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Body Shapers: Who Wears Them?

Body shapers for women and men have been around for centuries. Fifty years ago, a woman’s selection in body shapers was limited to rather uncomfortable corsets and girdles. Fortunately, the style, make, and level of comfort body shaping undergarments possess has changed drastically. The function and goal of modern body shapers is to slim a woman’s figure while it also smoothes her curves. In redistributing the weight of her body, her silhouette becomes more even and thinner in appearance.

One of the first steps in choosing a body shaper is for a woman to determine what the target areas of her body are. Whether she needs an item that will trim waist, hips, bottom, thighs, or any combination of these, she will be able to locate it easily. Most modern body shapers are created from blends of nylon and Spandex.

Furthermore, most modern slimming undergarments are seamless in their construction, which allows them to remain virtually undetectable underneath a woman’s clothing. It is also possible to locate body shapers that are designed to enhance a woman’s figure through a combination of lifting and padding.

Currently, the most popular manufacturer of body shapers is a company known as Spanx. They are popular with celebrities and average women alike, and the company is well known for the high quality of their products and their innovative designs. Their products have been endorsed by numerous celebrities, from Oprah to Ellen DeGeneres.

From camisoles to bodysuits, the Spanx line carries body shapers of every kind, and the majority of their garments are inexpensive, making this company’s shapewear an ideal investment. There is a common misconception that only plus sized women wear body shapers and other slimming undergarments; however, there are thousands of slimmer women who enjoy the smoother lines that body shapers can produce. Even control top pantyhose are considered to be a form of boy shapers.

Because the modern technology and fabrics used in the construction of today’s body shapers do not constrict breathing, blood circulation, or a woman’s movements, the wearer’s comfort is ensured. From upscale department stores to online boutiques, it will not be difficult to find the right body shapers for women who need them.

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