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Corset Terms

A common shapewear for women, the corset was designed to provide shape to the female body and highlight the natural feminine curves. It enhances the bust line and narrows down the waist, thus providing wearers with a more toned and sexier appearance. If you are new to the world of corsets, do not let the traditional terms overwhelm you. Read on to know about some of the most common corset terms that you can get to hear from other women or read on the internet.


Waist-narrowing corsets are laced at the back with sturdy lace/cord. Corsets which are used more for decoration purposes and less for waist-cinching, tend to come with ribbon or thin laces for the purpose of lacing. The tightness of your cinch will be determined by how tight you lace it.


This term is frequently used to indicate a short underbust corset which is 10 inches in length or less. At this short length, these only girth the waist and do not enwrap the lower abdominal region. The front busk of these generally come with 4 fasteners.


It generally refers to the boning or the broader metal plates, generally at the frontal part of the dress, where the corset is fastened together. Generally, sturdy clips are used for fastening although zippers are also used for busk in some corsets. A major part of the strain is handled by the busk and it should be made of good, strong material just like the back lacing. This will ensure that the cinching capability of the corset is not compromised.

Underbust Corset

It is the most common form of corset which is sold these days. It is worn just under the bust and can go down to under the hip at times and mostly just over it. It differs from Cinchers in the sense that it generally stretches down for an extra 1.5 to 2 inches to the front abdomen to cinch and offer additional support to the waist and the lower abdomen. It generally comes with a minimum of 5 fasteners over the front busk.

Overbust Corset

This type of corset is often also called a Longline Corset. This is due to the reason that it stretches to the bust from the coverage, to just over the hips. The bust area of the outfit can support and lift the bust or even be flat.

Modesty Panel

It is often also called the Privacy Panel – a fabric curtain stitched into one of the corset sides along the lacing eyelets situated at the rear. It can protect the laces or cord from being dirtied due to oils or sweat from the body. It also prevents the laces from rubbing against the flesh.


Traditionally, corsets come with many panels that are interspersed with boning to offer more flexibility and strength to them. Earlier, these were constructed of animal bones although these are now made of spiral or flat steel. Plastic boning is generally used for corsets which are purely decorative in nature.

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