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Corset Lingerie: Achieving that Hourglass Figure

Most women want to have an hourglass figure. Because for them, the shape of the hourglass is the sexiest of shapes. That having an hourglass figure is the epitome of sexiness. Well, thanks to an assortment of women’s lingerie, this goal is achievable and possible.

Here are examples of garments that can help achieve the elusive hourglass figure:

1. Corset lingerie

Corsets tops are types of womens lingerie that gird the torso and shape it. And corsets tops are commonly used for cinching the waist and supporting the breasts. Hollywood celebrities and models alike wear corset lingerie to shape their upper bodies before putting on a designer gown or dress.
And because of this, many women opt to wear corset tops to give them an illusion of tightness in the body and enhanced assets. And for this, corset lingerie are effective in making women look slim by at least an inch or two at the waistline.

2. Corsets and bustiers

Not all women’s bodies are created equal. Some women have more shape, while some are on the heavier side. But whatever the shapes of their bodies are, sometimes women need some reinforcements to make them look the way they want to.

And sometimes corsets tops are not enough to do the job. That is why oftentimes, some women wear a combination of corsets and bustiers to achieve the shape and look that they want for their bodies.

A perfect combo of corsets and bustiers can really do the job. These two types of womens lingerie can compliment each other in creating the perfect shape while giving enough body support at the same time. The corset top cinches the waist perfectly, while the bustier supports and pushes the breasts upwards to create a cleavage. And this combination of corsets and bustiers is perfect for women who are on the heavier side or have lots of curves.

3. Underbust Corsets

For those women who are proud of their curves but don’t know how to accentuate them, wearing underbust corsets will be helpful. Underbust corsets can give support to the breasts while cinching the waist. They can prevent the breasts from sagging. And they can also help the breasts to come together to form a sexy cleavage.

These underbust corsets will come in handy when wearing a light top or dress.  The corset will be properly hidden from view, or will not make an impression on the top or dress.


All these types of womens lingerie are a must-have in any women’s closet. Because you will never know when a fashion occasion or emergency will suddenly present itself. You need these corset lingerie in your wardrobe to make yourself prepared at all times. You need an assortment of corset tops, underbust corsets or corsets and bustiers combo to achieve the hourglass shape that you and everybody always prefer. You need these womens lingerie as convenient reinforcements in making you fashionable and sexy all of the time.

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