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How to Choose A Corset

Women tend to wear corsets for various reasons. These can be used as sexy lingerie or as amazing fashion accessory. These are also used for postural correction or for waist training. These are necessary outfits for some women who would like to narrow down their waist and be able to flaunt their amazing curves. These can be costly and the wrong fit can cause much discomfort. You should take some time to determine the type of corset that you require and the size that you should get prior to putting your money on one.

Measure your waist

First of all, you have to measure your waist before you choose one of the most stunning corsets available in the market. As a standard rule, it is always recommended that you measure the size of your waist on your own. If you cannot, you should get some other person to do it for you. Do not depend on the size of the waist of your dresses. In order to get a proper measurement of your waist, you should use a tape to measure the narrowest area of your torso.

If you have a straight, athletic kind of body shape or have a waist which is not narrower in size than your hips, you should stand fully erect and measure the specific point at which the elbows fall and the arms loosely hang by the sides. This is generally about in line with the navel. You should then make a measurement to determine the corset size that will be ideal for you. In case your waist is narrower as compared to your hips, you should measure it at the point that is narrowest.

Consider the size

For women who simply wish to have an hourglass shape, using a waist cincher can be more ideal. Irrespective of the cup size, a corset which fits well can enhance any bust. The illusion of a big cleavage can be achieved by using an over-bust corset. But this can be constricting for women with a fuller bust. Women with large breasts can feel more comfy with an under-bust corset. It does not offer support to the breasts. Women with a taller structure may require an elongated type of an over-bust corset. If your objective is to reshape your appearance, you should choose a corset with extra boning, piecing, seaming and reinforcing. The appearance of your bottom, abdomen and hips can be transformed with these corsets.

The majority of corsets are sized as per the size of the waist or the bra. Choose a size 38 if you are a 38C. Go up a number higher in case your breasts are bigger than a D cup. You would require a size 42 corset in case you are a 40C or D bust size. The size numbers indicate the bust size. Pricey and superior quality corsets are sized as per the size of your natural waist. You should reduce 4 inches for your corset size from the natural size of your waist. So you will require a 26 inch corset if you have a waist measuring 30 inches.

Consider your body shape

Determining the shape of your body is another important step. Decide on whether you have an apple, a ruler or a pear shape. An apple figure refers to a body shape with a chest size bigger than the thighs and the hips. An apple shaped woman is generally slightly thicker in the middle although with toned, slim legs. Those with pear shapes are curvaceous with large butts and thighs and with hip size larger than that of the tummy and having a smaller top as compared to the bottom. Rulers are very slim body shape with a fairly balanced figure and having slight curves. So you have to determine your body shape to ascertain which style of lingerie will flatter your body shape in the best possible manner.

When you have decided on the shape of your body, the next step for you is to check out lingerie of various styles which can work with your body shape. You need to have a proper idea about the lingerie styles hat you need to look for prior to going for shopping. You should also shop for your corset at a good lingerie boutique to get the styles of outfits which can flatter your figure in the best possible way – irrespective of which of the three types of body you have.

Consider the material

In order to select the proper corset, it is really essential for you to get one in the right material. For instance, there are many corsets which are made of PVC. This type of material can rub against your skin – particularly in warmer weather conditions. This can make it extremely discomforting for you to wear a corset. In colder weather conditions, you should consider using a corset of a slightly heavier style to make sure that your body stays warm. Go for a fabric which allows the most comfort. Corsets made of satin provide customers with the chance to choose a wide color palette. For women with a plus-sized body, leather offers a little amount of stretch and can allow greater amount of comfort. You should choose a corset depending on how frequently you plan to wear it. In case you plan to wear a corset each and every day, avoid going for tight-laced items which can end up constricting your waist.

Consider the construction

You should get corsets which are constructed from 2 layers of fabric at least – both of which should preferably be coutil – a type of non-stretch and heavy cotton, generally having a herringbone weave. You will be able to get satin coutils that are used often on the outside as these are more attractive. These lack a herringbone weave but can still be able to withstand stretching when you tug them. But these satin varieties can be costly and naturally, it is quite likely to get 3 layer training corsets consisting of an external layer of stylish fabric on dual layers of plain coutil.

Other than a coutil, waist training corset should be constructed with steel bones. The more the number of bones, the better it will be. There must also be bones between the eyelets as well as the aperture at the back. Otherwise, the eyelets of the corset will come out at the time that you tighten your corset. There should ideally be two bones, one on either side of each of the seams, particularly if it is a corset of a larger size. The greater the number of panels in the corset design, the better it can be as the panels can increase the number of bones in the outfit and enhance the shaping. You should stay away from corsets having only 3-4 panels on each side, which can indicate cheaper but inferior quality corsets.

The presence of a good waist tape is another sign of corsets of superior quality. The tape goes about the waist of the corset and can be seen on the inner side of the dress. You can also feel the tape through the cloth fabric. When you begin corset training, these are the two most essential qualities that you should look for. Make sure however, that you feel very comfy while wearing the corset.

Think about the color

In case you are purchasing a corset for wearing beneath your dress, make sure that the corset is of the same color as your apparel. In case of a major contrast between the color of your dress and that of your corset, those about you will have an undesirable impression of you.

Buying the right corsets

When you are considering buying corsets for yourself, you will be able to find numerous kinds of such dresses in the markets. You can also get inexpensive, readymade and handmade corsets for yourself. You can select a style of outfit on the basis of the manner and frequency of your wearing the dress.

Before you begin to look for the right tight lacing corset for your requirements, you need to decide about how exactly you want to wear a piece of these shape-wear apparels. You can wear these over a pair of jeans, over a top or even over a dress. You can also try to wear these beneath your casual outfits in order to improve the shape of your body. Some women only wear these for special types of occasions or events. In such cases, you have to consider the shaping of the corset that you intend to buy and wear.


Finally, it is essential for you to remember that you should select a style of corset which makes you feel very comfy and sexy. Unless you do not feel sexy, you will not be able to look the same. Do not buy a corset which does not make you feel like a sex goddess when you are in it. Your attitude has much to do with your overall appearance.

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