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Easy Guide to Lacing or Re-lacing a Corset

Corsets have been an important part of feminine closets since the 16th century. At that time, these were worn by women from upper class homes and who intended to narrow down their waist and get the hourglass body shape that is the stuff of female dreams. Corsets are still used, and the purpose remains the same. These are worn as a stunning fashion accessory and also used as the only dress by bold women. Lacing and re-lacing of corsets can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner at using it. Putting on corsets can be a little tough at first, although the process is quite simple actually.

Lacing Up

When you are going for a corset, you need to buy one that is 2-4 inches smaller as compared to the actual size of your waist. To get the actual waist size, you need to wrap a measuring tape about your mid section which is about half an inch over your belly button level. You should get a corset which is perfect for your body size. You can lace up your corsets in 3 primary ways – going from top to bottom, making loops in the middle and making two laces.

You should first count the total number of lacing eyelets. In case you find your corset having an even number of eyelets, you should start lacing on the outside. For odd number of eyelet corsets, you should start the lacing on the outside. Spread your corset in a flat manner on a table. Pass the laces through the two eyelets at the beginning and pull them, ensuring that the ends of the lace are of similar length. You should leave 1-2 inch space between the panels of the corset.

Pick the lace of the left side up and cross it over its right one and then pass it through the next eyelet. Repeat the process for the right one to make the laces flat and their ends uniform. You should ideally try to make an X shape with the laces being on the same side which the lace arises from. In case the lacing begins from the inside, the first X will be on the outer side. The lacing beginning inside will make an X shape on the outside.

Continue making the X shapes till the time you go to the waist area of your corset. The X’s will alternate in an inside-outside-inside fashion. Continue in this fashion until you get to the waistline and stop only when the lace is pulled through outside from the back. Pull the lace down through the next hole without any X and repeat the process on the other side. In this way, you can make a vertical lacing loop in the mid-section of each eyelet row. In order to form a big loop you need to leave enough lacing. A few inches should be enough.

Pull the end of the left lacing and pull it beneath the right side and through it. Repeat the process using the right lacing this time. This will begin the X once again. Go on making X shapes until the time that you get to the bottom. Pull apart the panels until the time that there are approximately 4 – 5 inches of space in the middle of the panels. At the bottom of your corset, tie a bow. For additional security, tie a double-knot.

While wearing the corset, you should securely latch the front panels. In order to get rid of any excess, the puller loops need to be pulled at the back of the waistline. The X’s should converge at one point without leaving any gap in the middle. Tie these off in a bow shape and make a secure knot at the middle when the corset is as tight as you want it to be.

Re-lacing or Getting Out

You will need to remove the lacing from the corset at some times, for cleaning and various other purposes. Before you try to open your busk, you should always loosen the lacing at the rear part of the corset. Failing to loosen the lacing enough prior to opening it can place your corset and also your body under undue pressure. Gradually open busk up. If you need, you should loosen busk even more if you experience problems with the final hook. To keep your corset fresh and wear the next one, you have to make use of a damp cloth for cleaning the corset lining. Brush any traces of body oils or sweat that might have gathered on your corset. Keep the corset in a space with lots of cool air flow and let it be dried by air. The next time you will want to lace into the dress, it will be as pretty as new for wearing once more.

There are lots of corset-laced garments and corsets to be found on the racks and it is necessary for you to know how you should lace one in a proper manner. Improper lacing of corset can result in loosening, non-optimal cinching, pinched skin and a variety of other problems over a period of time. By using the proper lacing technique, you can make your corset stay firm for many hours and also symmetrical, lovely and attractive at the same time.

Buying Tight-Lacing Corsets

Before searching for tight lacing corsets for your own use, you need to decide about the exact ways in which you would like to wear one. You can wear a corset over a pair of jean or a dress or a top. You can also wear it under your casual dresses in order to improve your body shape. Many women also have the habit of wearing these types of outfits only to special occasions or events. In such cases, you should consider the shaping of your dress. Decide on the style of corset that you would need for yourself before you go buy one for yourself. This will help you to shop for these outfits in a more effective way.

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