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How To Make A Waist Trainer Smaller?

The hourglass craze continues as women continue trying to figure out how to help (or, in some cases, defy) Mother Nature and genetics to achieve the perfect Coke bottle body. Getting a perfect 36-24-26 body can be as simple as clean eating, genetics, and regular physical exercise for some women. For others, it may take more dedicated measures – like waist training with a waist cincher. Were you aware that, in addition to helping you immediately tone down your curves, you may also be able to use a waist cincher to get that “small waist, big hips” look that will make you a walking bombshell? Well, according to many women, it’s highly possible to get a permanently smaller waist with a cincher that will pull you in. The trick is, however, that you have to apply yourself to a carefully constructed routine that will require consistent actions over a lengthy period of time.

Do all of your research

There’s really no guarantee that waist training, no matter how popular it is, is medically advised and/or safe. I personally have never performed any dedicated waist training for myself. I have a naturally small waist, and have used waist cinchers, but not to the point of getting a waist size that’s inconsistent with my genetics. There’s a probable chance that if your body isn’t naturally shaped to accommodate an hourglass, there may be some discomfort. Nevertheless, there are a wealth of websites available created to assist you in safely training your waist.

Here are a few to look at for more information: Looking through these websites is just a start, but I must say Black Hair Media has a great team of dedicated waist trainers and they provide really honest feedback about what does and does not work for them when it comes to waist training. Read through all of the good and bad experiences, as well as all of the tips and warnings so that you feel fully informed about what you’ll be getting into before you decide to waist train!

Prepare to be uncomfortable

Learning to wear shapewear for a few hours at a time is enough of an adjustment for most women (yet most report adjusting quickly with the right size and brand). However, waist training requires a higher level of discomfort. First, you’ll wear a cincher that’s probably someone smaller and tighter than it should be, and you’ll have to break it in, usually by sleeping in it, as it’s recommended to begin wearing your cincher for 5 hours at a time, and eventually work up to wearing it for 8 or more hours. Wearing those things can be terribly uncomfortable, especially when the random “itchies” come while you’re wearing one.

Buy several cinchers – for health and optimal training

Admittedly, this can be expensive, because you’ll need to replace your cinchers every 2 or 3 months if your training is working as planned. However, you have to make sure you wash and maintain your cinchers regularly. Since you’ll be wearing them for nearly 8 hours a day or more, and will need to wash and thoroughly dry them between use, purchasing a few at a time will loosen the need to feverishly clean and dry one as you rotate them regularly. When you move down to a smaller size, hold on to the looser ones just in case you’re bloated or feeling off.

Stay motivated

One of the things people have laughed at me for is keeping pictures of women I felt were amazingly beautiful and fit on my wall. My father thought I was into girls, and terribly confused, and my friends simply thought I was crazy. (My cousins, however, didn’t complain. They just took cell phone pics of my walls whenever they came over.)My desire wasn’t to impress anyone, but to remind myself that there were women out there looking as beautiful as I had the potential to be – and maybe am currently. By looking at their pics, it was like having a vision wall – something along the lines of the Law of Attraction – that I could refer to whenever I  felt discouraged. I say this to say you can do the same – and should. Keep a few pics on your computer, or in your phone or wallet of a woman whose body you’d love to emulate  – with your own natural twist. This also works if you’re simply trying to be fabulous or more in shape. Keeping motivated by looking at pictures of small waisted women is a great way to stay focused – even when that cincher is tight and begging to be cut off!

Remember the best results integrate health

You can wear a waist cincher 24/7, but if you’re not exercising, eating healthier, and taking care of yourself, then it will be a waste of your time (no pun intended). Don’t just wear an underbust corset or purchase a Squeem and expect it to do all of the work for you! Adopt a healthier diet if you haven’t already, and enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, lots of clean and delicious water, and an exercise plan.I’ve been adopting Hint water into my current eating regimen, mainly because I definitely enjoy the taste of it – especially in Honeydew &  Hibiscus, and because it’s refreshingly clean and appealing. Lime, Blackberry, and Strawberry Kiwi have gotten great reviews as well. As for exercise, I’ve been in love with Kettlebells, especially Lisa Balash’s Kettlebell Bombshell, and Brazil Butt Lift, which gives a higher, tighter bum and a slimmer, leaner feminine physique. I also am an avid runner (though it’s more like a jog) and I’m definitely going to look at things like hula hooping for a smaller waist.

Overall, waist cinchers are meant to provide an immediate improvement to your feminine figure, but with some careful planning, and personal responsibility, you might be able to train your waist to stay just as tiny and seductive when you’re not wearing one. These tips are definitely not exhaustive, so before you begin waist training with a waist cincher, remember to research as thoroughly as possible and keep your goal to achieve a small and sexy waist front and center no matter what!

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