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Choosing Bridal Underwear based on Your Features

One of the most important pieces of bridal shapewear that a woman will choose is the lingerie she’ll be wearing on her wedding night. We women come in a bevy of different shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to lay down one set of rules for buying bridal clothing.

However, there are several general guidelines you can follow to choose the lingerie that’ll most adequately flatter your figure.

Small Breasts – If you have small breasts, you should look for bridal bras that feature underwire or a slight amount of padding in its construction. Another tactic would be to choose some lingerie that draws your husband’s attention to your legs or another part of your body, like a baby doll teddy or French Cut panties.

Short Legs – For those of you who are shorter in stature, you will want to choose bridal lingerie that adds the illusion of length to your figure. Panties, thongs, or other underwear that feature high cut legs are great at doing just that. Also, you might want to opt for a chemise or other top that hits high on the leg.

Big Butt – If you have larger thighs or a big butt, the trick is to choose bridal undergarments that feature some amount of fullness at the bottom to minimize the fullness of your lower half (if this is what you want). For women who are uncomfortable with their large backsides, it’s recommended to avoid form-fitting lingerie.

Troublesome Midsection – Our midsections can be bothersome to many of us, but it can be disguised by choosing bridal undergarments with dark, opaque fabrics that cover it. Attention can also be drawn away from the midsection by emphasizing other parts of the body, like the breasts. Bustiers can also be ideal for slimming the abdomen.

Color – Color is an important aspect when we are choosing bridal shapewear or lingerie. For example, light pastel colors can flatter a woman with a light skin complexion. Darker colors tend to provide the illusion of a smaller size, while brighter colors may make a larger woman appear bigger than she really is.

Take these suggestions into account and make your honeymoon one to remember!

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