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How to Lace Your Corset?

Since the 16th century, corsets have been an integral part of fashion for females. They were worn by upper-class women to keep their waist-size smaller and achieve the much-desired hourglass figure. These days, however, corsets are used just for fun. These are unique and sometimes used as a sensual fashion accessory. However, lacing up corsets can be slightly tricky for you, if you are new to wearing it. Although it can be slightly overwhelming to put on corsets first, the process can actually be quite simple. There are three primary methods of lacing corsets up and they have been described here.

From top to bottom

It is the simplest form of lacing. It can be easy and quick for you to put in the laces. However, this makes it more difficult for you to lace the corsets tightly. In case you want to pull the top in, you will need to work on the loose lace all the way below. You can insert the ends of the lace of your corset through the two holes at the top. You can insert the right hand lace through the second hole on the left. Next, insert the left hand lace through the second hole on the right. You can keep on repeating the method by moving down one hole at a time till the time that you get to the bottom of the corset. You can leave the outfit as loosely laced as possible, wrap it about and work up the corset busk.

Loops in the middle

In this method, you have to begin the lacing in a way exactly similar to top-to-bottom lacing. Do not go down all the way. Find the narrowest point or waist line of your corset and only lace down to that specific point. When you have got to the waist, insert the left hand lace directly through the hole below and put it out through the hole on the same side that it came out of. This makes a loop. You should do the same to the right hand side. Again take your left hand lace and then insert it through the next hole that you get on its right. Insert the right lace again through the hole that is available next on the left. Repeat the process until you get to the underside of your corset. Then, you will have dual options for tying its laces off. You can either tie the laces to each other. You may also tie the knots individually, preferably making use of a slipknot. You should just pull the loops while putting on the corset.

Two laces

This method needs you to use two laces. Lacing up is more or less simple and has the same type of lacing effect to the loops which are located in the center. Begin in a manner similar to the prior two techniques. Like in the “Loops in the middle” method, lace down to the waist. Turn around the entire corset when you get to the waist. Begin the process once again and start with its 2nd lace until the holes run out.

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