Buying Guide for Lace-Up Corset

Are you looking for a high quality and good looking lace-up corset? A lace corset is not just an attractive and enticing undergarment, but is highly functional as well. It is preferred by several women around the world, providing support and aiding in the shaping of the torso and the waist sections making the garments fitted in a better way.

Do you know corsets consist of laces, front closures and steel bone? It can be made out from varying types of fabric. It is recommended to have a corset tailor-made with the perfect measurements. This assures that the corset is perfect for your fittest. You have to understand that the corsets should not hurt you in any way.

Corsets are meant for helping you out in fitting the garments properly and flaunting your body features. The corsets must be designed in a way that they easy and comforting to put on and wear all day long and taking it out is also not a problem. Amazon is one such online retail website that offers several kinds of corsets for women of all sizes.

What are the characteristics of a corset?

Bustiers and other different forms of the corset style top wear differ from a lace-up corset. Let us get the characteristics of a lace corset.

  • Steel boning

The majority of the lace-up corset feature strong and sturdy steel boning that is included in the vertical position. Spiral steel and flat steel are the two variable types of boning. Both the types of boning might be used in the same corset, but generally spiral steel is stronger and more flexible. Double boning is also usually for making the waist slimmer. Moreover, there are some corsets that come with plastic boning while there are some that doesn’t feature any bone at all.

  • Easy front closures

Variant designs of the front closure corset are also available in the market. The front closures are helpful for the lady to put the corset all by her own without any other’s help as required while wearing a non-front closure corset.

The most common type of closure used is the steel busk, while the zipper style is the simplest to use but the weakest among the ones that are commonly used. Steel busk, Zipper, wire hook and eye closure are the common types of closures used.

  • Underbust and Overbust: two different corset styles

Underbust and overbust are the two different design styles in a corset. You need to choose either of the styles depending on whether you want a full bust coverage or not. The underbust styled corset is placed just below the bust and thereby letting the full exposure of the bust. On the other hand, the overbust style comes in different cup sizes like demi cups, sweetheart sups, shelf cups, etc. You can choose depending on your bust size and the way you want to provide support to it.

  • Variable length sizes

In order to offer the variable torso lengths on the ladies, the lace-up corsets are designed in different length sizes. Usually short, medium and large are the three different universal length sizes that are available. Before purchasing the corset, it is vital for you to measure your torso length. Longline corset is one such type that can be worn down the hips. Moreover, the high back corset can be worn at the rear of the shoulders and thereby disappear the bulges.

  • Variable types of fabric textures

When you explore the market, you will find that there are different types of fabric available. Depending on your preference and personal style you can select the corset fabric. Satin polyester is one of the commonest forms of fabric that is worn by women all across the globe. Taffeta is yet another popular fabric style used especially by those who desire to wear the corsets as tops. Brocade is also an option that is available. The lace-up corset seems to have acquired immense popularity in the present trend.

How to measure the size for the perfect corset fit?

If you are planning to purchase a corset of a good fit, you need to make sure that you take the measurements properly. The best thing is that the measurements can be executed all by youself. Make sure that your measurements are precise and accurate or else you won’t be comfortable wearing the corset. The following points will help you to understand in measuring the correct size.

  1. For the full bust you need to measure around the fullest part of your bosoms.
  2. Measuring just below the bust will provide you with the measurements for the underbust corsets.
  3. For getting the full hip size measure around the widest part of your hips.
  4. For getting the size of the waist you have to measure thinnest portion of the torso situated at the level of the navel point.
  5. For the bra size cups keep the following measurements in mind:
  • 1 inch=A
  • 2 inches=B
  • 3 inches=C
  • 4 inches=D

A corset is not just a decorate piece of undergarment or used as a top but have to make sure that you are able to utilize it as a functional garment as well. As such, the measurements must be accurate so that it fits you perfectly.

How to wear a corset?

The best thing about a corset is that it is not difficult to wear. All you need to do is loosen up the lace in the back of the corset and then pull round your torso and hook the closures from the top to the downward direction. You have to adjust your bust in accordance to the corset cups and then move towards the back to get hold of the ends of the lace with your hands. Gently pull the ends of the lace and tighten them until the corset is tight and comfortable. It is better to type the laces in a bow and secure them in the back.

Tips for wearing a corset

It will take some time to get used to wearing corset. Furthermore, it is commonly not worn by modern women. If you want to make your first experience with corset productive and comfortable, you need to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • In order to get used to the feel of wearing of a corset it is suggested to wear an hour or two before the event. Make sure you have laced the corset in accordance to your comfort level so that there is no restriction in your movement.
  • It is suggested to lace up the corset halfway inorder to prevent the appearance of back cleavage that looks really ugly.
  • It is suggested not to tighten a corset if it becomes difficult for you breathing or is too tight to cut deep your skin. You need to understand that corsets are functional supportive garments that are not meant to hurt you.
  • If you desire, you can wear soft and thin fitting undergarment beneath the corset to obstruct the lace burn from tightening the laces.

Buy a corset on Amazon

You can get hold of different types of corsets at Amazon by simply clicking on the options like “Fashion”, “Women’s Clothing” or by clicking on the “All Departments” option. You can narrow down your size by selecting the size, color, brand, and fabric and so on. Amazon offers a wide and extensive range of corsets. You have the option to choose the product that suits you in the best possible manner.

Know the seller as well

A high quality and well-made corset can be expensive depending on the fabric and the materials used in its making. It is definitely a high investment for a long term. Hence, it is important to know your seller well. You need to click on the names of the sellers that are provided in the listing and thereby with the customer feedbacks and reviews you can get information about them. Check the ratings before you invest the money. Once you buy the corset from a particular seller, you also get the option to leave your feedback and rate the service and the product.

In conclusion

Corsets are a functional and dynamic garment that can be worn as a top or an undergarment, any way you desire it. It has several phenomenal features that must be considered while purchasing a corset. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you are measuring the waistline, hip section, length of the torso and the bust size accurately in order to ensure that the corset fits you perfectly.

Corsets are not meant to hurt in any way. This is one such aspect that must be kept in mind by women wearing corsets. It must be worn in such a manner that it is comfortable and not blocking your movements or causing any difficulty in breathing. In case you are looking for the customized and the tailor made lace-up corsets, Amazon is the apt online retail shop that will cater to your demands and requirements without any disappoints.