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Do You Wear Underwear with Shapewear?

Do you wear underwear with Shapewear

If you are planning to buy Shapewear, you may be wondering if it is proper to wear underwear beneath the Shapewear. Since Shapewear is an undergarment, is there any need to wear underwear beneath something that can be classed as another underwear? In this post, we will provide clarity over the issue, so you are never in doubt when next you wish to wear Shapewear for an upcoming event.

Different strokes for different folks

Do you wear underwear with Shapewear

Firstly, the decision whether to wear or not to wear Shapewear depends on the individual wearing the Shapewear. Some people prefer no underwear while others prefer to wear one. Conventionally, wearing any underwear under Shapewear is not a good idea, and many manufacturers of Shapewear speak against this simply because their shapewear comes with underwear features.

Secondly, putting on underwear means adding an extra layer of fabric beneath the Shapewear, which will only create more heat. Excess heat may cause skin irritation and the development of lumps.

Furthermore, most of the shapewear on sale today is designed to function as underwear as well, especially those with cotton laced crotches and fastened pants. So alternatively, rather than wearing underwear, shapewear can perform such a role. So should you wear underwear with Shapewear? The answer is no; wearing one under your Shapewear is not a good idea. If you want to be comfortable wearing Shapewear, you should avoid any extra later of fabric that will cause discomfort.

Choosing a comfortable shapewear

With so many brands marketing their Shapewear as the best, it may be difficult for you to decide on the one to buy, but there are features to look out for. Shapewear that extends from your mid-thigh all the way up to just beneath your bra is what you should be looking out for. However, if you are very sensitive, your go-to model should be one covering your entire thighs and hiding cellulite. This type of smooth slip shapewear is ideal because it covers part of your lower body and abdominal region. Furthermore, the tightness of the leggings will shape your thighs.

Do you wear underwear with Shapewear

Size is right

You also need to make sure that the Shapewear you buy is of the right size. Avoid shapers that are too small and too tight for you. If the fabric is stretchy and elastic, the better because it will accommodate your entire frame and elastic fabrics have strong compressive features. Beyond that, elastic fabrics allow you to sit comfortably and to have a better posture.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing Shapewear

Shapewear is great fashion undergarments because they improve the self-esteem of the user. They improve appearance and posture, and if you wear them right, you will project a sexy image. But contrary to popular opinion, Shapewear will not make you lose weight; rather, it will give you the appearance of a perfect physique. Here are some do’s and don’ts required to wear Shapewear.

Don’t rush it

When wearing your Shapewear, do not be in a hurry to get it on. If you are in too much of a hurry and you wear it wrongly, prepare for the discomfort that will follow. It is better to get it right the first time before you leave home than to do it wrong and start looking for a private room somewhere in a public building to make adjustments.

Fasten the straps/hooks

Depending on the fastening features of the Shapewear, make sure you engage them accordingly. Ensure that all hooks and straps are engaged so everything will be in place and there will be no slip-ups when you are outdoors.

Dry your skin first

Do not wear it if your skin is damp. It pays to wait for a while after taking your bath for your skin to dry. If your moisturizer is oily, you may choose not to apply it at all or apply only a small amount. If your skin is damp or oily, the undergarment will slip out of place, creating further problems for you.

Avoid underwear if it has a crotch

Shapewear that has crotches do not require underwear, so avoid them. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the crotch is an extra layer that protects your genitals, so wearing underwear will add an extra layer of fabric which will generate even more heat which you will find uncomfortable. Secondly, extra underwear will create lines that will be evident through your clothes.

Have realistic expectations

Be realistic with your expectations before you start using one. This undergarment will only provide you with temporary value, not a permanent one. If you convince yourself that your belly will become flat, the lumps will disappear, and you will have a perfect hourglass figure by just wearing Shapewear, you will be disappointed. Shapewear will only provide these benefits when you have it on; after taking it off, your body will return to its previous form.

Have realistic expectations

Even if you lose a few inches by simply wearing one, the inches lost will be regained not long after. Shapewear will not make you lose weight, nor will it make your belly flat permanently. For the above to happen, you will have to diet and work out consistently with a focus on your abdominal region.

Don’t choose a smaller size

Some women make the mistake of picking smaller shapewear on purpose because they feel it will make them shrink in size, but this is not true. Picking smaller shapewear is not a smart idea. Rather than look smaller, it may do exactly the opposite. While your midsection may appear smaller, your thighs, arms, and bust will look bigger because of the extra pressure. Not to mention the discomfort you will feel when sitting or moving around.

We also need to point out that excessively tight Shapewear may lead to some health challenges due to the intense compression of internal organs. Issues like numbness and tingling sensations in the hip, thigh, and knee region are indications that a core nerve is under pressure or blood is not circulating as well as it should. And the longer this continues, the more serious it will become.

Be careful if you have a prevailing health condition

If you have a prevailing health condition, you want to be careful with your use of Shapewear. Pay close attention to your condition when dressing for an event. Your looks should not be more important than your health. If you have bladder complaints and infections like reflux, GI, and yeast, wearing Shapewear daily is not a good idea. Limit it to only special occasions when you are leaving home.

Be careful if you have a prevailing health condition

Shapewear for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can wear Shapewear, but it should be at the direct recommendation of a doctor. If you are pregnant, you should consult a doctor first before wearing one. Furthermore, the shapewear should not be as tight as you would wear it if you were not pregnant. Alternatively, you can wear maternity shapewear which is great for women with varicose veins. Maternity versions provide extra support to the uterus and ease pains.

Do you wear underwear with Shapewear? Not really, unless you feel comfortable wearing one. But it is wise to avoid adding extra layers of fabric to already tight shapewear because that will cause more heat and cause discomfort.

Do you wear underwear with shapewear FAQ

Can I wear underwear beneath my Shapewear?

You may do so if you wish but do so in moderation; otherwise, you are at risk of certain side effects like bacteria buildup in the crotch area and excessive heat.

Are there any side effects of wearing Shapewear?

Yes, there are. Side effects include breathing difficulty, acid reflux, indigestion issues, among others.

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