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How Long Can You Wear Shapewear?

how long can you wear shapewear

Are you a fan of shapewear and you can’t leave your home without wearing one? If you wear shapewear regularly, you ought to be aware of the side effects of wearing this undergarment for too long. Based on medical reports, shapewear poses no serious health risk of any kind, but it can cause mild to severe discomfort, and in worse case scenarios, it may alter your body shape permanently. So how long can you wear shapewear?

For those who still believe that shapewear can modify their shape permanently to give them an hourglass figure, they may be tempted to wear or for much longer than necessary, and doing so will create problems for them. In this post, we review the different types of Shapewear and how long you should wear them.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are the most common and widely used shapewear. These trainers are worn to give the wearer an hourglass figure. Essentially, you wear waist trainers to shrink the width of your waist to make it narrow. Ideally, trainers should not be worn for more than 8 hours daily. Note that the accessory compresses your waist as well as the internal organs, so the last thing you want is to sustain this pressure for too long a time.

Body shapers

Body shaper is a loose term to define any item that shapes the body. Most shapers are designed for specific body parts like the butts, midsection, or even the full body. Shapers mostly accentuate the curves and the butt area; that is why some of them have lift features. They are not as tight as trainers, so they can be worn for much longer than waist trainers. However, we recommend taking them off when you are indoors.

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Special Butt Lifters

This one is solely for the butts as it enhances its appearance and gives an illusion of a slightly bigger butt. Butt lifters also compress the lower belly and upper thighs to give a streamlined appearance. Butt Lifters do not cause too much discomfort, so you can wear them for hours at a time but consider heat buildup in your lower body.

Will wearing shapewear constantly modify your body shape permanently?

Many newbies wonder whether shapewear will permanently alter the structure of their bodies, and some even believe that this is the case. People with this belief have been influenced by marketers can pop culture since all they see are perfectly toned models and celebrities. But the truth is that shapewear will not transform your body permanently.

This fashion accessory is not a medical instrument and will not alter your body but only provide you with temporary alterations. With the shaper on, the excess fat in your thighs, hips, and belly will be sucked in for a well-toned, hourglass shape. However, once you take it off, your body will revert back to its normal shape.

Why you should never wear shapewear for too long

There are several reasons why you should never wear shapewear for too long. The recommended time frame for wearing shapewear is 8 hours maximum, especially for waist trainers, and here is why.

Skin irritation

If the shapewear is too tight and you wear it for too long, it will cause skin irritation. Itching, inflammation, and redness are some of the skin issues associated with the use of shapewear. This condition is made even worse if you sweat a lot.

Digestive issues

Shapewear compresses the digestive organs internally by pressing them together. Note that it is not a largely comfortable undergarment to wear, so you want to make sure you don’t go for one that adds more pressure to your organs. One common digestive issue you may experience is acid reflux which is a leading cause of heartburn.

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You may begin to feel dizzy or have headaches which is an uncomfortable situation if you are outdoors. Severe dizziness can even lead to nausea and lightheadedness.

Breathing difficulties

This is by far the major reason why you should never wear shapewear for too long. This undergarment, by default, will not allow you to inhale and exhale comfortably like you would without the shapewear. However, the last thing you want is to make the situation worse by wearing your shapewear too tight or wearing it for too long. This may cause diaphragm pains in the long run.


Don’t be surprised if you begin to suffer from bloating because your body will find it hard to pass outgas. But this is only a temporary discomfort because once you take it off, gas will be released.

It may ruin your posture

Shapewear is supposed to improve your posture, but if you wear it for too long, you may ruin your posture permanently.

How long you can wear shapewear will depend on the type of shapewear and your comfort level, but we recommend not wearing shapewear longer than 8 hours daily.

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How long can you wear shapewear FAQ

Should you wear shapewear every day?

No, you shouldn’t. Wearing shapewear daily may expose you to harmful side effects.

How do you know if my shapewear is too tight?

You will know after a few minutes after you wear it. The longer you leave it on, the worst the feeling will become.

Can a pregnant woman wear shapewear, and for how long?

Pregnant women can wear shapewear, but they should not wear it for more than 3-4 hours. If they must wear shapewear, it is best to wear specialized shapewear.

Last updated: 6/04/2022

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