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Can You Wear Shapewear While Pregnant?

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Can you wear Shapewear while pregnant? This is one question many pregnant women looking to maintain their shape ask. This garment has been around for a very long time and is widely used. The only difference is that it goes by different names, so you may have come across one before and not know that it’s called Shapewear.

If you are heavily pregnant, you can still look your best if you want to. While many worry about the health and the unborn baby and criticize the use of shapewear, there is no evidence to prove that it poses any danger to mother and child if used correctly. So let’s explore what shapewear is and why you should consider wearing one.

What is Shapewear?

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What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a generic name for any undergarment worn by women to maintain their shape. This garment evenly distributes excess fat across the abdominal region and gives the wearer a sexy, attractive shape. The garment sucks on the fat, and they work great for women looking to project a healthy and toned physique.

Is wearing Shapewear during pregnancy safe?

Wearing Shapewear when you are not pregnant is one thing. Wearing it when you are pregnant is another. You see, in the first instance, all you have to worry about is the excess fat under the skin, but for the latter, the bulge is no longer fat but a living, breathing baby. And the last thing anyone wants is to harm a baby. However, wearing Shapewear the right way will not pose any risk to your baby. Babies are perfectly cushioned due to natural protective barriers that form during the course of pregnancy, and one of such barriers is amniotic fluids. Due to these mild barriers, a mild compression will not harm the baby in the womb.

So the answer to whether shapewear can harm a baby is relative, depending on how it is worn. While the garment will not harm the child in any way, wearing it the wrong way may cause pregnancy complications. Most shapewear sold online and at stores are safe from a medical perspective but wearing other garments like corsets and waist trainers is ill-advised.

If you must wear Shapewear, it is important that you adhere to healthy practices.

Things to know if you want to use Shapewear

Here are some things you should bear in mind if you plan to use Shapewear.

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Go for specialized shapewear

We recommend specialized shapewear for pregnancy. This is because the specialized versions are not as tight-fitting as conventional ones. Most of them have control features with extra allowance in the belly areas. They extend the shelf life of your pregnancy clothes by covering the unzipped parts. They also provide your back and belly with extra support, so you have no bumps or lumps on both sides of your belly. If you must use shapewear when pregnant, consider using specialized versions.

Protect your crotch

Do not wear shapewear that is too tight on your crotch area. Remember that comfort should be paramount when making a choice. So only go for garments made with breathable materials and that are not too tight. If it is too tight, you will experience great discomfort and even expose yourself to yeast infections and excess vaginal discharge caused by excess heat. Shapewear with cotton padding on the crotch area is best for pregnant women.

Avoid high compression shapewear

You should also avoid high compression shapewear because they are bad for you and your baby. Remember that everything you do from now on until the baby is born is done for you and your baby so take cognizance of this. As your body goes through changes, you will increase in size as you enter the later trimesters. High compression shapewears may cause you pains which is something you don’t want. This is why we recommend specialized shapewear or medium to light versions that are not too tight. Comfort should be your number one priority.

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Avoid Waist Trainers

Wearing a waist trainer alongside Shapewear is a bad idea. Waist trainers will compress your internal organs and put your baby at risk. Squeezing your abdominal muscles, liver, spleen, ribs, and intestines is a bad idea that may lead to severe consequences. It may also affect your posture. So during your pregnancy, regardless of whether you wear Shapewear or not, put your waist trainer away until at least 6 weeks after the birth of the child.

Wearing Shapewear while pregnant

There is nothing wrong with wearing Shapewear while pregnant, but the points raised in the previous paragraph should be adhered to. If you feel comfortable around your butt, thighs, and other regions, then you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, you should avoid wearing one with zippers and hooks to avoid injuries. The fabrics around the belly area should also be made of cotton or any soft material that will not irritate your skin.

Lastly, we recommend that you measure your belly size before shopping for shapewear, so you don’t end up with one that is too small for you. Ideally, we recommend waiting until you are between 4-6 months pregnant before shopping for one because by then, you would have increased in size.

Can you wear Shapewear while pregnant FAQ

How do I measure my size before shopping for Shapewear?

You can measure the width of your belly using a measuring tape. Place one end of the tape where it starts with zero on your abdomen and run the tape to the other side and connect at the other end to get your perfect size either on inches or centimeters. If you are not able to do so on your own, let someone else assist you.

What is the best shapewear size to buy while pregnant?

We recommend buying a size that is an inch or two bigger than your real size for extra allowance. In case you expand more, the garment will not be too tight.

Is it advisable to wear high compression shapewear during pregnancy?

No, it is not. High compression shapewears are too tight and not good for pregnant women. If the garment is too tight, you will become very uncomfortable.

Are specialized shapewear good?

Yes, they are. Specialized shapewear for pregnancy is designed to provide extra support for the back, thighs, and buttocks.

How long should I wear Shapewear during pregnancy?

You can wear it for as long as you feel comfortable but avoid wearing it all through the day. Remove it, especially at night or when you are indoors, to give your body access to air. They are best for outdoors, not indoors.

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