel your obliques kick in when you twist your midsection. Repeat on the left after you return to plank. You can count that as one rep!

Supine swiss twist

Place a swiss ball between your legs and start lying on your back. Lower your legs towards the floor while keeping your legs straight and your hands in a T position. Lift the legs back to the starting position. After you lift the legs, rotate the ball back to the center after rotating it to the left. Repeat on the right.

Side crunch

Prop yourself up to your right elbow after lying on your right side. Try keeping your elbow directly beneath the shoulder. Bring your feet off the floor, roll back onto the right glute. Make sure you’ve placed your left hand behind your head and are bending your knees.

Pull your left elbow and knees towards each other as you contract your right side. Ensure that there is bending of the waist. Release and repeat after holding that position for a second. Switch sides and repeat after doing 12 reps of these.  


A 28-inch waist may not just be a pipedream anymore because these exercises for whittling down the middle will likely be on your to-do list.

Getting a slim waist revolves around the exercises you do. Slow and long cardio sessions won’t work and doing crunches until you feel your middle numbing out also won’t do the trick. You need to not only target the muscles that run up your side but also isolate the abs, the deep corset muscles, and the obliques. To shave the inches off your waist, try these moves regularly.

When it comes to reclaiming a trim waist, these steps may be small for losing weight, but they go a long way!

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