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Best Bra None: Top Ten Tips

Three-quarters of British women are in the wrong bra size. Don’t be one of them . . .

1 Don’t get measured with your clothes on.

2 When being fitted with an under-wired bra, lift yourself into the cups. making sure the wire doesn’t dig in anywhere.

3 Neither teenage girls nor pregnant women should wear under-wired bras, because their breasts are still growing and they risk damaging them.

4 According to the bra consultant at Fenwicks in London, the most common mistake is to buy a bra that is too small in the cup and too big in the back. For example, wearing a 36B when it should be 32D.

5 Don’t forget to tighten shoulder straps.

6 When trying on a new bra, use the loosest hook and eye; it will stretch in time.

7 If a bra stands away from the chest bone in the centre then it’s too small, not too big.

8 If your bra leaves red marks on your body, it doesn’t necessarily mean the bra is too tight; it could mean it’s too big and is moving about on your body.

9 You should always be fitted professionally for new bra as manufacturers have different sizes and it depends on whether you’re looking at half cup, full cup or three-quarter cup.

10 If a bra fits you properly, you shouldn’t know it’s there.

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