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Does Shapewear Reduce Belly Fat?

Does shapewear reduce belly fat

Adding belly fat is easy but getting rid of it is the hard part. In recent times, one product that has gained prominence in the weight loss niche is shapewear. Today, you will find shapewear of all shades and sizes that cater to the needs of the buying public. But does shapewear reduce belly fat?

This is one of the central themes marketers and manufacturers insinuate when advertising their wares. They don’t expressly say that the shapewear will reduce belly fat, but they use vague expressions to sell such an idea. But is it true?

Shapewear: How do they work?

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Shapewear has a great effect on the midsection of the human body. It sucks the stomach in and flattens it. For those with bulging stomachs, shapewear works well for them. But the truth is that shapewear does not reduce belly far permanently but temporarily.

Shapewear is a compressive garment that is worn under clothes. It is designed to push belly fat in and compress internal organs. Shapewear will make you look smaller and fitter, but if you are on the big side, there is not much shapewear can do for you.

Using Shapewear as a Waist Training tool

Waist training is nothing new but has been around for a long time; however, it gained widespread popularity due to celebrity culture, particularly in the middle part of the last decade. Today, women consider a thin waist to be an ideal shape and will stop at nothing to get it. One of the major tools for waist training is a waist trainer, and they are also called shapewear.

Trainers have wide elastic belts that compress the stomach. There are also trainers with corset features and aesthetic designs. These types can be worn daily for several hours at a time. Corset-style shapewear is far tighter than normal shapewear, and they are also widely used.

Does shapewear reduce belly fat

Will Shapewear make you lose weight

One common misconception held by many is that shapewear will help them lose weight, but this is also not true. Your shapewear will not make you lose weight, just like it will not make you lose belly fat. The sad part of it all is that many online marketers propagate the idea that it does in a bid to manipulate buyers to patronize them. Another falsehood making the round is that shapewear will cause the user to sweat, and the more they sweat, the more weight they lose. This notion is scientifically unfounded.

Sweating will not cause you to lose weight, and even if you lose some weight due to water loss, you will regain the weight in a few hours or a few days. This is why the shapewear should not be regarded as a permanent weight loss garment.

What is the risk of wearing shapewear?

Wearing shapewear comes with its own set of risks you should be aware of. Knowing what they are will help you reduce them significantly.

Does shapewear reduce belly fat

Poor blood circulation

If you wear the shapewear too tight, blood will not flow properly, which will lead to numbness and circulatory problems.

Difficulty breathing

You may find it hard to breathe properly because you will not be able to inhale and exhale normally.

Excessive sweating

You are likely to sweat excessively, especially if the fabric does not have tiny air holes or if the weather is hot. Excessive sweating can lead to moisture loss.

Organ and muscle strain

Prolonged use of shapewear may lead to the straining of your internal organs, which may lead to blood clots, among other issues. This is why wearing shapewear for more than 8 hours daily is not advisable.

How to choose a good shapewear

When it comes to choosing shapewear, here are some things to bear in mind.

Does shapewear reduce belly fat

Breathable fabrics

The first thing to look out for is the quality of the fabric. Good fabrics have breathable holes that let in the free inflow of air. This will reduce sweating and increase comfort levels.

Choose the right size

You want to make sure that you choose shapewear that is of the right size. If it is too small for you, you will not feel comfortable in it as it will be too tight.

Cotton pads

Very good shapewear has cotton pads in the crotch areas to prevent itching and abrasions. If certain areas of your skin are very sensitive, you want to make sure you buy shapewear with soft cushions in the right areas.

Shapewear use duration

How long should you wear shapewear daily? As a general rule, it is unsafe to wear it for more than 8 hours out of every 24. But you don’t have to start strong in the beginning. Rather, start by wearing it for an hour or two every day, then as your system gets used to it, you can then increase the hours you have it on. After a month you should be used to it and can wear it for much longer but never wear it for more than 8 hours a day.

Does shapewear reduce belly fat? The simple answer is no; it doesn’t. And even if it does, the reduction is only temporary. Shapewear should not be viewed as weight loss garments but as weight management tools. If you want your belly to fit you well, this undergarment is one you should try on.

Does Shapewear reduce belly fat FAQ

Does shapewear reduce belly fat?

No, shapewear will not reduce your belly fat. It is only a weight management undergarment.

How long should I wear shapewear for?

You should only wear it for not more than 8 hours.

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