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Choosing Bridal Undergarments to Flatter Your Dress

Due to the fact that most bridal shapewear undergarments provide the foundation for a woman’s wedding dress, choosing the correct garments can have a substantial impact on how a bride looks and feels in her wedding dress. There are numerous brides who purchase these foundational garments from the same bridal boutique where they have purchased their gown.

In general, the sales professionals at these locations are quite knowledgeable about the items they sell, which can be advantageous; however, if a bride finds their wares to be too expensive, she will have other options. When a bride is shopping for bridal garments, it is advisable for her to take along her mother or a close and trusted friend to provide a “second set of eyes”. In doing so, the future bride will be able to ensure that each of her bridal garments flatter each of the curves of her body in an attractive manner.

Next, the bride and her companion will need to take into account the bride’s wedding gown and how it will be affected by the bridal garments. The style and cut of a bridal gown will affect the types of bridal garments that can be chosen. For example, a longline bra will provide the adequate support and shaping a woman would need for a princess style ball gown, but the boning in this bra would be clearly visible beneath a form fitting mermaid style gown. When a woman is purchasing bridal garments, it is recommended that she try the garments on with her gown before making a final purchasing decision. A general guideline that a woman can follow is: the more structured her wedding gown is, the more structured her undergarments will need to be.

Finally, a bride who would like to contour the curves of her figure underneath her wedding gown should invest in bridal shapewear. The majority of these garments are seamless, which allows them to be virtually undetectable underneath a wedding dress, and these specialized forms of bridal garments provide support for the breasts, while slimming the midsection, the derriere, and in some instances, the bride’s thighs. As with other forms of bridal shapewear garments, the shapewear should be tried on prior to purchase to ensure that it will be effective and comfortable to wear.

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