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Does Corset Training Really Work?

Corset training is the use of steel-boned corsets to develop a smaller waist, producing an exaggerated hourglass figure. Corset training is said to be the truest form of waist training.

There have been debates as to whether corset training actually works, or if it is all just a fad, and the real secret is plastic surgery. Well, the short answer to that is: yes, waist training does work.

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How Does Corset Training Work?

First, you should know that corset training is different from waist training.

  • Corset training specifically refers to the use of steel-boned corsets
  • Waist training could also refer to the use of latex waist trainers to get a smaller waist/flatter tummy.

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That said, corset training does not have a specific set of rules for it to work: it all depends on you.

  • Corsets, with a long period of use, reshape your waist to that of the corset by pulling in your ribs, flat pads, and rearranging your organs.
  • Wear your corset as often as possible, for as long as possible, for the best results
  • Steel-boned corsets are very rigid, inhibiting lung expansion and movement in general. As such, you should not work out in them.
  • Corsets also work well when you have a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and drinking lots of water aid in the corset training process.

What Corsets Are Best For Corset Training?

As said earlier, true corset training is done with steel-boned corsets or whale-boned corsets. Latex corsets can also be used, but they won’t give you the same level of results as the steel-boned corsets.

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Latex corsets are a great option if you want to work out in them, plus they make you sweat. However, they are prone to folding when you sit down and try generally don’t last long. Steel-boned corsets are your best bet for corset training.

How Do I Know If Corset Training Is Right For Me?

Corset training is a personal decision that you make for yourself, depending on your reasons.

  • Corset training is a great way to get back in shape after childbirth.
  • Corset training is perfect if you covet an hourglass figure.
  • Simply wearing a corset can make you feel sexy and boost your self-esteem.

There are no harmful complications in corset training. Yes, it will arrange your internal organs, but none of that is life-threatening. However, if you have any medical issues, it would be wise to consult your doctor before engaging in corset training.

Corset training really works, but it takes time and consistency, coupled with a healthy lifestyle. If exercise and diets aren’t getting you the curves that you want, corset training will definitely help you get them.

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